Install OpenERP on DreamHost VPS

$30 - 250 4 years ago

We need to install OpenERP server and OpenERP Web Client on our DreamHost Private Server. 
We have superadmin access (sudo user).

Also need to install "", for portuguese (brazilian) translation AND Magento Integration. 


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Server Admin
as agreed this is for taking care of my server for the given time period Full details »
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creating a Users control and permission
We require urgently to complete users control and permission pages for an accounting application. Roles are already defined and users control if half done already using Zend frame work. Permission is to be created/added as per the role. Full details »
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Etl developer -- 2
Hai I need proxy for my interview, I haven't got the project details, will let you know once I get those details. I just want to first conform with proxy before scheduling interview. Thank you. Full details »
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Finish off development of an online application
SQL database development and integration with existing online front-end interface Full details »
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Create a bash file
Create a simple bash file. 1. Check all openvz VPS secure log. either secure or auth, etc for different distribution. 2. Log it to a file with today date. 3. Log all failed password with only IP and number of failed login in the log file. 4. Email it daily to an email address with today log file. 5. able to set as cron. 6. Make sure not resource consuming. 7. Take note on rotation file. Sometimes ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Do an assignemnt for me
you need to know how to send a spoofed mail by modifying headers in 1 hour, even with an file upload functionality check the attachment for more details. work need to be completed in an hour, its urgent. Full details »
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Write a python module that gets GPS (NMEA) and other values and sends this information to an openGTS server using an standard protocol. GPS and other values are in a python dic Full details »
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Create slides for techincal training on Scala language
Create slides based on the book "Scala for the Impatient". The final result should be a course of Scala based on this book and presented using google slides. The first three chapters are done. You can see them here: [url removed, login to view] Your work is to create 7 (seven) chapters presentation using the same formatting. So bid for the price of working in seven chapters at a time. ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
should have experience in Google heat map and Data grid in [url removed, login to view] , fetch the data from sql server and display it in heat map and data grid Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Server for Multimedia
- Multimedia Streaming Server - linux platform ; ubuntu , centos - C++ programing I would require a signed NDA before describing this project in detail. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 7000
Simple assemby program 64 bit intel linux
I want someone who knows assembly language and explain me line by line how is that working. the program should be just those simple math functions and it would be linked to C++ then return back numbers from C++and print it in a nice table. As I mentioned Assembly Language is base programming and it is in linux and nasm as compiler. Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Hi, Hotmail sender. I have a system in PHP and Python, they connect to hotmail. Then send emails. The system is very fast to send. I used this system to one year ago. Stopped working. I need an expert in PHP and Python. Someone who can work with API Hotmail, MSN API. Fixed price $ 100. I will enter my system attached. You analyze, and answer me if you can. There are many freelance, ... Full details »
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Write some Software
Need urgently for web application development. Application is 80% complete. Additional features to be added and complete optimization of the application Full details »
3 weeks ago$12500 - 37500
clear varnish cache linux on vps
clear varnish cache linux on vps Full details »
3 weeks ago$2 - 8
install RVM
Running Ubuntu [url removed, login to view] Need someone to install RVM, Ruby 1.9.3-p549 ([url removed, login to view] exists), [url removed, login to view] Do it remotely preferably with Team Viewer, between 10am - 1pm Melbourne , Australia time Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Wordpress Expert needed for redirect and "no posts found" error on home page, need fixed within hour
For some reason my home page is saying "no posts found" I need this fixed and also an apache rule to fix links that break with out trailing forward slash. Only respond if you can fix within the hour. Full details »
3 weeks ago$15 - 25
Create Program For Researching Sports Information
I am looking for someone who has programming knowledge to create a program, preferably Excel or similar, that will scrape websites for statistics, information, game outcomes, etc. and organize it in a way that can be used to predict the future outcomes of sporting events. Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Changing the Way 3D Animated Films Are Created!
