JQuery, ASP.NET Expert (Popup window)

$30 - 250 3 years ago
I want a proof-of-concept sample on how to the the following using ASP.NET (C#) and JQuery. It have to work the same way as uservoice.com have implemented it. (See how popups are working under Settings -> Helpdesk)
 So they have a main page and a popup
 Here there is a link which opens the popup:

 <a title="Email addresses" data-dialog="{ "url": "/admin/email_aliases/edit_all.dialog"}" href="#">Edit</a>
 When clicked it opens a pop-up window using parameters in data-dialog (so it load the url). Size of popup window should self-adjust but
 also be possible to configure using data-dialog parameters.
 Popup (edit_all.dialog)
  In this sample it should just be a form with a single textbox input and "Save" (button) and Cancel (link)
 In this sample when you press "Save" the data entered should 1) appear on Main.aspx without a full postback and 2) send to C#. Cancel should
 simply close window. This is might done using http://api.jquery.com/load/ but I'm not sure.
 If you are good I have more work to be done.		

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Screen mirroring for winodws 8.1 tablet
I am looking to implement an app which would connect to a wifi dongle (which is connected to TV) and then use my windows tablet to mirror the tablet output onto TV. Someone who has done this before or something. If interested please respond or contact at Full details »
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