.Net programmer needed for account creator

$30 - 250 3 years ago
need multithreaded account creator that runs behind proxies. fills in form, selects a few options, upload pictures. Program should work fast and create hundreds of accounts.

Looking to hire qualified programmer ASAP		

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Create medico-legal report writing software
READ CAREFULLY AND DO RESEARCH BEFORE APPLYING, ....Application must open with "We wish to apply to participate in creating medical software..." Client wants an interactive software that can be downloaded form her site. It is for medical/psychological evaluation purposes. It is also medico-legal report writing software Adaptable for desk top, tablet and mobile Must be data-secure. Should ... Full details »
18 minutes ago$30 - 250
.NET Developer need for small task
.NET Developer need for small task. Please be available on Team Viewer Full details »
26 minutes ago$2 - 8
Build an Online Store
Need to build a working prototype version of Classified posting site With the following details 1 - The user can post a Classified in a given category , posting details , images videos etc. 2 - Should be allowed to filter the listings by Category and Region - State , City , Zip etc. 3 - The user can login and see number of views of the posted listing 4 - Should be able to make payments for posting ... Full details »
29 minutes ago$1500 - 12500
Build Demo Web Database application using Oracle APEX
We could like to build a Data Dictionary which can be viewed and maintained over thin client. As part of this we would like to build a demo application on oracle apex and would like to see if it could full fill our needs. Full details »
33 minutes ago$20 - 250
Write some Software
I am looking for some one to help us build a hospital queening system that allows patients to be issued a ticket at the reception when they come in and their ticket goes into the quee for the patient to be served. There are four cost centers. Doctors consulting room, pharmacy room, lab room and other services. After the patient is seen in any cost center, the personnel there will do two things, issue ... Full details »
36 minutes ago$250 - 750
Print Document Class Task
Create a data table with 10 records only. Use 3 fields in the table. You have to show 3 records in one page. Using any data in sample application. You have to use Print Document Class Full details »
48 minutes ago$2 - 8
Write some Software
this is very big project timeline 2 year ! i will send you all detail in email Full details »
49 minutes ago$50 - 75
Simple java.rmi project
Convert a program into multi-thread server-client and networking application. Need programmer who is worked with [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] before. Full details »
55 minutes ago$30 - 250
Scrivere alcuni Software
un applicazione che giornalmente e in automatico crea un file .swf ( sovrascritto) con previsioni meteo a 5 giorni. con icone grafiche animate. con dati meteo classici di una specifica localita, con 1024 x768 pixels.grazie Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
modify a python program
Need to modify an open source python program, more specifically, add several features. Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 30
Competant Web Developer wanted for part-time long term job
This project is for 1 week's part-time work, with a view to arranging a more long-term plan if you are the right candidate. I'm looking for someone who is experienced with web development, will be dealing with API access to other software and membership subscription website. I'll be needing help to set it up and make some other mini tools for the site. Applicant should ideally ... Full details »
2 hours ago$20 - 250
Very simple python script need ASAP.
To run in Python 2.6. I have a directory of 27 csv files All files have the exactly 20 values in each line I want to concatenate the files into one big file. I want to add a value to the end of each line of the big file that is the name of the original file (thus the big file will have 21 values in each line, the last being the name of the file that it originated from). Will award within 2 hours ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
need a python and linux expert
need a python and linux expert i need help in a task only expert applies please and i will prefer individual person not companies, looking for a python expert with good knowledge of linux,more details in pms thanks Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
XML Parsing to MySQL DB
We are looking someone to write us a code that will run continuously (as a service or as a standalone program) which will; 1. Check if a dedicated VPN is up or not. If not call a program to establish the vpn connection with specified credentials 2. Connect to an FTP server through VPN tunnel and download the new (not previously downloaded/processed) XML files within folders (Files are located in ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Wordpress plugin to conduct QUIZ'S
This Quiz plugin has to be as other plugin's but the QUIZ data's has to be uploaded through an excel data. Full details »
2 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Minecraft launcher
I need someone to make me a minecraft launcher for my server, I want it to be made in Visual Basic and the score code sent to me for further reviewing and editing, I have a template with no code in it that I would like someone to out code into, everything is done but the code. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Chat Open source software