Hello! We are looking for a development team which can take on an incredible project. We want to create an iPad based mobile app that changes the way we currently create 3D animated films. Ranging over several mobile applications which all reflect the way a 3D animated film is made. We've thought about every process of the pipeline and believe and iPad app would be essential in helping the ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Vos3000 v. installer with license maker with web security
Hello i need vos3000 v. installer files with license maker keygen with web security system . Who ever have those files ready to provide with all details please reply me. Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Need A Permanent Page Speed Optimization Pro To Join My Team
I am looking for a skilled individual to work with me on page speed optimizations for multiple websites. I have everything from simple PHP/HTML sites to (small) eCommerce stores. Most of my websites are less than 2,000 visitors/per month. Still, my goal is to have my websites optimized and running at under 2 seconds page load time always and a Google PageSpeed score of 80%+. Most of these websites ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$8 - 15
Fix wine fatal error in gc, too many root sets
Please bid only if you have experince with wine.. or you know how you can fix this . TXN I have an aplication done for windows that i try to run on linux with wine what app does: checks for signals in a .txt file and when new signal detected will post that signal on 3 sites but the problem is that after a time i get this error: fatal error in gc, too many root sets I thought that ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
We need someone to help us setup OpenStack Object Storage
We would like to work with someone who has experience in setting up Openstack cloud, using OpenStack Object Storage. We will give you access to the system. You will install everything to distribute content on 2 storages servers, two proxies servers and two master servers (redundant). You will also explain us how to add storage node or proxy node. Full details »
3 weeks ago$6 - 12
nginx-rtmp module hls secure link
Currently we need some help to configure secure link to work with rtmp module (nginx) for rtmp and hls vod/live streaming. The idea is to be able to use JW Player to play a live or vod rtmp/hls streaming from Nginx with secure links generated with PHP. i have installed nginx-rtmp-moudle secure-link-module the problem is when I activate secure lnk i have protected directory /tmp/hls but in ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Virtualized routing function using mininet and floodlight controller
Looking for NFV based project using mininet and floodlight controller to virtualize the routing function. Trying to implement the pdf paper attached. Looking for help Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Merge Two Databases Into One For Zencart
I need 2 databases combined into one main database. I have one MAIN database that contains everything for a zencart store. The second database with aprox 120 products that need to go onto the main database. This should take no longer than 2 hours at the maximum. Please only bid if you can merge them, make sure it works on zencart and can start immediately, This needs to be finished before ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 15
Python coding support/tutoring
I am doctoral student (political science) working on a dissertation that (I hope) includes mining large amounts of text documents. I need to extract both specific features of the documents, classify the content of texts, and (again, hopefully) more. I need a python coder to help guide and shape the coding I need to do. I have attempted basic steps myself, but do not have a community in which I ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$15 - 25
simple database work
Hello, I have a table with 2 columns and I need the values to be retrieved in sub list. I have attached example in excel sheet of what I need exactly. Thank you! Full details »
3 weeks ago$8 - 15
Custom Dentrix Query Application
I am a dentist. I use Dentrix G5 (htp://[url removed, login to view]) as my practice management software. I need a developer familiar with Dentrix to write me an application that does the following: 1) Select Provider(s) 2)Select Procedure(s) 3) Select Date Range 4) Returns the total number of times the procedure was treatment planned during the date range. Also returns number of times the procedure ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Rewrite one simple code with Python
Hi! I need help in rewriting and rearranging one simple code in Python so to readapt it to the requirements. The instructions will be in Swedish but I can try to translate them quickly if you are not familiar with the language. Here's an example of the tasks: Please write a program which simulates an amusement park. Use objects to represent the attractions. An attraction may for instance ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$8 - 30
Configure Asterisk PBX with Cisco SPA 3102 Voice Gateway with Router
Hi There, I have one US line which I want to extend on my internal company network with VOIP extensions. Brand new installation (Asterisk already installed but not configured v 11.10.2). Looking for someone who can configure the incoming and outgoing via Cisco SPA3102 router. The setup should be such that at one given time only one external line should be open form any one extension (since i ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Create custom report - open to bidding
I need to create custom report using "crystal reports". We using program called Lytec all reports are made in using crystal reports, we need to create custom reports that will pull data from different places. we can talk on Skype for more information Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Write a plugin for Resourcespace ( DAM to upload videos to VIMEO from within ResourceSpace
We would like to be able to publish to Vimeo from our private DAM. ResourceSpace is installed on an Ubuntu server on our intranet and is behind a VPN. I am not familiar with Vimeos new API, so I am not sure how much control you can have, but Ideally I would like to be able to specify some of the Vimeo upload options right from the plugin. For example we manage our videos on Vimeo in Portfolios, so ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$150 - 350
python exercise in metaprograming
