Nutrizza Retail Store

$1500 - 3000 3 years ago
Looking for a consultant with a considerable experience in retail management for a specialty food and departmental store. Services required:-

1. Business planing.
2. Research.
3. Supplier sourcing.
4. Recruitment.
5. Project execution assistance

The location is Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and we are looking for consultants who can provide end to end consultancy with their expertise.		

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32 minutes ago$750 - 1500
I need Agents for Appointment Setting -- 2
Appointment Setters needed to start work ASAP. Work from your home setting appointments for a new, exclusive, on demand service in New York and major cities across the country. You will be paid for each appointment that you are able to set and opportunities for increased wages and long-term employment are available for top performers. Full details »
58 minutes ago$2 - 8
Thrift store start up mentor
im in need of assistance with starting my own thrift store! I would like someone who knows about business start ups for example the legal fillings required, financing,business plans, advertising, business taxes/write offs,website building!! I need some guidance Please help! Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Partnership is required in US company - Will not pay a cent
We want to open an office of our company in the US We want a partnership with the American person or has US citizenship in exchange for a percentage of the company's profits The company is working on the export of products from America You will not pay any expenses we will do everything - we will only hold a formal partnership if you are interest , let us to know Full details »
7 hours ago$10 - 30
Write a Business Plan
case study >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Full details »
9 hours ago$32 - 99
Write a Business Plan
I need a qualified business planner to draft a plan for [url removed, login to view] detail will be provided in private Full details »
12 hours ago$10 - 30
Write a Business Plan- Powerpoint presentation_Just 1 hour_ USD 10
I need a powerpoint presentation.. all contents are ready.. just need someone to design it in a well manner Full details »
13 hours ago$100 - 400
Format a Business Plan and Create a Investor Presentation Deck
I have the business plan drafted, all content in a 35 page powerpoint and financials complete. It needs to be put into a proper business plan format, which i will provide. Then i need a 10 page investor deck created from the business plan, template i will provide. Full details »
18 hours ago$250 - 750
Scrivere un Piano d'Affari for a new company
This is a start up company based in Italy regarding a job post field, I will explain that directly to each one. Thanks Full details »
20 hours ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
Now, depending on your specific requirements, loan amount in the range of 100- 1500 became [url removed, login to view] amount must then be repaid over a period of 14-30 days.   After immediate collateral free approval and that too for a short term period, lenders have a propensity to charge high interest rates on these loans. But then, with proper credit market research using the online mode of ... Full details »
20 hours ago$30 - 250
Sales Manager of / web software - open to bidding
Restaurant Solution Inc. is an international provider of IT products and solutions for restaurants. Beautifully designed Website, money-generating APP and Online ordering system in one place for one low monthly price. Restaurant Solution creates one-of-a-kind all integrated web technology for restaurant business. Responsibilities: - Attend the appointed meetings with the restaurants - Give a presentation ... Full details »
22 hours ago$30 - 250
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23 hours ago$10 - 80
Write a Business Plan for Content Writing
I need someone to write an attention grabbing, not too long but still noticeable business plan for my content writing business and SEO plan for internet marketing business. Full details »
23 hours ago$10 - 30
Do you need personal loan? Does your firm,company or industry need financial assistance? Do you need finance to start your business? Do you need finance to expand your business? We give out loan to interested inviduals who are seeking loan with good faith. Are you seriously in need of an urgent loan contac us at Email: APPLICATION DETAILS Your Full Details: Full Name: Loan Amount Need: Loan Duration: Phone ... Full details »
1 day agon/a
I need people in Poland Asap for my business.
