Dynamic Webpage: A Single Webpage Using Css Javascript 2

This assignment requires a developer to transform a Fireworks file into a fully functional dynamic webpage.

The webpage consists of one single page (see attached image). This page has several form controls that will be used to request and filter search results from a MySQL database. The site must be developed using CSS, Javascript, and PHP with MySQL.  Note: The MySQL database is already built. 

The project has been divided into 6 key stages, or milestones. At the completion of each milestone a portion of the final payment will be made. Read below for details.

Milestone 1: Convert PNG Image (Fireworks) to HTML

1.1	Prepare the page layout, include slicing and positioning all background images, text, pictures, etc. 
1.2	Define all layouts and styles (div, text, background images, etc) using CSS
1.3	Customize the form controls (combo box, text box, buttons, etc) to match the controls illustrated in the fireworks image
1.4	Develop the expandable Categories Menu (using Javascript and CSS)

Note: The page needs to look exactly as illustrated in Fireworks. Quality HTML, and cross browser compatible HTML is a MUST! If any shortcuts are taken, the project will be terminated immediately

 - - Successful Completion of Milestone 1 = Payment of 10% of the Project Budget - - 

Milestone 2: Dynamic HTML ľ Expandable Menu 

2.1	Set up the connection string (mysql.inc.php), the config file, etc
2.2	Divide the HTML page into three separate pages (Header, Body, and Footer) and use PHP to assemble these pages together
2.3	Use PHP and MySQL to dynamically generate the expandable ôCategories Menuö  prepare at task  1.4 above. Note: the menu items are stored in the Categories database table

 - - Successful Completion of Milestone 2 = Payment of 10% of the Project Budget - - 

Milestone 3: Dynamic HTML ľ Search Results

3.1	Populate the Search Results with Classes that are marked as Featured (specified by the Feature boolean field in the Classes database table). 
3.2	Add text to specify the number of classes displayed in the search result. E.g. ô4 results found for Feature Classes & Activitiesö
3.3	Add functionality that will allow a user to click Price to re-order the search results by price (cheapest to expensive). If the user clicks Price again, reverse the order of the search results (expensive to cheap)

 - - Successful Completion of Milestone 3 = Payment of 15% of the Project Budget - - 

Milestone 4: Filter Search Results by Date & Time 

4.1	Filter the search results using the Date and Time form criteria if specified by the user. Note: The Date and Time values of each class are stored in the Class_Schedule database table.
4.2	Change the text ônot filtered by Date & Timeö to ôfiltered by Date & Timeö
4.3	Change the text at the bottom of the search results to display the Date & Time preferences specified by the user.

- - Successful Completion of Milestone 4 = Payment of 20% of the Project Budget - -

Milestone 5: Update Search Results  - Category Selection

5.1	Update the search results when a user selects an item from the Expandable Categories Menu. The user's Date and Time preferences (specified in 4.1) must be maintained.
5.2	Ensure that if a user changes or resets that Date and Time preferences, the search results will change accordingly (while preserving the selected Category)

- - Successful Completion of Milestone 5 = Payment of 20% of the Project Budget - - 

Milestone 6: Update Search Results  - Keyword Search

6.1	Update the search results when a user executes a keyword search. The user's Date and Time preferences must be maintained.
6.2	Ensure that if a user changes their Date and Time preferences, the search results change accordingly (while preserving the selected keyword search)

- - Successful Completion of Milestone 6 = Payment of 25% of the Project Budget - -

Technology Specifications
The site is to be developed using:
Ľ PHP version 5.3 or higher
Ľ MySQL version 5.1 or higher
Ľ Javascript/AJAX

Browser Compatibility
The site needs to be compatible with 95% of web browsers, including IE7+, Chrome 15.0+, Safari Ipad, Opera 11.6+, etc

Code Notation
ALL code must be thoroughly and clearly notated. When selecting a developer preference will be given to someone that can demonstrate an ability to clearly notate all code.

Important: Many developers bid for a project without reading the design brief. To give me confidence that you have read and understood the project requirements, please add the words Blue Elephant to the text of your bid. Any bids without these words will be disregarded.

Completion of all milestones by the agreed deadline, and the inclusion of clear and thorough notation across all code will result in an additional bonus of $50		

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