Complete My Site


We started building our website,,  and managed to bring the site up. However, we now need the following: (Note many modules are already installed, thus the costs could be curtailed)

1) Make it such that people will have to sign up first before asking questions? 

exists in the RSTickets Pro component installed

2) Their IP addreesses should be captured when signing up. 

exists in the RSTickets Pro component installed

3) People should be able to subscribe to get an email when anything new is posted. (perhaps it could be like 

Outstanding. Requires rss component installed and then feedburner tool set up to deliver post via email 

4) A person who asks a question should be able to see the progress of his response. This means that when a person asks a question, he currently gets an email acknowledging that we received his query. In this email we desire that he gets a link which he can click onto, and he will see exactly how far we are on his response (researching the answer, writing it, getting it approved by other scholars etc). If you login on the following link: and click on 'Ticket Statuses', you will see that I already included the statuses. However, we now just need that to be included in the automated mail, together with a link. In short, it should be shown online. I will login and write how far we are with the response, and the questioner will login and be able to see how far we are. Something like 


5) We should have a slot for an announcements. 

Modules can be configured to do this from

6) Click on the following link:

a) Just like how they have the ĹFeatured' with pictures, we want our featured verdicts without pictures and only the texts, or with every text having the logo. Modules can be configured to do this from

b) Can you also add a slot death announcements, marriage announcements etc (, like how they have on that same site? 

Modules can be configured to do this from

7) Create a slot for advertisements, like on the following:, 

8) Code into the pages of the site analytics code which will enable tracking the sites 
activities as well as their visitors behaviour 

9) Search Engine Optomization 

10) Click on
a) I like the Widget on the side for twitter, facebook and search. Also similair on the following site: 

Modules can be configured to do this

11) Please beautify the buttons on the sides. In short, we want the buttons on the Side Menu to be more attactive.

12) Additionally beautify and design the site.

13) Help in setting up my categories in the Parent Menu as well as where the questioners ask the queries.
14) Upgrade to Joomla 1.7
15) Get unique IP address for my site

16) Live chat where people can book appoinments

17) I want to teach online,
18) Sort out HTML and CMS errors:
oth HTML and CSS, see:

In short:

1. Guests are not allowed in all section such as asking questions . Only the registered member could access that type of services.

2. Members will receive a automated email after asking a questions

3. Members could ask more then one question and he/she will be confirmed and will know the current status of questions(NB: status should be updated by admin). 
4. Subscriptions for news and update
5. Members IP detections
6. Announcements and advertisement module 
7. twitter, and facebook link module
8. Search module
9. Design,
10. Limit tickets (questions)
11. SEO
12. Categories
13. Upgrade to Joomla 1.7
14, Get unique IP address for my site
15 Sort out HTML and CMS errors
16, Live chatting,
17, Booking appoinments
18, Online Teachin

With all the above, we have one small problem
Due to the SH404 componant being installed, the site is presently generating random URLS which makes difficult for the developer to know the redirection of the pages
So, this component create random ulr like "login" to "Log-in.html' . This creates a big problem for create new forms or change in previous urls. 

Please give a reasonable quote for all the above.

Lastly, no matter what you do, the following should be kept in mind:

· All the above are not 100% confirmed. PLEASE FIRST CREATE A PILOT SITE FOR US TO REVIEW, COMMENT & CHANGE!
· Site will HAVE to work on Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, IPads and other mobile devices without any problems!!! If FLASH is being used, please ensure that it is really FAST!!
· Please do not use flash. Everything you desire to do in flash could be done with CSS3 and, if necessary, AJAX and HTML5. Css3/HTML5 will be the best.

In light of this can you kindly send the quote.

Please see attached and agree that you can do everything. If you cannot do anything, kindly highlight it. If you have any suggestions for the site, pleaase right it in a different colour.


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