Hello I need people in Poland to help my business. Please contact me if you live Poland. I will hire you immediately if you're right person for my business. thanks Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Write a Business Plan
I'm from United Kingdom and wish to invest in your country in Land/Building and Hotels but I need a reliable person that can come in as a working partner while I finance the investment. I need a perfect gentleman/lady and God fearing person to make the above a success and you can partner to supervise and manage my investment in your country on my behalf. Full details »
1 day ago$1000000 - 5000000
Sell propolis tincture via etsy - open to bidding
You need to sell minimum 5 propolis tincture via my etsy , You will get 5$ per sale, so if you sell min 5propolis you will get 25$ Link to product: [url removed, login to view] Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 30
I will create a whiteboard animation video for you
I will make an amazing eye catching whiteboard animation video for you (lower price guaranteed) for promoting your business and for any other reason Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
Original Writing Project with 6000 Words- Deadline in 3-4 Days
Hi I need a VERY GOOD Writing Expert to complete around 6000 words writing project and it has to be all original work without any copy paste from internet. Also, I need to follow a outline plan for doing it. Please check the complete details from the link below [url removed, login to view] The deadline is in 3-4 days. Thanks Full details »
2 days ago$1500 - 12500
Write a Business Plan
I have a Business summary and set of financials and various other content i need converting into a fully professional business plan that is investor ready. Experience only please. Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
Write a Business Plan
everything is included in the attachment paper Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Help with Recruitment
we have a contract to find jobs for a group a persons. we are seeking the services of a business development manager and /or an HR person to help us send proposals to companies and also train the personnels Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
Write a Business Plan "Mini-Marketing Plan Analysis"
everything is in the attachment paper, 65$ is the budget. Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Company Profile
I need to do company profile for my business Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing - 2000 words Right Now Start
Hi All, I'v one 2000 words report looking for someone who can start rigth now.. Iv'e all the documents with me and i'll share wtih you.. Please apply if you are an experienced and qualified busienss l Management and HR Report Writer.. No copy paste No Plagiarism No Grammar Mistakes No Poor structure Only A++ job.. Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
Need Clients..... Get Paid $250 Per Client.....
I work with a loan brokerage. I need someone who have access to a network of startups that they can offer their services to. They have access to over 100 million in investments for small business with great idea. They offer a 3 steps program for Startups and Small businesses. 1) Consulting 2) Custom Business Plan writing specifically for investors 3) Financing Prices for the business ... Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
Business Partner Needed from US,UK
Hi i have a website fully developed we have to launch the website soon so need the partner from US and UK Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
Write a Business Plan
I need a business plan for a start up vehicle dealership company. More details can be given to the selected freelancer. Thank you. Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Написание The business plan
Hi Freelancers, I have designed a protein shake with a curve bottom for easy-cleaning. I am clueless when it comes to business planning and therefore need someone who is competent enough of writing up a business plan for this product. The business plan should have the following aspects, o Executive summary o Environmental factor particularly sustainability related issues o Business structure ... Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
Design me a Product
Project Description: I am looking for an electronic engineer to design and manufacturer a metal detector that will surpass the ones on the market anyone intrested please contact me .thanks..................................pete Skills required: Manufacturing, Product Design electronic circuitry Full details »
2 days agon/a
Nautilus Adventures
we offer a shore excursion in St Thomas. A semi submersible brings up to 47 tourists out to the ocean to view through large underwater windows the coral reefs. Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
USA GSA Schedule 70
Our corporation is interested to apply for GSA Schedule 70 ([url removed, login to view]). If you have prior experience submitting a corporate application for GSA, please bid on this project. Payments for this project will be made in milestones and will be kept open until we are approved as GSA vendor. Full details »
2 days ago$1500 - 3000
Opening an account in the company peerfly or affiliaxe
Opening an account in the company peerfly or affiliaxe Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Write a Business Plan For Real Estate Job Outsourcing Website
We are a startup company looking to write a business plan for the website we plan to launch in 2015. We are looking for an assistant who has experience in writing business plans for startup websites. Our website will be focused on Real Estate Job Outsourcing/Freelancing. Having a background in this industry will be a huge benefit and there will be a strong preference with someone with experience ... Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
hair sourcing
