Help With Xcode Simulator Certificates Testflight More

I am looking for an iOS iPhone programmer that can assist me with finishing up a game, as well as setting up things like Xcode, iPhone Simulator, Certificates,, tracking down bugs/memory leaks and uploading to iTunes Connect (see below for more details).

I have profiles on several other outsourcing sites as well. Please request links if you want to view my ratings on these other sites.

You must be fluent with both Objective-C and OpenGl. IMPORTANT: If you do not know or understand OpenGL, then please do not apply.

IMPORTANT: You will need to specify individual bids for each item in the list, and you will only be hired for one item at a time. Funds will only be escrowed for one item at a time as well.

You will need to sign an NDA before you do any direct work on the code itself.

You need to be very familiar with the following:
- Objective-C for iOS
- OpenGL for iOS
- Xcode
- Apple Certificates
- Testflight (
- Preparing and Uploading binaries to iTunes Connect
- Tracking down bugs and memory leaks

I prefer somebody that can accomplish all tasks listed, but this is not mandatory. Please list a separate bid for each item.

Set up Xcode environment properly on my laptop, including setting up certificates and getting game to work on iPhone Simulator. I have MacBook Pro with OS X Lion v10.7.2 and Xcode v4.2.1 and you can use Teamviewer for any setup that needs to be done on my computer.

Setup so I can register beta testers for my game, including any certificates as well.

I have two python scripts that need to be setup on my Mac. One script takes a png file with a font and breaks each letter into it's own png file. The other script takes a bunch of images and combines them into one sprite file and creates the .des files that point to the location of each graphic in the sprite file.

Change out a screen in the game that currently displays a graphic, and have it use text instead (so it can localized later). Also, change the border color of two different boxes on two different screens.

The game has some memory leaks that cause it to crash. Need these tracked down and fixed.

Please remember to list each item separately.

Please respond with the code word "butterfly" at the top of your response, so I know you took the time to read this entire post.

Thank you		

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