K-Search monetized search engine clone

€250 - 750 5 years ago
I'm looking for developer who is good to clone this script http://turn-k.net/k-search/demo

But some changes with the script, add a full automated content manager and replace clixshare with admarketplace (affiliate ID)

For more question PM me

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fe2512f2ce74c5b64d3eb061766f76c0 20141124171741
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Build a Website
i would like to build my company website which consist of 15 pages. Full details »
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Design a Banner/Masthead for a Book renting website
Need 5 images/creatives for masthead for a website. 5 creatives will be in the form of independent images. This is for a start-up. So, compensation will be low, but if the work is good, we will be looking to work long-term. Those who are looking for a big payday, please don't bother. Hoping to see people with good work. Full details »
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Build a Website
i would like to build my company website which consist of 15 pages. Full details »
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Search Query and Results For Wordpress
Note: I am using a woocommerce build of Wordpress. Experience with woocommerce is highly preferred. Using the Search bar Query: +Search Google Books API (client-side using jquery/ajax) (search parameters given to developer) -Foreach result, search database my for item (by ISBN #) -if no record, INSERT into database -MUST FOLLOW current database structure -Download image from image database ... Full details »
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Modify WP theme for Mobile Responsiveness
Need work on current WP theme to adjust a few things that don't display very well on mobile. Work should be primarily with css media queries. Includes minor adjustments to banner area as well as positioning of some homepage elements. Full details »
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Video Tutorials for Web Development
I need a professional web developer that has amazing English Accent to prepare video tutorials for me. Full details »
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i need to built mobile version for magneto rtl
i need to built mobile version for magneto rtl.. I want its will see my site good in all tablet and phone.. I have mobile version but its not looking good now.. my site its : [url removed, login to view] its very easy work... Full details »
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fe2512f2ce74c5b64d3eb061766f76c0 20141124165548
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wallet with administration user login
1. Admin panel [url removed, login to view] management [url removed, login to view] amount update with remarks [url removed, login to view] notification 2. user panel [url removed, login to view] balance [url removed, login to view] balance with remarks fild [url removed, login to view] email Full details »
46 minutes ago$600 - 1500
Build an Online Store
Most importantly I need SEO for our existing stores with keywords. Once that is completed would like to build a simple online store starting with about 20 products. Full details »
47 minutes ago$30 - 250
We Need software extract email on Facebook,twitter and other social media site
I need a software program that will extract targeted email addresses from social media sites. The software should be able to search by keyword and find email addresses that the users profile matches the keyword. Full details »
48 minutes ago$30 - 250
Create a Wordpress Template
Freelancer required to make a copy of [url removed, login to view] - must use wordpress divi theme which will be provided on our hosting. UK or other perfect English speaking Bidder preferred. Wordpress / Divi experience essential. Full details »
52 minutes ago$20 - 250
Single webpage needed, skills required: PHP, HTML, CSS and JS
I have a very simple project. I will provide a working php script that queries a database. All you need to do is take the results, iterate through the data, and display the results on a web page in a table. There are less than 5 fields to display. I will provide the php file. If you do a good job, I have other work to send your way. Thanks! Full details »
53 minutes ago$15 - 25
Dailymotion account creator
I need a simple software which can make dailymotion accounts Full details »
53 minutes ago$30 - 250
I need a developer to modify a php script I purchased
I will speak in details with the freelancers I choose in private. However, for a broad idea here is what it would be like: - modify the front page to make it look totally different. - Add security like a "retype password" field. - Require an account confirmation link click in the welcome email. - remove certain features on the site. - we have different user types already implemented ... Full details »
55 minutes ago$80 - 145
vBulletin Customization and Setup
I have a vbulletin message board that is installed, but I need assistance to set it up. I have 4 .sql files that are backups and I need to have imported to it. IMPORTANT - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WITH VBULLETIN SOFTWARE, DO NOT PLACE A BID. You must be able to show proof of your past work. I estimate less than 30 minutes of work. Full details »
56 minutes ago$10 - 30
Fix some issues and some work in cakephp
I need to make some fix for PHP cakephp please bid only experienced PHP programmers Cakephp Full details »
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Interactive Web-Based Custom Design
Allow a Customer to type text in a text box or select an item from a drop down and have that text show up on a template with pre-determined editable locations. The User should also be able to change the text look and feel for things such as text font, text color, as well as upload their own images and re-size them in that template. Full details »
59 minutes ago$750 - 1500
i need a website designer that also is proficient with 3d animation to rebuild my website
I want a custom website done with 3d animation and lights sound the whole thing. Full details »
60 minutes ago$250 - 750
Build Responsive Page in Drupal & connect to CMS
This is a 2hr test project to gage which vendor can do this correctly. Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
comvert site to CMS site
I need to convert [url removed, login to view] to a CMS site. It is now a html site. Need to turn it into a CMS site for easy management with user registration. Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250