ISO file burning software

$250 - 750 3 years ago
I'm looking for an experienced developer that can write a software
that will be able to burn ISO files to a disk and to USB.

The software MUST be able to make the disk/ USB bootable as the ISO will be used as such.The ISO file is a linux distro that will be burned, you can use this as a reference.

Unetbootin is a freeware that can burn ISO to USB.

The software must have C# user interface but You can use any other programing language to complete task of disk/USB burning (ex. C++).

The software will contain of two sections. 

One will be a part showing the disk burner choice as a drop down box and Burn button.
Second part will be a drop down box which will detect USB flash drives and a Burn button next 
to it. 

At the bottom will be a status bar showing the status and completeness of the process.
Simple as that. 
ISO file to be burned will be configured in a XML file or as a static variable in the code.
And yes no FREEWARE embedding!
Regarding free code you need to discuss and get approval from Me if you can use it.

I will consider bids from serious bidders that have experience with such projects or have done something similar.

For any questions PM me.		

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5 hours agon/a
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Part Time ASP ,c# Developer wanted
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9 hours ago$250 - 750
Write some Software
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