Oracle database on your own conception and design

$30 - 250 2 years ago
Task 2: Project (25%) Demo (5%)
Due Date: 12 March 2012
a.                   On your own given Oracle account, develop a small Oracle database on your own conception and design, containing 4 or 5 related tables populated with a small amount of test data. Provide a copy of the SQL script in notepad that is executable.                                                                (5%)
b.                  With the table created, develop a web client-side interface accessing the tables. Configure your website with appropriate connectivity software to Oracle DBMS (e.g. ODBC). With Oracle PL/SQL, you may design your own application function. Show video/music to the webpage by storing the Large Object in the oracle. (Each application coding should be keep in *.txt file/notepad that able to be executed).  add a trigger to system                                       (20%)
Create a simple manual to your product. During the 1 week before the assignment due date, you will be required to demonstrate the application interfaces.		

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I am going to need a Senior C# developer that is also familiar with classic ASP/vbscript. We will be reskinning a site (phase 1) that includes Classic ASP pages and [url removed, login to view] c# web forms as well. Phase 2 will be a re-architecting phase where we will be replacing the classic ASP pages with enhanced [url removed, login to view] MVC pages. I use some 3rd party server components ... Full details »
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Hi, website name is [url removed, login to view] and what I need is a modification into the system script which will allow me to rename the domain of all the permalinks all the links to the products from the website automatically to [url removed, login to view] but only when checking out the cart and payment processor, I want it to change link of the referral to another host pointed on the same IP ... Full details »
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Write some Software
Hardcore python revolving around data transfer. This needs to be explained over the phone... Non disclosure stuff involved. If you know you rock, you may love this. Full details »
5 hours ago$3000 - 5000
PHP Web Services for a Social Media Application
Beauty Contest 1.      User login ·        User login with facebook or twitter. 1.1 User can register only with facebook or twitter. ·         if user has an account, he will sign in. 5.     News Feed screen. ·          On News Feed screen, there are 3 layers located on top of the screen. These layers contain daily, weekly and montly items in descent order. · ... Full details »
5 hours ago$30 - 250
BattleCode Modfication
Adapt the battle code to a browser based game to include hidden modifiers in the combat code. Full details »
6 hours ago$50 - 120
Fix WORDPRESS website
I'm looking for someone who can fix my WORDPRESS website It looks like cookies is not enabled in the website file and I would like to have it enabled I need someone who can fix it NOW Full details »
6 hours ago$2 - 15
Write some Software
I have a third party Data Pipe that I need to add to my workflow for production, tracking and so forth. The Data Pipe is C# and my site is PHP, I have heard this can be done with XML and nuSOAP to bring the C# protocols but do not have the knowledge inhouse. The topic should not be an issue for the right programmer but it works with mail address data list procurement as an up-service to our printing ... Full details »
6 hours ago$750 - 1500
Help with Freelancer and Skrill Finance!
Looking for best freelancer who can help me urgent with freelancer and skrill finance ! I need 90$ in my skrill acount to pay something urgent , and i can pay here in freelancer 150$ for this favor ! Please only people wit avalible skrill balance to bid !!! Full details »
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Submit Multiple, dynamically created forms but not all
So here we go. I have a page that lists a bunch of unscored sports games. This is what I'm looking to do, I would like to have a button to submit multiple forms. Only though if they have placed a value in the score. Is this possible? I have read about doing multiple forms based off names but these forms are being created dynamically. Please contact me with any further questions. I am looking ... Full details »
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6 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Write some Software
I need a code that reads a text file and writes out a spreadsheet of this data. Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Wordpress Software Enhancements (Customization)
Please READ this requirement carefully and bid only if you understand and capable of delivering the solution. We are looking for customization on the Pinclone Wordpress theme ([url removed, login to view]) Here are the tasks: 1) Re-arrangement of the order of the pins in a board : Users to be able to sort the pins with drag and drop action and save the sequence of the pins. 2) Limit the number ... Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Modify script using Javascript with PHP
We have a script that primarily uses Javascript. We're now adding PHP to integrate parts of it with a mysql DB. For this task, we need the script to record user selections into the DB. We need someone who is very experienced with both Javascript and PHP and of course CSS/HTML. Budget is $100 Please provide 2-3 examples of your work when you bid. Thank you Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Web based League database
I need the database components for a league website. The data consists of Users, Leagues, Seasons, Players, Venues, Events and then results of each event. Data to be output would be in a leaderboard format with combinations of seasons/leagues/venues. Optionally I would like this to be a Wordpress Plugin. We can discuss options but I think a custom Wordpress Plugin would be the way to go. Full details »
7 hours ago$250 - 750
script maker
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Earn with your EBAY account now!! UK, US, Canadian & Australian sellers with ebay stores needed ASAP! Start earning tonight! Earn over 750GBP per week! Legit UK company.
Have an ebay account? Earn with it now! We are a UK based company requiring new sellers to join our busy sales team immediately. We are looking for motivated and driven individuals to join our sales team. This represents a great opportunity to earn an additional income stream with the potential to earn upto 750GBP. Full support will be provided to support you to your first few sales and beyond We ... Full details »
7 hours ago$750 - 1500
Bring product database from one site to another
I currently have built a new website. I require someone to take sql from my old site and copy it to the new one. Need this done asap! Full details »
7 hours ago$10 - 30
Android Read SMS, find string and send to online MySQL database
I’m looking for an Android App that will allow access the phones SMS inbox. It should select certain unread messages based on a string (string 1 up to 20 char) contained in the message and then store n (max 25) characters following a second string (string 2 up to 20 char) plus a 5 char identifier in an online MySql database table through the internet connection. The user should at a minimum be ... Full details »
7 hours ago$250 - 750
social login for website on clipbucket engine.
Looking for freelancer who will deliver and integrate or create social login plugin for clipbucuket webpage. specification: - example here: [url removed, login to view] - users avatar (avatar url) from social sites will be also save to clipbucket webpage when user will sign in via f.e. facebook. - I can provide solution for facebook login only, - you can use it like a base. Full details »
7 hours ago$30 - 250