Starting a new hair company and looking to find a supplier of human Cambodia hair. supplier must be located in cambodia not interested in suppliers from china i need the real hair. looking to buy in kg Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
NEED IN MAX 2DAYS ASSIGNMENT 1 (2,000 words) Select a small firm ‘START UP’ of your choice in the business to business or business to consumer sectors’ and present it as a case study in written report format in the form of an outline business plan for the next five years. Cover the nature of the business start-up, the objectives for the next five years, capital requirements (investment and ... Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 80
Find me a Supplier of branded flat pack pop box jewellery gift box
I need a supplier of these: [url removed, login to view] I need bulk orders of around 2000 per order, and I need the price to be below $[url removed, login to view] each Please get in touch if you can find me an existing supplier of genuine Pandora items I will pay you $400 after the first order is completed Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
Write a Business Plan
I to defend my numbers based on a business plan i have written. I need professional advice too based on what i have written Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Find me a Supplier
Outshine Aluminium Company Limited was established in 2004 and although we are still a relatively young company we have over 6years worth of combined experience in the Aluminium and PVC trades. We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of architectural Aluminium and PVC products such as Sliding Door, Double Swing Doors, Hinge Doors, Sliding Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Office Desks, ... Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
BTEC LEVEL 3 BUSINESS, relationship marketing and project management
hello, basically I would like someone to do the task 1 on the attachment document provided that explains clearly on what to do. The task is simple and it requies you to read the scenario first. As you can see it says a company, so you will have to pick a company for me and do it on that for example TESCO. and later in that task it talks about Lifestyle center which is described in the scenario so ... Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 20
Conduct a project feasibility study
I need someone who can conduct a feasibility study for a property development project in Queensland, Australia. I have a option on each of the properties I will provide to you and I will need local area analysis and research. That means I need you to contact Local Council and find out what I can build on the site and from there conduct a feasibility study. Cost analysis Market assessment Results I ... Full details »
3 days ago$15 - 25
Ecig market research and supplier research (Australian Market)
Research ecig suppliers to find excellent drop shipper to Australia with good range and pricing, also that allow own branding. Suppliers can be from outside Australia and include China. Internet research the demographics of people that choose to vaper and why. Can be specific to the Australian market. Create a range of starter kits based on suppliers range that appeal to different demographics. ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Looking to manufacture small leather goods (preferably hand made)
I am looking to create a shop that sells leather goods such as wallets, pouches, and cases. I would like to be able to have my sketches of the product concepts be made into actual products. Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
Find me a Supplier
Hi, I need someone who can speak korean to help source for female fashion apparels. I will provide the supplier's site to work with. Candidate can email them to enquire about wholesale and to help link up both myself and them. I will provide the exact questions to check with them and guide accordingly. Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Find me a buyer for a ship to be sold for scrap
Find me a buyer for a ship to be sold for scrap I will provide the details in the message , I will provide a wealthy commission , after the sale , to whoever puts me in contact with the buyer. *Indian&Chinese buyers are heavily looking for scrap . It is about 14000 tons of steel and still has the engines inside all to be sold for scrap I will provide a picture to a serious freelancer. Full details »
3 days ago$1500 - 3000
Urgently Hiring 50-100 Writers from the United States Only
We are a company in search of quality individuals to help out with tasks such as writing. Sign up at [url removed, login to view] if interested and from the USA. Among the many tasks available, you may choose to write: - short stories - movie scripts - sales scripts - articles - news feeds - PR websites - blog posts - …. and more Job Duties Include: - Draft and create consumer content for ... Full details »
3 days ago$750 - 1500
Tech Support Person Needed (Part-Time)
We are a mid-sized medical transcription company that uses its own proprietary software platform for audio file and document management. We require a part-time technical support person to assist clients with issues related to all aspects of our service, including dictating audio, using the job tracking functionality of our software platform, and retrieving completed jobs. Complete training will be ... Full details »
4 days ago$2 - 10
Write a Business Plan
I need a franchise proposal for a big clothing company. Full details »
4 days ago$30 - 250
Write a Business Plan
I would like a market research & financial model for a noise reduction panel manufacturing company. The company intends to sell the noise reduction panels to factories and other industries where there is heavy noise pollution. Full details »
4 days ago$30 - 250
Need a business plan
Need a business plan for one of my clients so whoever have the relevant skills kindly send your proposal. I will be having discussion with you all soon with further details regarding the plan. Thanks! Full details »
4 days ago$15 - 25