Install OpenERP on DreamHost VPS

$30 - 250 4 years ago

We need to install OpenERP server and OpenERP Web Client on our DreamHost Private Server. 
We have superadmin access (sudo user).

Also need to install "", for portuguese (brazilian) translation AND Magento Integration. 


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All Datawarehouse Testing projects
I can perform whole End to End validation in Datawarehousing. Very good knowledge in surrogate key, SCD, Facts- Dimensions. I can perform quality testing for any website. If you need me please contact @+91 9922991976 Full details »
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Odoo setup, configure and customisation
Odoo Install and Customisation We are looking for a developer to move our small printing company from Vtiger to Odoo openerp. Aside from doing a fresh install of Odoo on our hosted server there is one customisation and various setups/configurations that are required. You will have CPanel and Ftp access to the server for setup. Description of our business. We are a small wide format ... Full details »
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Write some Software
I need ready to use software for send bulk imessages (apple) through software on my pc. It may be a ready solution. Full details »
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ODOO customization work
Dear all, I'm in need of customization modules of Odoo (OpenERP). My business is basically a shrimp farm and I'm in need of a modules to be able to track consumption of shrimp fodder, consumables ie. medicine, chemical treatment in each pond and on each crop cycle. This module also has to be integrated into odoo accounting module. Full details »
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usb flash memory
I want to develop a usb memory with Rock chip RK2928 and Samsung Flash memory K9DG08U1B. The job is to develop this module as movable disk enable R/W in Windows and iOS same as current usb memories. The output is executable files with all of source files. I attach the schematic of flash memory. OS는 linux [url removed, login to view]으로 해달라. Full details »
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Need help compiling/installing gem on Ubuntu
I have a Rails application where I make use of the gem "fast_trie". This has a dependency on libdatrie. The gem installs fine on my dev machine (osx), but it fails when I try to deploy to our production servers (Running Ubuntu). I believe the problem is that the ruby gem depends on an older version of libdatrie. I need help to figure out how to get it built on my server. Some information ... Full details »
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write function to add metadata and album cover to aiff files.
We need a function to add metadata and album cover to aiff files. This need to be done in a couple of hours. Is very urgent. We already have all the variables we want to write on the php file, we just need a function. this is for write a couple lines of code. Full details »
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Scrapping tool with play/pause option
I want a scraping tool with play/pause option. Full details »
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aiff metadata write and add cover album with command line or php.
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Write a academic report
write a report according to the case study requirements. good vocabulary and research needed. Full details »
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Forex Trade analyzer - To analyse your MT4 trades
Hi, This project called "Forex Trades Analyzer", it will connect any MT4 (Metatrader) account and then grab all account history, statistics and calculation about his performance and store all data in MySQL database or any other database application. So I will give account number, Password and broker server. System will sync with the account every few minutes to update the database ... Full details »
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Programming Assignment
need it in 3 hours properly commented Submission: In this assignment, using sockets and PThreads, you implement a server that calculates the factorial of numbers (n!). When the connection is established between the client and the server, the server sends a “READY” message to the client using the already established connection. The client then sends the number for which it would ... Full details »
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Need the assignment in 3 hours
I need the code written in the next 3 hours and well commented. Submission: In this assignment, using sockets and PThreads, you implement a server that calculates the factorial of numbers (n!). When the connection is established between the client and the server, the server sends a “READY” message to the client using the already established connection. The client then sends the ... Full details »
4 hours ago$250 - 750
Phone Number Scraper/Crawler
I am looking for experienced person who can extract some data (Brand, Price, Mobile Phone Number) from classifieds web site ([url removed, login to view]). I will ask the candidates to check the site before applying (for any protections, limitations etc) and only apply if they can do the task! Full details »
5 hours ago$30 - 250
Plugin XBMC
Seeking an experienced programmer in XBMC, help me edit a pluggin for xbmc. edit channel list and protect access by username and password to force a user subscription system ... (WooCommerce Suscription) please contact me for proposals. thank you Full details »
5 hours ago$450 - 3750
Module for PHPFOX to sort feed.
