Flippino php developer needed monthly payment...

$250 - 750 4 years ago
Hello I would like to hire Flippino coder,Few time i worked with him and i think they are talented...

My project based on PAID TO CLICK(PTC) sites,
Some of sites which is running PTC sites,http://www.neobux.com, http://www.omnibux.com etc.

I will preferred during hire the coder who have knowledge in  PAID TO CLICK,PTC.
My script based on PHP,MYSQL,JAVA AND AJAX.

*Coder must be dedicated to my work.
*If coder also have knowledge in web design then it would be very good.
*Coder will be work full time.
*During work he needs to be online every time.
*If coder is scare for monthly payment then my company can paid 7,15 or 30 days.

Falls BID'S not accepted.
Thanks for your bid's.		

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a job listing site in french
I need a job posting site in french, please check out this site it's gonna be similar, of course with admin and log in. [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] Full details »
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cs-cart dynamic search project - open to bidding
i want to incorporate a search box that "drills down" to the specific products a customer is looking to buy. I sell office supplies, and so the search begins with a list of Manufacturers. Then once manufacturer is selected, another list shows of the product types (ie. toner,ink,drum unit, fuser, feed roller, etc), and once that product type is selected, a third search shows listing the ... Full details »
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E Education Portal
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PHPFox "Profile View Limit" Module
First off, we are familiar with the amount of time this project will take to complete. Please do not submit a highball bid as they will not be considered. Only submit a bid if you are within the budget listed. We need a module created for our PHPFox site that will allow us to limit the profile views of members by member group. Once the designated number of profile views has been reached, the member ... Full details »
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Design a Website Mockup
1) Make site mobile and tablet friendly. 2) Allow me to change the banner on the video view page into a rotating banner meaning every time somebody comes to the website it randomizes the ad and whatever ad it happens to be on I want to be able to hyperlink that ad to whatever website I choose for the user to go to when it is click. 3) Allow me to change the 728X90 banner in the view page ... Full details »
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Write some Software
Hi, I'm looking for a programmer with top-notch skills who is not afraid of difficult tasks. Here's basically what I want accomplished: - I have an open source plugin for wordpress that I would like to use as a base for a new project of mine; - Your job will be to use that code, change all references and links to point out to my new plugin. Basically what I want is to make the plugin ... Full details »
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This will be for "ART WORK" only. FUNIEHUB will be a site where you can socialize online, plan events, party's and adventures [url removed, login to view] members will be able to join FUNIEHUB, add HUBERS into their FUN HUB.. Get off the couch and start living life, by inviting others to social circle and then creating events, that are open or private. members will never have a dull ... Full details »
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Construisez un site Web
Construire un site Web de réseaux social Full details »
55 minutes ago$250 - 750
Write some Software
I am developing an application in php/mysql using Wordpress CMS as the UI. I am looking for someone who can develop database-triggered email, and/or email to text msg from my application based on a table event (add or change to a data row). The (to) email address will be variable and located in the table. This needs to happen immediately once the trigger is fired (i.e., no cron job) Full details »
55 minutes ago$30 - 250
Build a Website -- 2
Need a website to display multiple stocks by sector/ industry with stock prices, and a bunch of other stock parameters such as P/E ratio, 52 wk high/ low etc. Should have the flexibility to also search, sort by each of those stock parameters. Selecting stock data by SQL would be ideal to get the necessary data that I am looking for. Similar websites include similar to [url removed, login to view] (enter ... Full details »
58 minutes ago$30 - 250
Build an Online Store - Connect a extension in Opencart
Hi Every one This project is for opencart experts. I want some one quick and professional developer to integerate this module [url removed, login to view] with my opencart store Full details »
58 minutes ago$30 - 250
Add text to site header
I need to add a value proposition the header of a a site that I manage - http://mrmr.biz. This is a simple task. Please see the attached mock up. Looking to add the text: "* Guaranteed Results * 100% Biodegradeable * Financing Available * Must be responsive/appear correctly on mobile devices. Full details »
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Required Open Cart Experts to do enhancement
Hi i am looking for a well versed open cart programmer to do a modification from my existing version...kindly ping me or do me a message. based on the your request i can share more details. I am providing below details outline on my existing website User Profile Page Profile Setting Notification DropDown or/and Page Message Box Inbox | Sent | Deleted Product Details Page Register user ... Full details »
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css changes
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Online Teaching
We are looking for faculties who can teach [url removed, login to view] are launching a new website named [url removed, login to view] very soon. EduGranth is an online education portal where you can find complete solution of problems and knowledge just one click away! The idea of EduGranth was developed by the founders starting from a perceived necessity to bring more flexibility into the Indian ... Full details »
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balanced payments gateway (balancedpayments.com)
We are looking for someone who can help us with build balancedpayments gateway using their API. Here is what we are doing: We are creating a marketplace for teachers & students where teachers can post a class they want to offer and student can enroll for that class. Here is our use case for payment: Actors: - Students (Buyers) - Teachers (Sellers) 1. Student click enroll button to ... Full details »
1 hour ago$125 - 150
PHPFox Module Debug
First off, we are familiar with the amount of time this project will take to complete. Please do not submit a highball bid as they will not be considered. Only submit a bid if you are within the budget listed. We have recently had a contractor create two new PHPFox modules for our site. One module to allow members to create private invite only events and a second allowing users to hide posts on ... Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
crone a website using squarespace
We would like to build a new restaurant website using squarespace. Crone site will be chezbruce.co.uk. xtra main function will be booking request online & purchasing a voucher online. any customer information accrued through booking/contact us should be downloadable as csv file. other structure will be attached. Last developer build a website that we could not utilise, and had massive ... Full details »
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Build an Online Travel Insurance Quote and Selling System
My company sells travel Insurance Globally, this travel insurance covers the following categories, Single Trips (less than 90 days stay), Annual unlimited trips (max 90 days p/trip), Single trips (up to 365 days), Student Travel Insurance, and Expatriates Insurance. We sell directly but we relay in Insurance Companies and Brokers to sell our products so every the structure will be : We --→ --→ ... Full details »
1 hour ago$1500 - 3000
SS7 HLR Lookup for mobile data cleansing
We seek to develop a system for query operator and portability through SS7 HLR lookup. Before accepting the applicant need to have a detailed and necessary hardware implementation is designed to do the job. Full details »
1 hour ago$1500 - 3000
Build an Online handbag/shoe store
Hi thanks for taking time to read and bid, We are looking to create a new website in a Magento multistore for a handbag / shoe company Boutique. The store does not currently have a web shop however a decent presence on Amazon. We would like a website created based on similar designs of various competitors (please see attachment). The data has been uploaded onto the magento multi-store from the ... Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
1 hour ago$750 - 1500
When a cusomter tries to purchase from my website the 3d secure popup does not even show as son as you press to pay after adding card details an error pops up " this card failed validation and cannot be used. the strange thing is it was working until today....the only thing i have added to the site is gt speed....but i have disbled it. Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
Contract telecom test engineers
Looking for Contract telecom test engineers with 0-3 years exp in Reading, UK. Onsite requirement! The relevant candidate should have previous experience in the BSS/OSS or VAS/IN/IPTV/SDP product testing area. Previous Telco experience would be preferable The resource must be fluent in English, both verbal and written The resource must have a solid understanding and experience of at least ... Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 15
Написание программного обеспечения
Необходимо создать сервис аналогичный чатрулетке Full details »
1 hour ago$750 - 1500