This project is for academic purposes and designed to show how Python functions can define other Python code (in this case, a class) in an unexpected way: the function can build a huge string that represents the definition of a Python class and then call exec on it, which causes Python to define that class just as if it were written in a file and imported (in which case Python reads the file as a big ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Install and configure Ubuntu Desktop
Hello, I'm looking for someone who can install and configure ubuntu desktop for me on a vps, so that i can connect via my windows pc with remote desktop. Please bid only with real prices on this project. No fake bids! Kind regards, Stijn Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Technical Architect on Linux environment / Data base expert
Looking for a Linux and Database expert. I need somebody who is familiar with EMR or EHR type applications. This project will have some advance work that will will need to be done with custom modules which I want t process online data to lawyers, staff, clinic Staff, billing manager, payment processing, and Call Center ETC. All in one Application. If you are not sure if you have the qualification, ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Write some Software -- 2
I am looking too have the attached stand alone exercises completed individually, each of them is very micro, very simple, very easy, and overall less than an hour of work if your have the right expertise ([url removed, login to view], jQuery, SQL and very little of C #). Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Write some Software
I am looking too have the attached stand alone exercises completed individually, each of them is very micro, very simple, very easy, and overall less than an hour of work if your have the right expertise ([url removed, login to view], jQuery, SQL and very little of C #). Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Create product import module for Odoo v8 (OpenERP) using ORM
I need someone with strong OpenERP / Odoo v8 knowledge who can create a bespoke module to import a series of products which are fed via a daily CSV file. This is the tip of what could be a sizeable, ongoing project, I'm just looking for someone to work with on this initial element. Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Centos 7 - set up backup solution - open to bidding
Hi, I've bought a server and have installed CentOS7/Teamviewer to it. Now I want someone to help me to set up backup solution that will work like this: 1. Server has 3x same size 1Tb SAS hdd's 2. Actually only 1st HDD is used for production 3. Backup of 1st HDD should be copied to 2nd HDD once per week 4. If 1st HDD dies, I should be able to recover system to the 3rd HDD in a few ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
sklearn feature selection for text mining using Bi normal separation
I want a feature selection module to be used in sklearn package of python. The existing code takes in a set of documents for text classification and vectorizesthem using count vectorizer and then calculate BNS scores for each feature. the BNS calculator returns the values in from of COO_matrix. I want a code to be written to select best features based on their scores . these selected features will ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$600 - 1500
network programming
Write the following programs in any language (e.g., C, C++, Python): NAME MGServer - Multicast Group Server. MChatClient - Multicast-Chat Client. SYNOPSIS MGServer MChatClient DESCRIPTION ü MGServer: · Creates a TCP server socket and binds it to sport =10xyz, where xyz is the last 3 digits of your ODU UIN. · Generates a random multicast ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Transfer sites from Cpanel to Nodeworx
Hi, i will transfer magento stores from my dedicated softlyater server to a new server on Nexcess. The import function of nordeworx is not working as the supoort from nexcess told me, so the transfer will have to be done trough ssh. I will have 4 sites to start, and them later more 20 clients to transfer. I want to know if you already done this transfer before, what are the main things that need ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$5 - 30
Need virtual assistance - open to bidding
I need a virtual assistance for some real time incentives job. The project is only for america,UK and Canada Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Front End Code Changes - Make Categories Clickable -- 2
Please view the site [url removed, login to view] The categories on the homepage "Argon Oil" and "Macadamia" I would like to become click-able and take you to the category page of that product range. (please see attached screen shots) Website is based on opencart with a theme installed. The adaptation will require modifying the theme. The module that controls this part ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$20 - 250 Data Scraping
Setup [url removed, login to view] for Yelp data scraping Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Setting server VPS
vps setup with web service, mail, mysql database and control panel for the services (eg cpanel). Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
newfries dialer
hello we need an experience newfries dialer developer to make some fixes on our system. the system is not respect the sheduling and list is keep calling until the list ends. it might be the bower not installed correct .we want someone with experience to handle the job . no more than a couple of hours of work for experience people . after the job will finish we want a report of the detailed problem ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 30
I HAVE blog wordpress and i upload the image in [url removed, login to view] , ineed import external image in my server and put all images in wp-content/images/.... in the image can see the post_image link in phpmyadmin [url removed, login to view] Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 30
Build a Python Based Web Scraping Application
I'm looking for an expert in Python and Web Scraping to take on a very specific project. The ultimate project will actually NOT be Django, but rather using a microframework called Flask (If you have Django experience, Flask is about a one day learning experience). For Python, we prefer people with Scrapy experience, and would like to stick with Scrapy and Flask. Essentially, you'll ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$750 - 1500
DDoS cluster software development under Linux system
Network driver writing experience, have experience in high concurrent network, proficient in tcp/ip UDP DNS protocol or willing to study! The controlled end support for windows and Linux, the main control end support for windows Spirit, able to finish project independently, not like a tube of toothpaste work. Writing DDoS software is preferred Full details »
4 weeks ago$1500 - 3000