Customisation Moodle theme and organising content

$250 - 750 5 years ago
Moodle Customization:

1. Moodle appearance should be customized according to the design provided. Security should be top priority in order to protect videos and text from search engines or unauthorised users.
2. Paypal integration should be done and user will be allowed to login directly to the course after online payment is made. 
3. A module in moodle should be added to fetch and display the logged in user s recent activities
4. User/adminstrator/teacher should be able to explore all the recent activities like quizzes, forums, exercises completed,time spent on each lesson, etc from his personalized page.
5. Creating quizzes (text provided)
6. Create Autoview presentations (with videos and slides provided). However, slides need to be synchronised with videos (they were will be around 20 hours of videos recorded)

All text for each web page, quizzes, assignments,videos and slides will be provided. I need someone who is thorough. I am not so much in a hurry. I just want things perfectly done!

We would like to receive the quotation:
a. Time to complete the mentioned tasks in hours
b. Cost associated

The entire code should be provided with the application. For details, please send PM.		

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Douban, Weibo, phpBB Central Messenger
A simple Chinese web application that allows user to post messages simultaneously to phpBB, qq groups, douban and weibo (with option to post selectively), and receive posts from followers with information on source and ability to reply to source. requirements: - 1) Sign Up as Site user 2) Set site to link via Auth APIs, and username, password, URL for PphBB forum. 3) Post Messages to linked blogging ... Full details »
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I have a Joomla website that is currently utilizing K2. I need editing and re-formating of the website done, basic font changes, spacing edits, and module re-arragment to make it look clean. The RedShop extension is present but needs to be made functional for the products I have available. I also want to add a community forum page possibly using the Kunena extension. Full details »
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I am in need of someone that can build a website for my non profit organization. My non profit organization provides services for those living with HIV/AIDS The website will comprise of some pictures, write ups and videos will subsequently be uploaded. I need someone who will make this captivating and professional. Full details »
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