I am looking for a module for phpfox to add an option to the feed to be able to filter it by either "friends only" or "everything public". This option will allow users to sort an open feed between all public posts and posts that only their friends have posted. The "sort feed" option already in phpfox should also work with this option. This needs to be a module, ... Full details »
5 hours ago$30 - 250
deploy SharePoint internal intranet Full details »
5 hours ago$15 - 25
A2billing CDRs are not showing for Customers
I have A2billing that doesn't show CDRs for the calls has been made . Calls also doesn't sound like going though the trunk . Full details »
5 hours ago$15 - 25
openERP with fashion module
We are fashion trading / retails / company with sample room production and try to use openERP v6. However, the current functions, including the simple fashion module does not meet our requirements. We are looking for more comphensive fashion module to install into openERP v6. Pls describe your functions and features if you already have (since we don't want to invent the wheel). Pls provide ... Full details »
5 hours ago$250 - 750
Strong PHP abd website designer
You must be very good with php debugging and new php page creation Pls note, there is no access to server, you will be working on sample php pages we send to you and some sql tables max budget is $200 and project must be completed in 3 days (weekend included) You will take each task and develop, sending us working php and we will upload to live server and test if all task is working, we ... Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Freepbx CDRs issue
I am getting no echo on my CDRs from Customers .. when Customer call should call details print out on my CDRs which is not happening . Need someone who can assist with this . Thanks Full details »
6 hours ago$15 - 25
Write some Software
Im looking for a coder who can take 3 or 4 python scripts, and combine their tasks into a simple GUI. You are free to make it look as good or as plain as you want. i just want full functionality. Full details »
6 hours ago$10 - 30
Need to make a website live on RackSpace Server.
I have a website which need to migrate to Live server on RackSpace Server. Only those are required who had ever worked on configuration of website on RackSpace Server. Also i need this work to be finished in next 4 hours. All the files and database is ready. Full details »
6 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Server managament
Server managament project please help me big problem Full details »
6 hours ago$250 - 750
configure website + mail server
1-Hosting a Website "Debian" Web Server domain setup Installing Apache Installing PHP Adding DNS Records Setting Reverse DNS 2-Mail Server Components Mail Transfer Agents "Exim" Mail Delivery Agents "Deliver" IMAP and POP3 Servers "Citadel" 3-Building Your Mail Server SSL Certificate Software Installation DNS Records MX Records SPF Records Reverse ... Full details »
6 hours ago$10 - 30
Openerp experts for window platfrom
When i install ebay_connector module in openerp 7 with Window 7 , i get error No Module Named libxml2, So i had put [url removed, login to view] in server folder of openerp, But now [url removed, login to view] module depends upon libxml2mod, i had install [url removed, login to view] in Windows 7 , Now i get error " File "C:Program Files (x86)OpenERP 7.0server.[url removed, login ... Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
SIP to Viber gateway
Hello, We need to develop a SIP to Viber gateway. The gateway should be able to pass voice calls incoming over SIP and forward them through Viber to complete the call to the called party number. The development platform/operating system is not important. The project should be completed either by using the Linux/Windows Viber executables, or by using the Android /Symbian/ Windows Phone mobile versions ... Full details »
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job portal site
Hello, we are looking for job site portal . please bid only if you have done this. and in proposal please much mention these about module like Admin with the details feature list . employer with the details feature list . job seeker with the details feature list . add more module and feature that you have as many as big list .. you can share this in google sheet or excel sheet ... Full details »
8 hours agon/a
ffmpeg and mencoder
I am looking for someone to get the video uploading portion of phpfox working on debian server running with phpfox 3.7.2 Full details »
10 hours ago$10 - 30
Building a Custom YouTube Site on Python
I want to set up a custom YouTube site using python on my server. I need somebody to set up the basics of the project and deployment procedures. Onboarding additional people needs to be easy and the entire process needs to be documented of what was done and how. TODO: + Set up wsgi + pyenv/venv + django or flask + MySQL + integrate with GitLab or Github. + Set up deployment procedures ... Full details »
10 hours agon/a
Database Systems Questions
I have some questions (attached) that I would like answered by tomorrow 12/18/14, deadline 5 PM EST. The answers should be thorough enough that it can be understood. The questions are on the attached file. If any questions please ask me. Thank you. Full details »
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Shell Script for Recording from IP Camera
Shell Script to make Raspberry Pi 24x7 IP Camera Recorder Requirement: 1. Create script which will record audio+video streams from multiple IP camera's in mp4 format. 2. The URL along with credentials and name of IP camera must be configurable. 3. The shell script must automatically run on boot. 4. IP Camera's configured must be polled continuously for availability. 5. Log all info ... Full details »
11 hours ago$10 - 30