We want to build/develop live chat free open source software just like comm100 or zopim. Please describe yours bid amount/time/with complete details. Insert if you have develop this type of open source. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
plugin feature modification
Hello Folks, we looking wp expert to modify email reminder plugin. This task required below features and modification. WP Plugin : [url removed, login to view] Need to add email field on category section and "from email address" field on every events. when event triggers emails should sent to defined email on category and from emails address should be defined in every events. NOTE: ... Full details »
2 hours ago$14 - 30
web application or script solution to bulk whatsapp sms without getting any block from the whatsapp - open to bidding
this solution have to do this functions :- - bulk the whatsapp sms - All formats: Text, Image, Voice and Video formats - checking/filter the registered whatsapp numbers from the file number , - using the new registered whatsapp numbers for sending message from it . - Schedule bulk high amount of numbers like 1000k of messages . - extract reports for whom receipt the message and who is not and who is ... Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Printing issue in VB.NET
I am using Print Document class. I want to print three records in a page and i want to print total 17 pages because there are total 51 records. I have already done the code for this but all pages data is being printed on first page only. This is the issue Can u fix it on Team Viewer ? Full details »
2 hours ago$2 - 8
modification to software
hi i need to modify open source epos software , this software is designed for shops to use current open source is ok but need to add probably 6-7 new functions which are already available as far as i know but need integration Mysql data base is needed and i will need assistance for creating one and installing software properly software must be tested and implemented onto my comp payment: ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Daily Ping
Require unique login id and password to on client. user can message to admin. admin can post message, read receipt require. one time message to all cleint. Web based software require on admin login on client side start up feature require. one time authentication. daily ping facility . only one instant require on client. Full details »
2 hours ago$600 - 1000
OpenStack Network Management
Hello, we need some custom changes in OpenStack for: - Network management - IP assignment [url removed, login to view] Pretty much need to be done what's written on line: 1485 - 1490 "The idea is to create a single network for the host with a command like: nova-manage network create 1 256. Creating multiple networks for for one manager is currently not supported, ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 500
translation solution
Trados like solutions I phase as per prepared SRS Full details »
3 hours ago$11000 - 11000
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Image Processing Function for .NET -- 2
I am looking for an image processing expert familiar with OMR and OCR technologies on a .NET platform to write a library function that would take a standard TWAIN scanned image in say a .TIFF format with a preset small number of OMR ovals or rectangles and accurately count the state (0 or 1 / off or on) and position of a human scored target in the .TIFF image file. Scanning and image pre-processing ... Full details »
3 hours ago$750 - 1500
Need a phpfox developer
Need a phpfox developer , provide me past example work than we will discuss about the project.. Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
Front-end user interface ONLY, with connector so the back-end can pass the pricing and order data to the front-end. Ability to trade in multiple crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin and others) You will need knowledge on how stock exchange work. The winning bidder will be chosen for other projects as well which we can discuss at a later time. If you think that you can build this project, please ... Full details »
3 hours ago$250 - 750
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Image Processing Function for .NET
I am looking for an image processing expert familiar with OMR and OCR technologies on a .NET platform to write a library function that would take a standard TWAIN scanned image in say a .TIFF format with a preset small number of OMR ovals or rectangles and accurately count the state (0 or 1 / off or on) and position of a human scored target in the .TIFF image file. Scanning and image pre-processing ... Full details »
3 hours ago$250 - 750
Gracenote SDK auto music recognition added to GUI in C# Winforms
Hello, I got GUI made in C# which enlists all music files in selected directory. I want to auto recognize music file tags using GNSDK in C, after selecting a file and pushing a button. GNSDK is Gracenote SDK from sony (used in TrackID for example) which lets you recognize and audio from audio fingerprints and auto tag music files. Im looking for someone familiar with this sdk to help me. If you ... Full details »
3 hours ago$90 - 750
Write some Software
I need some software. I will explain the problem and give my solution. I need the solution to be programmed in the easiest possible way. The problem is that I daily receive emails. These emails all have the exact same format. So the subject name is always the same, the body of the email holds a name, date, telephone number and email adress. I need to manage these emails. What I need is a webpage ... Full details »
