Install OpenERP on DreamHost VPS

$30 - 250 3 years ago

We need to install OpenERP server and OpenERP Web Client on our DreamHost Private Server. 
We have superadmin access (sudo user).

Also need to install "", for portuguese (brazilian) translation AND Magento Integration. 


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Any time I try to import a large CSV file into WordPress I get an 404 error message and it times out. I've adjust I've adjusted memory_limit, max_execution_time and max_input_time but it didn't help. My budget to fix the problem is $15 Full details »
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sftp only user - create script
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Computer Project
I need a personal project done as mentioned in Looking for someone with strong computer skills in Python and Web Scraping for a sensitive project. Project requires someone with a strong background in numerical ability. Full details »
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Fix website bugs/PHP login system
I need 2 simple things fixed: [url removed, login to view] system bug fixes My login system is not sending the user a confirmation email when the account is created, it used to send the user an email i'm not sure how to fix. Also my index page on the my account tab( [url removed, login to view]) I want that to work like the [url removed, login to view] page works [url removed, login ... Full details »
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Email Sender Script
I need an Email Sender Script to run in my linux server and it need to have these options: - Set the smtp and port i want to use (i.e: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]) and sure connect with security if the server needs (yahoo and gmail needs) - Load the logins and passwords of emails accounts (i.e: [url removed, login to view]) - Set the From Name, Subject, Reply To - ... Full details »
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Hi, we are trying to connect an OpenERP to a prestashop. Do you have knowledge in Python? We are using a module but it seems that it doesn't work.. Maybe you could help us on it. Happy bidding :) Thanks Full details »
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Move shared Cpanel to VPS Cpanel Server
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1 month ago$20 - 250
forensic software in python
I need an experienced freelancer to assist my create a software. The software is about forensic software. The software must be written in python. The software aims to design a tool for digitally-based forensic investigations for finding evidence about windows systems deleted user account within a disk image of windows systems by analyzing the image with some reporting capabilities. If a user account ... Full details »
1 month ago$15 - 25
Instagram Like & Comment PHP or Python Script NEW
I need a Python or PHP based script/app that can do several things for me. I have a script now, that that will like photos that i select, while staying within the API rules and guidelines, for specific usernames that I place in a file, which I can provide for reference and/or to build off of, but need to expand it to do more. The script/software needs to be updated to direct API access, not through ... Full details »
1 month ago$10 - 30
Vtiger CRM Customization
Hi, We are looking to customize vTiger CRM for our business [url removed, login to view] current process flow as below: 1. Customer Enquiry - Web, Ref, Direct Board Line Call, Through Architects, Through another customers, Through email marketting, Through direct appointments. 2. Receiving drawings or do site measurement ourself. 3. Site Inspection after receiving the drawings and reconfirm ... Full details »
1 month ago$75000 - 150000
Custom Keyword Research & SEO Competition Analyzer Tool
Hi there, I need a good programmer to quickly develop a software/program for me that does the following: ***BACKGROUND*** I make money online by building websites and monetizing them by selling stuff to people. For example if someone searches for "best baby stroller" then I create a website about baby strollers, review the best ones, and link to [url removed, login to view] with ... Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Configure PPTP VPN Server
Hello Freelancers. Anyone up for a simple task ? I need a PPTP server setup on my VPS server for clients to connect to and server should function as PPTP server with all traffic from clients routed through the server as long as the clients are connected. Server is running Ubuntu [url removed, login to view] Should be easy to setup - looking forward to your bids. Thank you ! Martin ... Full details »
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convert GAMS code into Python
I have a software code that was written in GAMS which needs to be converted into a clean and extensible Python code, using proper design patterns and best coding practice. You will find here attached the Python code and a reference manual for GAMS. Only experienced software programmers to bid for this project. Full details »
1 month ago$150 - 180
In Store Produced information
i need for my store a small program that when one of my customers are scanning the item that i sale, it should give them information on the produced and the customer can email or print it out for their convenience. also should display recommended products that the customer should look for if they buy this produced that they looked up. Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
I need to be able to switch from php5.2 and php5.5.9
Hi Linux masters. I have run into an issue where I have a project that requires a [url removed, login to view] installation. I currently have php5.5.9. I did try phpbrew, but the problem is that [url removed, login to view] is not compatible with Apache 2.4. I need to be able to switch to Apache 2.2 and run this project in php5.2.17. I think I will need two instances of Apache on my system, but not ... Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Simple .net APP
I need a simple [url removed, login to view] CMS to modify a database. Login for user, filter data, edit table Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Magento stuck on install, need fix
I had a full magento install + theme and products working properly until I hired someone to help wrap up the final workings of the theme. In a 4 hour period my website reverted back to the magento install process. I attempted going through the install but it freezes on the database section. I checked phpmyadmin and my original database is still intact. My web root files are all intact. I don't ... Full details »
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Modify/add SMS Verification to the current register page from
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1 month ago$10 - 40
Zurmo CRM Installation
I have a dedicated hostgator server. I want to install zurmo CRM on it. I need somebody how can install it on my server and brief me on how to use it. I also accept suggestions for a different open source CRM. Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Buil wordpress websites
We are the largest marketing company in Romania and we are looking to build more wordpress websites in 6 months. Work will be made based on a contract between our company and you. You will support the costs to legalize and translate you contract ( 30-40 dollars) . Full details »
1 month agon/a
Server Backup, Rescue, Re-Install
Hello all, I have a server that was suspended for flooding. It is running Centova Cast on a CentOS 6 setup. It is with [url removed, login to view] I need someone to log into the server in rescue mode, perform a complete back up of programs and data, reinstall Centos, and put the programs (Centova) and data back on the drive - as a mirror of what is currently there. There is LESS than 100 ... Full details »
1 month ago$10 - 30
Debug a highcharts graph
I have two drill down column graphs which I want to create. The data is already is the database. The challenge I'm having is that I cannot get dynamic x-axis values when I drill down. What I mean by this is that if there is a value added or removed from the database which would have gone into the second or third level of the graph, then it should appear/disappear from the graph. I don't ... Full details »
1 month ago$8 - 15