MAGENTO shop based on my design - looking for skilled, fast and effecient workers

€250 - 750 4 years ago

My previous developer has proven himself not to be effecient and good enough to solve this task.
I have waited for a month for some results without nothing and now i have to get it done very fast, because client expects it done within a week or 2.

Screenshots is attached - so you should be able to see the most from them.

Here is the keywords:
1) You dont have to fill in content. Only Categories and subcategories for the left menu and dummy content

2) Many of the functions is working via mouseover - for instance the basket is mouseover + topmenus icons above the content. I will send you screenshots on how that should look like. (It would be nice if you know how to make java-scriptmenus, so they can animate in and out)

3) It will be a great advantage if you know how to work with the danish payment gateway PBS, because that is the way the transaction is going to work. (Not Paypal, Moneybookers or any other gateway.)

Show me you previous work with Magento and proove yourself to be the best in building fast and effecient solutions for Magento.

Looking forward to hear from you

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