.Net programmer needed for account creator

$30 - 250 3 years ago
need multithreaded account creator that runs behind proxies. fills in form, selects a few options, upload pictures. Program should work fast and create hundreds of accounts.

Looking to hire qualified programmer ASAP		

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Matlab environment
Please read project description if you can do it let me know.. joint channel and impulse noise estimation using compressive sensing for power line communication with adaptive guard interval length. The project will be performed in matlab environment. I will design a communication system. The system will use OFDM modulation scheme at transmitter side, where each subcarrier in OFDM will be BPSK ... Full details »
25 minutes ago$30 - 250
Create software to send automatic messages on website
Hi there, I'm looking for someone who is able to create an application that will also work on Mac OSX to send messages out of my account on website "[url removed, login to view]" to multiple other users on this website. I've added a PDF file which describes the proces that the application has to automate for me. Please take some time to read this PDF file to be certain what this ... Full details »
27 minutes ago$30 - 250
Website Top App applications.
I need a website with top up for mobile. I have API for that and need to manage user payments. i want to be able to have rsellers and to allow them to login and see they balance also they shoud be able to fund they account using our bank or paypal, we should be able to assign a percentage of e commission to him. Full details »
33 minutes ago$250 - 750
Convert Delphi project to C# or c++
hi, we have programme source code in delphi and i need to convert it into c#. i need automation software which it can do or if u convert manually then u can do it through Teamviewer or Ammy. i need technical details or demo before award or show my project. u can show your project delphi to c# and after demo i can show my project. thanks. Full details »
40 minutes ago$32 - 99
Windows Server 2012 - Need Help!
I am trying to use a program that captures screens and saves the video on the server. When running the the session interactively (I.E. with Remote Desktop Client ) I get good video captures. However, When I disconnect from the server, it does not capture the video playing in IE, instead it captures a paused photo until I login again. Is there a way to configure Windows server 2012 to not turn ... Full details »
45 minutes ago$10 - 30
Write some Software
I need help in taking over an existing project with heavy VBA programing in Microsoft Access with a Sql server back end and integrating to Sage ERP system. Candidate would need to have experience with MS Access VBA, creating and modifying stored procedures in Sql Server, integration to ERP. Full details »
48 minutes ago$15 - 25
[600 $ budget] Need a complete Signal platform Master EA and slave EA with extenral feed in
Need a FOrex signal platform with complete automated system, i have sample design you need to work with that, need to finish it shorter time frame let me know, payment immediate right now if you have anything ready made Full details »
1 hour ago$2 - 8
online seal creator
I am looking for online seal creator that will end in vector such corel or eps or ai. if you work on something like that please send me a link for i can see your work. I found some links that my be helpful to you to see what i am looking for... [url removed, login to view] or maybe [url removed, login to view] it should be better and atractive design. I do not need a website but only ... Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 100
Android programming / App Development
Hello, We are looking for an android developer with Skills in App development. We need to create a application that should start automatically when the tablet is switched ON. Requirements: 1) When tablet is switched ON, it will play our company logo animation and show the interface of the application. (NO other interface would be visible to the users) 2) Tablet will be interacting with ... Full details »
2 hours ago$12500 - 37500
Whatsapp bulk messaging software
I want a software for whatsapp marketing through which i can send bulk messages/images/videos from my PC. Phone number data addition/update/delete feature also needed in it. Full details »
2 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Semantics Web Idea
I am looking for graduation project idea in semantics web domain, please if you are familiar with semantic web place your bid for idea that can be implemented, details through private messages.. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Desarrollar software
Necesito una apliacion WEB con JOOMLA o otra herramieta que me permita realziar citas medicas, Hisotrias Clinicas, reportes y modulo de chat dinamico que se lamacene en BDD MYSQL. Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Create Joomla components and work on previous buggy ones.
