Move Oscommerce Web Site To New Server - Usa

Please only respond to this job posting if you are a U.S.A. based company that is accessible by phone.

Our web site is

The basic objective is to move our web site to a new Server and retain all the current functionality.

Our current server is hosted at our location on a Unix Server which is too slow and just requires too much maintenance. That is why we need to move our web site to a hostgator or godaddy server. Let me know if you need further details.

Our web site is an OSCommerce web site (osCommerce 2.2-MS2). 

We will need you to ensure that everything continues functioning on our web site after the move.

You will be responsible for moving everything over in a test environment, testing it to make sure everything works, and then make the new server live and retire the old server. 

If you have question, please let me know.		

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i design to you a beautiful Website in any field you want ...
i design to you a beautiful Website in any field you want ..... I promise you professionalism at work Full details »
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Making a wordpress template for air lease corp
Hi, I need some helping hands to make a simple WP theme which much like [url removed, login to view] You just copy the theme over, keep all styles and images as it displayed. You can skip any functionality, that is not required. (I am just too busy to do the tiny job). Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Fix Software Errors
I have created a indicator on MT4 and I need someone to fix the errors on it. Look at the documents attached and see if you can correct them. Must work before you get paid. I will not pay for something that doesnt work!!!!! Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Wordpress improvements / billing and profile fields
Hello fellow freelancers, I need someone who is able to work right away for the project I have. Website is WordPress based and has some basic elements (full website) for booking system which needs improvements for calculations. Besides that we need to create a better profile page and we are using user pro plugin. More information will be negotiated. Full details »
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Write PHP script for redirect to MYSQL database entry based on IP address geolocation
I need a PHP script that takes the last world of an URL (e.g., "France" in [url removed, login to view]) and: - identifies the location of the site visitor based on his IP address. - looks up the keyword at the end of the URL and reads from a MySQL database the target URL for that keyword and country - Redirects the visitor to the target URL that has been read from the database. - If ... Full details »
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Hi. I need some to develop a very basic website. With 4 functional pages only, but on a very basic level. The site will be comprise of Home page with a drop-down navigation menu, from the main page you should be able to access Blog page, and 2 more pages. You will just need to create structure of the site, I will add the text etc. You need to use HTML 5 and CSS Java Script. A 2 hrs job max. Full details »
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Lag en nettside
Part 1: We are a very small Norwegian company that need to make/set up a home page. We are going to import led downlights of a very high quality. We need a easy to handle, but profesional looking home page for our new firm. Wish to use the colour black. Part 2: We need to design a flyer. This flyer is going to be sent around to potensial buyers in our market by e- mail. It needs to be a one- pages ... Full details »
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Build a CS:GO Steam Skin selling website
I want to make a site in which the user can become a verified Counter Strike:Global Offensive skin seller and post there skins for sale for real money. You must know how to use the Steam API and PayPal API Read the description of this site for more information on what I'm talking about: [url removed, login to view] Full details »
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My Design is not Uploading Internet How to create transection online in website Full details »
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Admin page for website
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Build a Website
Hi. I need some to develop a very basic website. With 4 functional pages only, but on a very basic level. The site will be comprise of Home page with a drop-down navigation menu, from the main page you should be able to access Blog page, and 2 more pages. You will just need to create structure of the site, I will add the text etc. You need to use HTML 5 and CSS Java Script. A 2 hrs job max. Full details »
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Automated Software
Need a bot software to login using data in txt files. Full details »
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Need software extract email on Facebook,twitter and other social media site
I need a software program that will extract targeted email addresses from social media sites. The software should be able to search by keyword and find email addresses that the users profile matches the keyword. Full details »
2 hours ago$8 - 15