Development Of Poptab Script


I need development of mini pop tab script
you can download the script from this link

The script not works with Chrome browser
I want the script works on all browser with default settings
IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
I can do I manage by cookies time
Example: Ads do not appear again until after 20 minutes

My budget for this project $30 
Start time, Immediately

I Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards.		

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Build and complete a simple one page website from spec in 6 hours starting ASAP -- 2
Hi - ** Bids over $50 will not be considered, full stop. ** ** If you don't read the brief, don't bother bidding - you won't get the project, full stop. ** ** So I know that you have read at least these first few sentences... In your bid you must include these words at the beginning: Handcrafted Code ** I will provide: [a] the visual specifications that must be followed carefully ... Full details »
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Convert Website to Wordpress
I am looking for a freelancer with a professional attitude who has a creative flare. I want to convert this website into wordpress... And would also like to refine the design to make it look more professional... My budget does not exceed 75$. This is a very simple project. All pages are the same... Full details »
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This project contains 2 parts: 1) A Visual C++ project that compiled on Visual C++ 2008 and runs on Windows XP/7/8 on client PC. This program should extract Host Id information from the local PC (HostId may included ). Then it sends the HostId as a string to a web server and verify whether the the HostId has passed the verification on web server. 2) A web server side application. It receives the ... Full details »
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Fully commercial sites for - in oracle - mySQL - xgen - mobile enable finished in 11 days we set up all web development- training services include IT - networking - your own server - Airport router - 12 core Intel processor - SSD -google fiber 1 Ghz Run from home your business - like ebay or similar (hardware $10k) I work only for jobs with budgets over $100k Full details »
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Help with PSD to HTML and other small site fixes
I need Help with PSD to HTML and other small site fixes with a few existing websites that I have. Simple fixes about 10-15 all up. Thanks. Need it finished asap. Full details »
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Build a Website
A project to build a website that can be used to creat inventions that will help humanity Full details »
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Website and Portal
I need to create a website and backend portal so my customers can log-in and see account specific details. These details will be for each account indicating if a certain task is complete or not and what time the task was started and what time it was finished. Customers will need ability to add extra tasks, change, and remove them also. Secondary page will be the back office for the admins and employees. ... Full details »
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Setup Magento Hosting Platform
Hello, I'm looking for a Magento Pro how can setup a good hosting configuration for my Magento customers. I've a VMWare cloud platform and I want to offer my customers quality hosting with good performance. Can somebody help me with setting up a good configuration. Please explain me what you want to do to get a good hosting plaform for Magento. I'm looking forward to your ... Full details »
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Help with PSD to HTML and other small site fixes
I need Help with PSD to HTML and other small site fixes with a few existing websites that I have. Simple fixes about 10-15 all up. Thanks. Need it finished asap. Full details »
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Please see attached file for description of job. I have already completed exercise 1 and need exercise 2 completed. Full details »
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I have a PSD of a newsletter design that I need converted into an HTML template so it can be / will be compatible with constant contact. Please see attached screenshot Full details »
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Fix PayFlow Pro Error In OScommerce
PayPal PayFlow Pro (not Link) has been installed into an existing v2.2 RC2a Oscommerce shopping cart. (The checkout process is not a stock design. It is a modified one-page checkout design.) PayFlow Pro works fine for processing MasterCard, Visa and Discover payment transactions. However, PayFlow Pro does not function properly with American Express payment attempts. (American Express is set up in ... Full details »
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Experienced Bitcoin Programmer Needed for 2 Part Project
We are looking for a programmer capable of building and integrating two different projects: Part 1.) We would like to build and operate a Bitcoin mining pool, identical to the one available at Part 2.) We would like to create a coin generator, identical to the one available at With your bid, please list the approximate number of hours it would take for you to build ... Full details »
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I need a scratchcard game built. This should be built as a jQuery plugin and it should work flawlessly in the latest version Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 9, IE 10, IE 11, and the latest version of Android and iOS tablets and phones. The user will be presented with a scratchcard in which they will use their mouse or finger (mobile) to drag around a coin or other image that will scratch off the top area ... Full details »
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Write some Software
Hey, I currently run a Facebook online business, i need a script to post in 70-80 groups at once. The script must enable me to post on a certain status that i have already posted in these groups, i want to comment "." on each status, and remove the "." aswell, that i posted the day before, this is known as Bumping. If you need more money to do it, i will gladly pay you! Thank ... Full details »
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Customize a PSD template as per requirements
ONLY SERIOUS BIDDERS BID PLEASE! I am looking for a long term designer, this is just a test project, if it goes ok I will be giving a lot of work. I am looking for a creative Website designer. I will provide a PSD file and he/she will have to customize it as per our requirements. Kindly send me the links to the website you have designed and include the word "SERIOUS" in the bid Full details »
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Write some Software
Fix the contact form to work on Network Solutions hosting site I currently receive an error message reading: "500: Internal server error This error is generated when a script running on the server could not be implemented or permissions are incorrectly assigned for files or directories Troubleshooting suggestions: Temporarily disable any rewrite rules by renaming your .htaccess ... Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30