Install OpenERP on DreamHost VPS

$30 - 250 4 years ago

We need to install OpenERP server and OpenERP Web Client on our DreamHost Private Server. 
We have superadmin access (sudo user).

Also need to install "", for portuguese (brazilian) translation AND Magento Integration. 


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Write some Software
convert a Plone application from version 4.1 to version 4.3. (Application of small-medium size). Full details »
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database academis assignment
I need help with my simple database assignment. DBMS Full details »
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SQL, Normalization, Queries work Repost
Hello Need small SQL based project done quickly and it is repost Please check the details from link below [url removed, login to view] If you can get it done in 2 days then apply asap Thanks Full details »
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The scope of this project is to deploy a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise farm on our Test environment. The deployment must be done scripted via SMA (runbooks) so it can be reused. The farm must be in a multi-tenant configuration environment. Also there must be described what services of SharePoint 2013 must be monitored to see the up time and performance of SharePoint. Full details »
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1. Make sure you have Mysql Workbench 2. Make sure you have Visio to see the ERD diagram 3. Read the files before accepting 4. Database schema and database are given. 5. Test to query to make sure it works before sending the query to me. I would like to create three queries, first example are in the file but it not correct. 1. Room availability based on date. display room that are booked ... Full details »
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Hi. I need a very simple [url removed, login to view] project. It is very simple and I need it in less than 12 hours. just a connection to Database and a few page. I have the template project and I need someone to complete it. Thanks. My Max Budget is 25$. Full details »
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Server admin help to install server agent on Tomcat Server
We are looking for a web server administrator to help correctly install the New Relic server agent on our Tomcat web server. This project will involve Skype screen sharing therefor the person should have a good Skype connection. Full details »
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I am launching a book in April and want to copy what this company did: [url removed, login to view] It contains 2 pages 1) Users enter their email address on splash page and used as an identifier for tracking purposes. 2) The referral mechanics live here. It contains a shareable link to the splash page via email, FaceBook & Twitter share buttons with a click of the mouse. The more friends who ... Full details »
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We want to outsource our website design build business because it costs too much to run in house . This posting is so we can evaluate candidates. Ideal partner will be a single or two techs working together. Full details »
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Database optimization, and consultations
1) one database creates too much load to the disk system, optimization requires 2) consultations on 10 SQL errors in our ERP system Full details »
10 hours ago$30 - 250
Need to send Emails
Hi, I need to send an email to a list of 100k emails, all the emails should be delivered to the inbox only! This is a one time thing, if it works out good i have a much bigger list for a long term purpose. Please add the price you would charge me for sending the 100k email for one time if i find it feasible i'll contact you. Full details »
10 hours ago$10 - 30
Supoort on plesk linux servers
Several maintenance jobs on several Linux servers with Plesk Full details »
10 hours ago$8 - 15
Basic Inventory Management (Amazon SC)
Looking to build a basic inventory management system for our ecommerce backend. Must have experience with Amazon Seller Central. Project should preferably be built on Google's Apps Engine. Otherwise, a popular open source language combination. (eg. PHP/MySql) What is needed is a basic database which will pull my inventory information from Amazon Seller Central on a daily (or hourly) basis. The ... Full details »
10 hours ago$250 - 750
Write some Software
Need Erp software for one of my client only expirence freelancer bid on this proj detail requirement will be given after looking your work you need to show your work for getting this wor form us with out work this project cant award Full details »
10 hours ago$500 - 1500
SAP - consultant level
I have a lot of projects in SAP I'm currently engaged on, I'd like to have some help as I don't have time to finish it all on my own. Please write your SAP knowledge (only consultant level applies), and years and areas of experience as detailed as possible. Your hourly rate, as well as available working hours per week. Full details »
11 hours ago$2 - 6
Software to calculate weight and the respective price of each grocery item.
We are developing an online grocery business. We have a eCommerce website to take the orders from customers. We have physical stores at various locations. The order of customers of a particular location will be redirected to the respective stores, and the customers confirm the order online with a minimum payment. Once the order is received, the store manager weighs the ordered items and calculates ... Full details »
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VPS became slow and now stopped working
Hello All, I bought an VPS server, everything was working fine til day before yesterday but suddenly yesterday my VPS became too slow and today its stopped working. When I am running this command "service named restart" ---> I get "Failed" to restart... I am looking for someone expert in Linux who can sort out this issue and also optimize my VPS so i get the maximum ... Full details »
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Purchase Program
This project was as previously discussed and is for programmer wlnirvana ONLY!! Other bids will be rejected. Thanks for viewing and your interest. Full details »
11 hours ago$30 - 250
I require Network Infrastructure Design for my project need expert developer. I will investigate the reference of your work so bid who has good experience & real life project in Live state. More on project message board. Type the object name as I attached, before your proposal thus I understand you read the full text. Full details »
11 hours ago$100 - 100
System Admin for Dedicated Server
I am currently using a managed hosting for my e-commerce website. I am about to move to dedicated unmanaged server. I need a someone who can help me setup the dedicated server, with below list of things, but not limited to below list. - Intial setup, installation of all softwares / plugins etc. - make sure all security settings are enabled and everything is extra secure. - everything is updated ... Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 250
ASP.Net Project
This project is for Adi. It is all discussed with the expert to do this project. Full details »
13 hours ago$30 - 250
convert MS excel data to oracle select statement
Requirement:Convert the Microsoft excel spreadsheet data into oracle select statements. Rules: 1:Sample data file attached. Last column in the spreadsheet(DATA tab), has a field name SQL. This should have the formula 2: When the sql is executed in oracle database, it should look like below example "select 'a' name,'b' addr from dual union all select 'c' ... Full details »
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