Joomla Anti-hacker Expert

I need a well reviewed (no reviews don't bid) Joomla anti-hacking and website security expert. One of my clients websites (go there to see currently what the p#ssy hackers did to it) to a 65 year old lady who's fighting breast cancer's website. Imagine your grandma being kicked on the ground by strangers that is what has happened to this little old ladies website basically. 

Seriously if I could find these gutless losers I would rip there testicles off with a pliers, that's only for starters! :D

What the site should look like exactly is at this is the mirror site I had set up on my hosting acct on a different domain name when we launched her website on Dec. 1st, 2009

****Note: ONLY U.S, Canada, UK, Europe, Russia, Australia, China, and Japan freelancers will be chosen. If you're from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan or any other Indian countries please DON'T Bid I won't look at your bids period. 

I'm also bidding this project on multiple freelance sites and will get literally several dozen bids, so the more insight you can tell me about my exact problems on your bid will help you greatly to be chosen.

Hosting is thru and we can get the site back up, but only from the date they hacked the site 4/22 and after we get it up even after creating two NEW 13 character passwords for both Joomla and Bluehost the jerk off hackers still bring the site down in 4-12 hours every time. So I've kept the site down on purpose so whoever I hire can see and all the code is on

With Bluehost techs we've narrowed it down to its 99% sure Joomla issue and how hackers are getting in. They ARE not getting in thru the cpanel or FTP thank God we've tested that. The new 13 character passwords also have numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters so can't make those any harder on Joomla and hosting acct.

This is URGENT project and needs to get done in next 24-48 hours!

Three part project...

1. Since I'm going to be redesigning this client's website border design and then doing 11-12 extensive programming hacks/plug-ins with features I need with a project I'm about to bid out to a programmer. I can't do this until I know 100% for sure that anything we do on the site will be backed up automatically that day and hackers can't get in. Right now like I said everything I did to the site after 4/22 is lost at least that's what Bluehost stated.

I'm running a Joomla platform from I think Nov/2009 from last year and I need all the current security updates and upgrades Joomla recommends done to the site. Along with anything you can think of to make this client's site damn near impossible to hack again. 

Here's the small issue I have hacked the hell out of the Joomla platform with programmers and since I'm not a programmer I don't know if there just hacks/plug-in or actual code changes. I was told that can be tricky when updating Joomla stuff if it's actual coding changes. All the hacks/plugins/features I wanted and had done are all SEO/Marketing related, nothing major done.

By looking at the code at I'm hoping you will know what the problems are. I can't lose any of the hundreds of hours of time I have put into these custom upgrades. 

This Joomla platform is a template, meaning EVERYTHING on this site is going to be used on EVERY website I build for myself and clients on the backside not the design stuff. So please be aware this is not a one off type situation. So I will need whatever you do to this site, mobile/transferable to the two other websites I'm currently about to build as well after we get this taken care of. Make sense?

2. Once we know 100% the security is air tight on and there is no way we can transfer that virus/bug or whatever the hell it is I need website/code/Joomla copied to The current version on that site is about 2 months old.

3. has a great system where once you install there software on my hosting account it will automatically every 24 hours back up all the files/folders on my clients website to their 3rd party servers. I don't trust my hosting company nor should I, Bluehost techs told me as much. 

So it's only $   7.45 per month to have this system. So I will need you to set this up after the first two things are done. If you know of a better or cheaper method that is 100% automatically run I'm all ears and let me know. But none of my clients nor I deal with that stuff, so I need a reliable automated website backup system.

Since this is not a design project or have exact end dates payment is tricky. Since you could say you fixed the security, but a day after I pay you site could go down again and there is no way I can really verify what freelancers are good and those that are not. Besides reviews. 

So payment will be $   50 when project is done, and other $   25 in 14 days once we know the site is not vulnerable to attacks and doesn't go down that entire time. I will escrow that $   25 as well before project is done. I think that fair and protects my client.

I'm also looking for a LONG TERM Joomla security expert, to make sure every website I create doesn't fall into this nightmare hacker crap again. 

You MUST have Skype and be able to TALK (not just chat) on the phone. Need your email address as well. I'm going to want to talk by phone thru this entire process.

You will help your cause GREATLY if you tell me why this probably happened and where the hackers are getting in at. At least then I know you're serious about this project, a long term relationship and know somewhat what you're talking about.


P.S. Bid is going live about 2:30am CST and I will be up till 5am so feel free to email me.		

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