JQuery, ASP.NET Expert (Popup window)

$30 - 250 2 years ago
I want a proof-of-concept sample on how to the the following using ASP.NET (C#) and JQuery. It have to work the same way as uservoice.com have implemented it. (See how popups are working under Settings -> Helpdesk)
 So they have a main page and a popup
 Here there is a link which opens the popup:

 <a title="Email addresses" data-dialog="{ "url": "/admin/email_aliases/edit_all.dialog"}" href="#">Edit</a>
 When clicked it opens a pop-up window using parameters in data-dialog (so it load the url). Size of popup window should self-adjust but
 also be possible to configure using data-dialog parameters.
 Popup (edit_all.dialog)
  In this sample it should just be a form with a single textbox input and "Save" (button) and Cancel (link)
 In this sample when you press "Save" the data entered should 1) appear on Main.aspx without a full postback and 2) send to C#. Cancel should
 simply close window. This is might done using http://api.jquery.com/load/ but I'm not sure.
 If you are good I have more work to be done.		

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