Classified Ads Script For Auto

Looking for an auto classifieds script with same features like (check english version).

Main categories of the website.
- Auto ads
- Search (and advanced search)
- Dealers directory

The script should offer the option to add site moderators (add content), users (add/edit/suspend ads, edit personal info), add new categories and child-categories (ex. Cars -> Audi -> A3).

#Auto/Moto ads
- User should be registered in order to add a listing
- 2 types of listings: a) paid listings (appear first at the results pages) and b) free listings (but with the option for the admin to add a fee in the future).
- A single form for all kind of listings 
- 2 pages form add listing for registered users. 1st page add ad and 2nd payment options.
- Index of all ads structured in categories and child categories (browsable, seo friendly).

- Dealers can register in website (free or paid registration
- Each dealer-user gets his own page (eg. and appears a short description of his company and the active ads he added in the website.
- Dealers index 

#Search similar with (and a simple search on all pages).

#Website template will be provided by us. Scripts and integration by you.

For more details about the project please visit 

Some important notes:
- Seo friendly directory
- External language files (so it will be easy to customize it for other countries)
- customizable sections (menu, header, footer, columns)

You can use a script that you already own and customize it.		

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