Convert a NSIS script to WIX

$30 - 250 5 years ago
Convert a about 1000 lines NSIS script to WIX script.
Must do the same. Must be compile the same. Must look the same.
Only the NSIS script will be provided.
WIX script must be full commented.
The NSIS script is only in Brazilian Portugues. 
We may provide NSIS script comment on English.
WIX script in English is fine, but full commented only.
The MSI resulted from WIX must run on sillent mode also.
Must not be compile with any other tools and must not have any other external tools but as actual NSIS script use or have.
We must approve the final WIX script, to do this, we must compile, install the aplication, run test from QA, unisntall application with sucess.
The developper give all the rights to us over the final WIX script and its results.
Please make questions before take.		

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Microsoft SQL server,Sample mini projects and demonstartion MSBI/DBA
1)Explanation of the SQL Server DBA concepts with real business sample databases. 2)Concepts of configuring SQL Server Clustering ,Replication HA and DR concepts 3)Explain the business intelligence concepts by creating a requirement and demonstrating how it is reached by using BIDS. 4)Illustrate SSIS SSRS and SSAS expertise with sample mini projects. 5)Should be able to communicate on the team ... Full details »
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My interspire website is having a some errors pop up need fixed ASAP errors below that need fixing Strict Standards: Declaration of ISC_SHIPPING::SaveModuleSettings() should be compatible with ISC_MODULE::SaveModuleSettings($settings = Array, $deleteFirst = true) in /home/inonesto/public_html/includes/classes/[url removed, login to view] on line 8 Strict Standards: Declaration of ISC_SHIPPING::getpropertiessheet() ... Full details »
4 days ago$250 - 750
Amazon Web Services Custom Code for Sellers Account
I am looking for an experienced Amazon programmer who can tell me which keywords my customers are buying my product from on Amazon. For example, we have 3 keywords that are ranking organically below: 1) Yohimbe 2) Libido 3) Men's Health I want to know which keywords the customers buy the product from the most. Full details »
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Programmatically Change Chrome Homepage Settings via NSIS Installer
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5 days ago$10 - 30