Price Negotiable Similar to SMS flood, except for the fact that it shall be done VIA phone calls....Also must be able to change phone number incase number gets blocked...More details will be given to serious candidates. Full details »
11 hours ago$750 - 1500
Setup Mail Server
need someone to help me setup a private mail server i need someone with in depth knowledge with transport rules for the respective mail server and configuring virtual hosts etc for multiple domain hosting and catchall features and also a possible web mail interfac Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 250
transfer web to snother hosting
Hello I need to transfer a PHP site to another hosting. I have upload all the web and import the Mysql DDBB. You only need to connect the DDBB changing base path, DDBB nane and password. Piece of cake. The hosting is OVH, script PHP and Mysql DDBB. Thanks Full details »
14 hours ago$10 - 30
Drupal to django migration
Please find the attachment and let me know what details you want to start this project? Full details »
14 hours ago$50 - 100
Write some Software
I need na PL-SQL expert to correct and fix my small query in PL-SQL. Very urgent! Full details »
14 hours ago$10 - 30
Recover InnoDB Tables (mysql) - open to bidding
I have restarted my database, and all of the innoDB tables were disappeared. A few days ago I have deleted these files: ibdata1, ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1, Maybe that's why it happened. Is it possible to recover those tables? Full details »
14 hours agon/a
Staff Digital Signout Board & Truck Calendar
I’m looking for someone to help develop a web front end for an existing SQL database. The system will be used to sign staff in and out of the office, help with scheduling of trucks in a calendar type of interface and be capable of generating a report of days trucks were used. Also on the signout interface is a date and time of return. If the worker is signed out and the expected return time ... Full details »
14 hours ago$1500 - 3000
Need someone to set up a self-managed virtual private server.
We will soon be acquiring a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for a custom project and will require the VPS to be set up with Apache, MySQL, FTP, etc. and will need it to be fully functional. Full details »
14 hours ago$30 - 250
Automation platform for various server roles
Hello - I'm looking for someone to setup Ansible roles for automated deployment of Linux servers for various roles. These include LMAP servers, MySQL servers, NoSQL servers, Mail servers, Galera, and other technologies. Once the servers are deployed we also need automation scripts written to allow for common tasks performed on the servers to be done via a centralized script so that 3rd party automation ... Full details »
15 hours ago$15 - 25
Raspberry Pi Camera Motion Control System
Using a Raspberry Pi, i want to make a motion control system for timelapse and video photography. It will be controlled by a touchscreen. A similar program which can be used as a base is this one: [url removed, login to view] The program will provide outputs for a stepper motor driver and a simple on/off output for the camera. The user will input certain parameters like time, distance, number ... Full details »
16 hours ago$250 - 750
need a tool/software made
0 Freelancers viewing right now 901 TOTAL views Project Description: I need a tool made to help people that forgot there icloud information and have been locked out of there iphones there are paid services out there so i know this can be done some of the paid services just require the IMEI number. i dont care if its imei based or if i actually need the phone in hand. please do not bid if ... Full details »
16 hours ago$250 - 750
Data Scraping / Extraction
I require a program that will automatically extract data from a website. - The website requires a postal code (I have a list of postal codes) and will return address fields, but only 5 at a time. One is required to click "more" in oder to see further address fields. The program needs to support this. - The website exits in different in different language flavours, that seem to work all ... Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 250
server help to cpanel and virtual server
i need very skilled server guy helping our hosting problem Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 30
Setup 1 VPS outgoing SMTP servers behind a SMTP outgoing load balancer using postfix
We have a joomla website that needs to send about 3 millions newsletters per month (about 100000 users) using 10 postfix SMTP servers behind a SMTP outgoing load balancer server for one domain. All emails will be sent from one address: noreply(at)ourdomain(dot)com. Currently, we have the 11 VPS servers as follow: 1 VPS for loadbalancer: 2 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 48GB storage. 10 VPSs for SMTP: 1 ... Full details »
17 hours ago$50 - 530
Laravel & PHP Webmaster
We are developing a new social network geared toward a specific niche. We have purchased a working PHP script built on Laravel and need it heavily modified. In addition to the modification, we will need it to work with nginx instead of Apache (which means a knowledge of converting rewrites.) This is a longterm project, likely to lead to permanent placement with us. I cannot stress enough that when ... Full details »
18 hours ago$2 - 8
Restoring InnoDB Tables (mysql)
I have restarted my database, and all of the innoDB tables were disappeared. A few days ago I have deleted these files: ibdata1, ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1, Maybe that's why it happened. Please bid only if you are a professional server administrator! Full details »
19 hours agon/a
Contact for a web project development.
I can build a we project at reasonable rate. 4th year Btech students can contact. Full documentation will be provided. Full details »
19 hours ago$1500 - 12500