3 hours ago$6 - 12
HT access expert for clearing a doubt - budget 200 Rs
My htaccess code is not working , just need to clear it . It will not take more than 5 minute , budget is 200 Rs. Only apply if you are ready to work on this budget. Full details »
3 hours ago$100 - 400
Full time Experience Developer for next 1 year
Hello All We are looking to hire Experience Dedicated Developer for our Company, Job work will be in Office (kalyan -Dist.-Thane/Maharashtra/ India) for next 1 year, Can be continue if Performance are as good as Expected. Developer will work with our Core team-member of Company and will be work as Partner not as Employee Developer should have Experienced in Cloud Database Designing ... Full details »
4 hours ago$750 - 1500
Reconfigure clientless launcher
The author of the client less launcher we use has gone MIA. We have a simple reverse engineer / decompile an unprotected clientless launcher. Will explain in more detail to candidates over chat Basic job: -Change the game mode it queues for -Add buy XP boost -Add Account rotation -Add new error fixing (task kill / restart task if no games played for 30 minutes) Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
Wordpress website needing updating to correct and inactive button/data field. Website is complete however one of the require buttons is not activated and so not pulling the data required for that field from the database or the wordpress post. Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
A 5 A4 pages conference article in software product management -- 3rd time
I need an writer and researcher to assist me developing and write a A 5 A4 pages conference article in software product management. Requirement freelancer must fit the following: 1- At least hold a master degree in the subject field. 2 –Must be experienced with academic resources such as: books, articles, … etc. 3 -Must be experienced with referencing styles such as APA. 4 -Must submit ... Full details »
4 hours ago$15 - 25
Хочу оцінити вартість ПЗ з перспективою співпраці - open to bidding
Ми працюємо зараз над досить великим проектом в сфері ІТ і соціального підприємництва . Знаходимось на етапі премовин з потенційними інвесторами . Хотіли б приблизно оцінити вартість робіт програмістів . Чи могли б ми з ... Full details »
5 hours agon/a
Write some Software about Ethical Hacking
Hi , i need someone who has great knowledge of Cpanel Plesk and every hosting . We need to h@ck at least 300 websites. we need to h@.ck static websites too. I need genuine h@.cker for the work to be done. add me at 5skp3 : connectwithgn Per website : 50 USD is the budget. Full details »
5 hours ago$10 - 30
Google MAP API
Hi, I need google API map functionality to work exactly the same as the following link: [url removed, login to view],+vic+3013/map-1 Essentially we want to replicate this exactly. The property data will sit within a MySQL database. Only bidders that provide examples of Google API Map work will be considered. Cheers Full details »
6 hours ago$750 - 1500
Software devloper
Hello, I am working on a project, i am building stpviewer - just like [url removed, login to view] but at this moment i am frustarted, dont getting the solution to get it done, if you think you can build stp viwer bid on the project, and than i will discuss the issues with you Full details »
6 hours ago$8 - 15
6 hours ago$100 - 30000
Write Software and design/create Database
We need to create software to extract data from a real estate website and design and build a database to store it. We need to extract the number of properties listed for sale and for rent across 3 separate categories, for a number of locations. The software would need to run several searches to capture each of the categories we require and store the information in one searchable database. The ... Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Tinder Auto Responder
I need this program to be able to respond to ALL the messages I have in my inbox. Please respond with skype in message so we can add you Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Tinder Auto-Responder
I need this program to be able to respond to ALL the messages I have in my inbox. Please respond with skype in message so we can add you Full details »
6 hours ago$250 - 750
ASP.NET MVC Expert required
Expert developer required. The job is targeted to Govinda. All details are discussed. Full details »
6 hours ago$200 - 200
Write some Software - Finalize some Java app (simple)
Hello, I have some java app which need finalized. Its 95 % done, but needs few lines of code. Sources attached. It stops on stage where it should fill in message box, tick one tick box and then send message. Ask if questions please. BR, H Full details »
6 hours ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
my project is based on music. you can listen a song what u want and download it for listening without internet connection Full details »
7 hours ago$12500 - 37500
facebook fan page - open to bidding
can we talk on facebook other any other sociel networks.... i am developer of different soft where .. i want likes from usa and uk but it should be funny Full details »
7 hours ago$30 - 250
facebook fan page - open to bidding
can we talk on facebook other any other sociel networks.... i am developer of different soft where .. i want likes from usa and uk but it should be funny Full details »
7 hours ago$30 - 250
im looking for Assistant
hello i need some one with skrll account who can send me 60$ there i will pay for this job 110$ Full details »
7 hours ago$30 - 250
8 hours ago$30 - 250