Paypal Software Project

$250 - 250 3 years ago
Dear Coders,
I am searching for coder who has experiences with software development directly related to 

PayPal (both verified and unverified accounts). The experiences should ***NOT*** count 

plugins (such as payment proposals) that are related to website design. I need a desktop 

application for Windows. Details shall be discussed later. The software shouldn't require 

any installation, neither .NET framework. 


 So here is the short description about the software again:

I would need a paypal software made in any programming language but it should work on ANY 

kind of Windows. The software has nothing to do with transactions or payments. So its not 

even similar to the web applications used by ecommerce website. I repeat there should be no 

payments within this software. What I exactly need is paypal real funds generator/adder 

similar to this one:

Please note: It is very important that there should be absolutelly NO illegal activities! NO 

(!) stealing from others, no logging into other accounts, no stealing passwords. Also the 

funds should NOT (!) be transfered from anywhere to determinated paypal account because this 

would be stealing which isn't legal. The main idea is that the software would have to 

generate by itself the real funds and put it into paypal account as the video shows. IP and 

proxies would be still hidden. I opened the project on purpsose to buy the idea and its 

implementation because if I knew how could be this possible (as youtube video shows) then I 

would do on my own. Please note that many other bidders (different freelance sites) 

misunderstood what I really need. There should be no payments but creating the real funds by 

software. Of course I am willing to pay some of the project amount in advance before the 

potential coder starts working, but not entire amount. Just a bit (whatever you would 

require) so I can prove that I am serious about the project. If you have any further 

questions (and you for sure do) then you are very welcome to ask. Obviously according to my 

description, no paypal api can be used. For automatical verification , The application must 

be able to verify paypal accounts automatically..

NOTE: THere should NOT be any keylogger code into applicaton. I will check the code and if 

such code found I will simply reject the project and No payment will be made.

Project cost is fixed i.e. $250 and no milestone payment to be made. Entire ammount will be 

paid after delivery of the product.

Only interested people are asked to bid on this project.

Thank you again for your interest. Looking forward to speak with you.		

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