Google Analytics Experts? - How to track Image impressions- Simple question

$30 - 250 5 years ago
How can we use google analytics to track image impressions?

Can you please give 'step by step' instructions how to do this, and just give it to me as some advice in a Private message

This job should be easy for somdbody who knows what they are doing, and forr somebody is familiar with Google analytics.

When people pass on your 'Viral Free ebooks', how can we tel how many times the pdf is being opened(viewed)? - I dont mean how many times is it being Downloaded from a site/server site, but how many times that it is being opened.

some sort of invisible counter enbedded in the ebook? with google analytics?

(I dont mean how can we count the amount of times a PDF is 'downloaded' from a server,- or how many times the pdf has been downloaded from a webpage,)

but how many times a pdf has been 'opened' /viewed

Some sort of image counter/when the image is loaded live from wherever it is hosted, it shows as a count ?

ie- if the ebook is opened 8 times- in 8 separate IP addresses, the image will be shown 8 times, showing that the ebook has been viewed 8 times.

That sort of service/system. ?

or any other system? /recommendations ?

NB How can Google anylitics do this? - Can you give a Step by Step guide on how to do it - what section to click on, what project to open, and Where to place the code- Just tell me where to go, etc.		

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