.NET C# Automation HMI Sample Interface with SQL and XML

$750 - 1500 3 years ago
Hello there.
I am willing to do a sample HMI (Human Machine Interface). Sample and quite simple.
This sample HMI will be controlled by another software running on another machine on a LAN or via hyperterminal, from another machine. IT will react under a specific protocol developed by us.
So, at this point, freelancer knows he will have to develop two softwares, and they will have to run both via TCP/IP or serial.
The HMI will look like this, and this will serve as our guideline: http://tiny.cc/z5elo

What I am looking to be done is an interface that will look like the one on the link (http://tiny.cc/z5elo). So, freelancer must ellaborate all the make-believe equipment that is shown.
The interface will also have "movement". For example: when a pump is turned on (you can turn a pump on by clicking on it, then another window will pop-up, and on this new window you'll be able to turn it on or off), it will have some action showing that it is running, besides a green/red indicator. 
All equipments can be turned on and off this way: you click on it, a new window will pop-up with the possible options.
A pump or motor can also be turned on without user intervention depending on an external input (this external input will be provided by the other software, that we will call Controlling Software).

Another reaction expected from HMI is, for example, when you turn the water pump on, or open a valve, the pipeline will be colored accordingly. For example: if the valve for cold water is turned on, then it will change it's color from red to green, and the pipeline after the valve would be colored not only with blue, but with a "moving" blue, indicating that water is flowing thru the pipe.

The tanks must have level indicators. One must be a color level indicator, another a percentile and another a whole number, indicating capacity.

The barrels must have indicators indicating their weights. 

The pipes must have indicators indicating pressure or flow.

All equipments will have ALERT indicators. For example, if a tank can hold only up to 100PSI, then it will sound an alarm when it gets to 90PSI and will trip when it gets to 100PSI.

All of these equipments will be controlled by "imaginarium" responses and signals, following a specific protocol, provided by the othe Controlling Software.

All of the user input (pumps on, lights off, at what time, etc, etc, etc) will be recorded on a SQL database that will also be provided with the software.
This log can be seen on the bottom of the main HMI window showing the last commands recorded. To see the complete log, with search and filter, the user will click on a button on the main window that will take him to a second window, where he can see the complete log and do his searching, filtering, etc.
A simple database management window must be provided to perform simple tasks, like clearing up the whole database. Can't think right now of what other task the user could perform...maybe there isn't!

***Controlling Software - CS

The Controlling Software (CS) will run on another computer. It will send "signals" to the HMI to simulate it working (serial and TCP/IP). These signals will follow a certain protocol, defined down below.
The Controlling Software will create XML files that can be saved and restored later on. This XML file will have all the actions that will be sent to the HMI. For example: it will have a certain action of the pump at a certain time; It will have a certain pressure reading from the pipe at a certain time; it will have a certain reading of the barrel at a certain time; and so on...
All of the actions will be based in time, but...


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