Oracle database on your own conception and design

$30 - 250 3 years ago
Task 2: Project (25%) Demo (5%)
Due Date: 12 March 2012
a.                   On your own given Oracle account, develop a small Oracle database on your own conception and design, containing 4 or 5 related tables populated with a small amount of test data. Provide a copy of the SQL script in notepad that is executable.                                                                (5%)
b.                  With the table created, develop a web client-side interface accessing the tables. Configure your website with appropriate connectivity software to Oracle DBMS (e.g. ODBC). With Oracle PL/SQL, you may design your own application function. Show video/music to the webpage by storing the Large Object in the oracle. (Each application coding should be keep in *.txt file/notepad that able to be executed).  add a trigger to system                                       (20%)
Create a simple manual to your product. During the 1 week before the assignment due date, you will be required to demonstrate the application interfaces.		

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Facebook app for web using PHP only
I need a facebook app in fb canvas. The app is very simple. I only need 3 functionalities. The catch here is I need it in 3-4 hours. Anyone interested please bid. Serious people only. I have a starting page. more info once bid is accepted. Full details »
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Software Discovery Tool
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Generate and mange Vehicle, Owner, driver information of goods vehicles .
Database design, server application of vehicles records . different types , condition of vehicles etc . using my sql Full details »
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Magento / Mysql / Dedivated Server Crashing
We have a current Magento installation and apparently the InnoDB buffer pool / data size is set to the following: [url removed, login to view] This is a major recommendation from our web host to change. Here are all of the changes we must make: General recommendations: Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance MySQL started within last 24 hours - recommendations ... Full details »
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I require a Microsoft Windows 7 driver package and wrapper to be written that allows connection to multiple (16+) Playstation Eye webcams through third party applications. - Must allow access to 60FPS function at 640x480. - Must have simple installation package. - Must allow distinct access to multiple cameras on the one computer. - Must be capable of uniquely identifying each camera. - ... Full details »
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Website recreation - open to bidding
[url removed, login to view] Wondering on a quote for this website. It connects to ebay and allows sellers of digital items to buy credits and have the system automatically send a message to the buyers ebay and paypal email upon payment. Requires Paypal IPN integration and ebay integration. Full details »
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Online Event Booking Software
We require an online event booking software. The software should enable customers to - pick an event from the main page - or pick an event type (live bar music, football, concert, charity event etc...) from a dropdown menu to filter the results and pick an event - define number of tickets needed - tickets can be more than one type, all types should be displayed in a BUY block, with a number ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Programming - tandaica0612 only
This is offer is only for tandaica0612 as discussed privately on the chat. 20 hours per week. [url removed, login to view] per hour. Programming in Symfony 2 and related technologies. Full details »
3 weeks ago$2 - 2
Affiliate Network API #
I am looking for someone who has worked with affiliate network APIs before and can show proof of that. The project is to integrate the Skimlinks' Product API in order to retrieve products' and merchants' details from the various retailers associated with this affiliate network. What we are looking to achieve: FRONT-END - users can search for products & keywords - filter ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Merge Two Databases Into One For Zencart
I need 2 databases combined into one main database. I have one MAIN database that contains everything for a zencart store. The second database with aprox 120 products that need to go onto the main database. This should take no longer than 2 hours at the maximum. Please only bid if you can merge them, make sure it works on zencart and can start immediately, This needs to be finished before ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 15
Admin Template
we need a small interface for our software. We want a graphic style similar to that of [url removed, login to view] the template we need is responsive design Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Add/Edit Feautres To Magento Plugin: Apptha Market Place
We need some customizations made to the concept of a "product" in the Magento Apptha Market Place plugin. The Marketplace Plugin allows users to register as sellers and to list their own products for sale. Think Etsy. Currently, the plugin expects sellers to enter pricing, weight, SKU, shipping options, inventory, similar products, custom options, etc. We'd like to strip away many ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
simple database work
Hello, I have a table with 2 columns and I need the values to be retrieved in sub list. I have attached example in excel sheet of what I need exactly. Thank you! Full details »
3 weeks ago$8 - 15
Custom Dentrix Query Application
I am a dentist. I use Dentrix G5 (htp://[url removed, login to view]) as my practice management software. I need a developer familiar with Dentrix to write me an application that does the following: 1) Select Provider(s) 2)Select Procedure(s) 3) Select Date Range 4) Returns the total number of times the procedure was treatment planned during the date range. Also returns number of times the procedure ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Xml Odds Comparisons
Description We are looking for an odds-comparison script to be used in conjunction with approximately 20 XML feeds provided. Similar Sites: - [url removed, login to view] The possibility to add all the bookmakers that I want. I need a private section where user can access paying a fee or clicking ads, in which the script will select the "Sure Bet" (if you don't know what they are, please ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$500 - 700
Create custom report - open to bidding
I need to create custom report using "crystal reports". We using program called Lytec all reports are made in using crystal reports, we need to create custom reports that will pull data from different places. we can talk on Skype for more information Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
transfer a joomla 3.x site to phpfox 7
i want to transfer my joomla site to phpfox platform. there are already many content in my joomla site and thousands of users so i need to transfer all content and users login eVerything to phpfox 7. only experienced deveplor should bid and will later tell u more details Full details »
3 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Simple administration software - open to bidding
Hello, I need a simple administration software(maybe you have it already), easy to change the parameters, words, so can be used in different domains.I will change the words in it and then can be used in another domain and make it in different languages. What must have: Login users Personal data: name, 2 boxes for ID card number, will use read only readers, address, phone,ID, few more boxes where ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
hi i need bitcoin assistance only serious workers
hi i need 1 BTC asap only serious bidders good rate Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Write a plugin for Resourcespace ( DAM to upload videos to VIMEO from within ResourceSpace
We would like to be able to publish to Vimeo from our private DAM. ResourceSpace is installed on an Ubuntu server on our intranet and is behind a VPN. I am not familiar with Vimeos new API, so I am not sure how much control you can have, but Ideally I would like to be able to specify some of the Vimeo upload options right from the plugin. For example we manage our videos on Vimeo in Portfolios, so ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$150 - 350