Customisation Moodle theme and organising content

$250 - 750 5 years ago
Moodle Customization:

1. Moodle appearance should be customized according to the design provided. Security should be top priority in order to protect videos and text from search engines or unauthorised users.
2. Paypal integration should be done and user will be allowed to login directly to the course after online payment is made. 
3. A module in moodle should be added to fetch and display the logged in user s recent activities
4. User/adminstrator/teacher should be able to explore all the recent activities like quizzes, forums, exercises completed,time spent on each lesson, etc from his personalized page.
5. Creating quizzes (text provided)
6. Create Autoview presentations (with videos and slides provided). However, slides need to be synchronised with videos (they were will be around 20 hours of videos recorded)

All text for each web page, quizzes, assignments,videos and slides will be provided. I need someone who is thorough. I am not so much in a hurry. I just want things perfectly done!

We would like to receive the quotation:
a. Time to complete the mentioned tasks in hours
b. Cost associated

The entire code should be provided with the application. For details, please send PM.		

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2 hours ago$750 - 1500
Scoreboard Ticker Script Written - Have Data Files
Looking for someone to design a scoreboard ticker for a sports website similar to Already have some data files in PHP format that will pull the data from elsewhere. Need a script built to scroll through data and publish it in a ticker format as per example above. Would prefer the ability for the ticker to be branded (and/or the ability to add ... Full details »
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What is cabinet? A platform where politically active citizens, legislators and organizations can collaborate effectively in order to create change and progress within their communities. How does it work? For constituents - you log in with facebook and verify your address so we can tell you who your representatives are on the local, state, and federal level. You’ll get a feed related to ... Full details »
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