Work for my website [url removed, login to view] A freelancer has worked before on this and he left the project in a very buggy state. Plus I want few more additions to be done on the site. Freelancer is not allowing me to post more than 4000 words, so please have a look at this description document here [url removed, login to view] Most Important Payment related point: I get many bids on ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Online Departmental shop without payment gateway (only COD)
Description: Active Inventory management Registration Page Generate unique activation code for each customer while registration Intro Splash Screen of 3 sec with APP name Delivery option : 1) Rs. 10/- 2) Rs. 50/- Database storage for : Name Address Mobile Number - unique for account differentiation Email Product Category Product company Product name Size Quantity Backend : Select ... Full details »
2 hours ago$12500 - 37500
SMS plugin for web portal
Hello We are searching for developer which can develope SMS plugin for our portal. We need plugin for sending SMS messages in case appointment is confirmed, canceled or postoponed, and sending of custom messages ( as birthday SMS, clinic closed, or some custom promotional SMS messages). This is multiclient doctor appointment portal. We will provide you API documentation from SMS provider. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Produce a simple screen Scraping Script to gather info from Amazon.co.uk
I would like a simple program written in order to search Amazon.co.uk. I want this to locate the top 3000 highest ranking ASINs in each of the categories, grocery, health and personal care, beauty, and baby. For each of the top ranking 3000 product I would like the program to record: ranking, category, ASIN number, product title, lowest delivered price, seller and if the seller is using "fulfill ... Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 20
SMS plugin for web portal
Hello We are searching for developer which can develope SMS plugin for our portal. We need plugin for sending SMS messages in case appointment is confirmed, canceled or postoponed, and sending of custom messages ( as birthday SMS, clinic closed, or some custom promotional SMS messages). This is multiclient doctor appointment portal. We will provide you API documentation from SMS provider. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Changes in Existing .net application
Hello We need near by 15-12 changes in our existing application, which is develop in .net and mssql. changes is related to calculation, adding new filed and doing some changes in report. We will provide all inputs on changes. Programmer who has sound knowledge of MSQL and .Net, pls quotes Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
mql program, for Fore x Trading for MT4 , pending orders generate EA Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
android game developer
Need a company who can build Android games like chess or poker. This game is to be played with with multiple users online. Full details »
2 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Update C# Kinect SDK 1.5 project to new Kinect SDK 2.0
I have a Visual Studio 2010 project written in C# that uses the Kinect 1.5 SDK. It is fully functioning. It uses the tracked skeleton data and simply sends it over TCP and UDP network connections in a specific format. I need it updating to work with Microsoft's new Kinect 2.0 SDK, currently in beta. No other functionality needs changing. The additional skeleton data that Kinect 2.0 provides ... Full details »
3 hours ago$20 - 250
Multithreaded Mail Account Checker
The program can be a GUI or Console program which can load a huge text file, we say [url removed, login to view] and it should test then each "email:password" row to see if it's valid or invalid e.g. it's somemail[at][url removed, login to view]:password now the program should automatically find the pop-server of "hotmail" and go to "hotmail" and check it, if ... Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
3 hours ago$20 - 250
OsCommerce Addons
My website is more or less finished with all its products loaded already. I have installed some addons, but then there is some I cant do at all as my knowledge of PHP and MYSQL is not that good, I need someone just to install the specific addons that I want from for me successfully. Here is some that I need before I can launch my website. [url removed, login to view] - Product Description Page ... Full details »
3 hours ago$210 - 1750
Urgent Java Small Project Help !!!!
Hello Need urgent help in a Small Java Programming based Project help. Please get the details of the project from link given below [url removed, login to view] If you can get this done in 1-2 days then only apply asap ! Thanks Full details »
3 hours ago$1500 - 12500
app to download from surveys - open to bidding
Hello , i am looking for someone who can create app to bypass surveys and download txt files if you can create app to bypass surveys please let me know if you would like to know more about the task hit the private chat The offer 300~500$ Full details »
3 hours ago$250 - 750
Bluetooth Software Developer
I have Bluegiga Bluetooth Access points and I want to be able to manage them on an online control panel. I have one I am going to buy already built, I just need someone to get it online and make sure it is connected up to the machines. After this I will need possibly further machines added to the control panel. Not a lot of work, but willing to pay for the expertise. Full details »
3 hours ago$20 - 250
Create Acordion Bootstrap with map
i need acordion to display map and some grids right side. i have a base code to implement this. Full details »
3 hours ago$15 - 50
Vytvořit software
Jedná se o projekt, jehož cílem je vyvinout aplikaci, která komunikuje přes ZigBee se zařízením (již existujícím), které má funkci sběru dat a zároveň může být přes aplikaci ovládáno (zap/vyp). Programátor by měl vytvořit za 1) aplikaci, která bude z jedné strany sbírat data z HW, která bude umisťovat do internetové databáze, a z druhé strany bude umět HW ovládat ... Full details »
3 hours ago$750 - 1500
3 hours ago$25 - 50
Modification of Wordpress template CSS settings
Hi. I have two different things that I need done on my site. Both have to do with either the theme CSS or a plugin CSS. I am not sure which. What I need is for the format to change some on both. Color changes, bolding, font size, etc. Also on one, it places an arrow on different avatars. Right now the arrows are not on the correct avatars. I need either the plugin or the theme to be adjusted ... Full details »
3 hours ago$20 - 30
Desarrollar software
Requiero de un control para capturar información en un grid tipo EXCEL, con algunas funciones como columnas de cálculo, pintar colores en las celdas dependiendo los rangos numericos, eventos para detectar cuando una celda salga fuera de rango, el promedio salga fuera de rango, etc. El grid debe de detectar y refrescarse cuando otro persona haya hecho una captura en el mismo grid. Tener la capacidad ... Full details »
4 hours ago$250 - 750
FreeSwitch/fusionPBX Msql database for read/write/display from Website custom php dashboard.Extract/read/write/display user account fields/details located on FusionPBX MySQL database.Display user account fields/details on Custom website PHP
a))I have a Web site ready, with custom php dashboard b)I have a unconfigured FusionPBX box ready for configuring. FreeSwitch: - Extract/read/write/display user account fields/details located on FusionPBX MySQL database. Custom PHP user dashboard: - Display user account fields/details on Custom website PHP dashboard. Username/associated extension/contracted inbound virtual number/ring and pickup ... Full details »
4 hours agon/a
Barcode & QR Code reader API or dll which can run on any scanner
I need an application or an API (dll) which i can integrate in an existing retail software which is able to read and generate ID for each product from Barcode or QR code on the product. The AP should be able to run with any brand of barcode or QR code scanner Full details »
4 hours agon/a
E-commerce Application
This is a e - commerce application . we have development Affiliates user inter face application,… buy & sell and a forum. Full details »
4 hours ago$75000 - 150000
Написание программного обеспечения
create CMS like [url removed, login to view] . We are waiting for offers Full details »
4 hours agon/a
Create unique stub for AegisCrypter
I am looking for someone that can create a unique stub for aegis crypter so I can crypt files FUD. Full details »
4 hours ago$10 - 30
Health Insurance - open to bidding
This is an integration project made by Tata Consultancy Services. This application is meant to handle the challenges to apply affordable care act aka Obama Care. we are working to integrate two states Exchange of USA VT and NY. The SDLC followed is agile methodology. if any person enroll themselves with the state exchange for the any connecture client then this information should also be available ... Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
Need a school ERP for a small school of around 200 stundents. The software must include features like electronic attendance (finger prints scanner), all the weekly, monthly and yearly reports of students to be generated automatically. Easy to use. maximum 1 or may be 2 person required to do all the work. Also have online payment option for the parents to submit fees. Full details »
4 hours ago$12500 - 37500
Free Wallpaper Maker + Setup installer + Sourcecode + Nice looking UI
We would like to develop a Free Wallpaper Maker application which will have following functionalities but different in design as you can see in example: [url removed, login to view] Final deliverable must include -Setup installer -Sourcecode (which I can also compile easily) -A nicely designed + user friendly Free Wallpaper Maker Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Convert paper form to online form
I have a paper based form which I need to place online to encourage more people to fill it in. Once they submit the form, ideally the system will write the values they've entered into a PDF of the form for printing or at the very least, email me the values entered so I can copy these to an "offline" form when needed. I will send the form to anyone who asks for it so they can review ... Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
2d Game in Unity3d, portable to iOS and Android I would like to have game below developed in Unity3d with C#, available to distribute on Android and iOS markets [url removed, login to view] Please play first then you can get the idea of the game. Main Deliverables: - Game with 30 levels including documented source code in C#. - Text on menu items should be able translatable to different ... Full details »
4 hours ago$250 - 750
VoIP Asterisk PBX costum call center
Hello colleagues, i'm a CEO of one Italian company and i'm looking for an expert on Asterisk PBX. I need to create a VoIP Automatic Call Center. This system is needed asap. more details: i have allready a dedicated server with installed on it a freepbx distro. it's work fine. It is not a problem to give you a virgin machine for your custom installation. The mission: the ... Full details »
4 hours ago$8 - 50
Create web gui que look up for astrisk.
Hi, I am looking for to build a simple que lookup, like [url removed, login to view] All the data is existing within Asterisk, it just needs to be collected into a web gui. Full details »
5 hours ago$30 - 250
Pending Orders Generate EA
Dear Sir Just generate one market order + number of pending orders as per inputs true , and as per pips distance , without any strategy , if you have issues to understand come back to me on Skype : ceogoldbiz , let me know your price quotes and delivery time. mql4, mt4 EA Full details »
5 hours ago$10 - 30
Write some Software
In this project we can encrypt the text and decrypt the data using the DJSA algorithm. Full details »
5 hours ago$400 - 750
Delphi Programmer Required
HI All, I'm looking for a long term programmer. We have couple of projects which need to be continued and few new projects in the pipeline. We are small IT company providing IT services for retail sector so knowlage of OPOS API would be beneficial. Full details »
5 hours ago$6 - 12
5 hours ago$1500 - 3000
Write some Software
Need someone who can customize Tally ERP9. Full details »
5 hours ago$1500 - 12500