Psd To Xhtml/css 3 Pages (home+2 Simple Subpages+form) 2

I need 3 PSD files converted to XHTML/CSS using divs.Attached are low resolution jpgs of the PSDS. They should be valid and w3c complaint. Should be cross browser compatible in the following major browsers: IE, FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Subpages are  simple and hold only content.
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Dear sir We Ways Web Development located in India and we deliver high quality, cost effective, reliable, and results-oriented website designing and e-commerce solutions for a global clientele. We are offering an array of web designing services and Graphic Designing to our Client. After understanding your specific requirements, we can offer cutting-edge services at affordable rates. If you are interested ... Full details »
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Articles online (URLs provided) need to be formatted as a cohesive media clip, for purposes of showing agency media placements
We will provide 25 urls. Use Photoshop to create a formatted media clip with publication's logo, publication date, headline, byline, full text and any images included within article. Delete from the url version any ads or extraneous information. Each placement will fit on a single page. Full details »
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I need someone to design the brochure for my robotic classes. The estimated number of pages the brochure have is 4 pages. Full details »
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It will be a two side 8 x 6 1/2 post card laminated. As far as whats going to be in each side well i can let you know after i get a quote but this is pretty much what i am looking for in a flyer. Full details »
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I need developer to fix a few issues on my Wordpress site. Need this completed ASAP within 1 hour. Pay is $15 total. Full details »
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Upon approval of the project all details will be sent. Full details »
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Alter some Images
Required: - Skilled person at editing and altering product images - Images will be a mixture of pictures of clothing, 3d models and pictures of electronic devices - Skills with Texturing and effects work is a must - Must be responsive and available UK office hours Full details »
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Recreate a logo
I have a logo and I would like to re-create a very high resolution of it. Full details »
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Design a Website Mockup
I need front web page for login to our voice of customer database and dashboard. I like dashboard inforgraphic style, smart, and clean. It can be something similar to design of this site ( Full details »
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LOGO DESIGN for "Arthur's Moonshine"
The logo should be a full moon. White on Black. Very simple (just a circle). The type: hybrid between 30s and 50s style. The name should be script and the Moonshine should be in block text (potentially in CAPS). The simple logo will just be "Arthur's" in white against a black background with the white moon. Full details »
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Website For Children 'Flyer' Design
I need a website that includes: 1) A FRONT PAGE DESIGN tool so users can drag my clipart onto a page (3 different page sizes available) & write words at the bottom in 1 of 10 fonts. - Tool Must Be Built in HTML5 Canvas / Useable On Mobile - Ability to Resize Images, Bring Forward / Send Backward - Ability to add color (FILLS) to inside of clip art cartoons - Needs to be drag and drop ... Full details »
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Configure an opencart theme and design the site
Hi, I have a website built with an opencart template. We already uploaded half the theme and installed the payment gateways . I need someone now to: 1) Upload and cofigure the rest of the theme, 2) Add some codes 3) Design the LOGO, HEADER and whole site Please let me know if you can assist. I doubt this will take more than 20 hours. Full details »
40 minutes ago$30 - 250
needs someone who is familiar with the script from
I am looking for someone who knows well this script and can build some mods for it and add some futures. Full details »
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Copy Website Theme from Existing PHP site to site.
I need a pro to create a theme for a website to is a close duplicate of an existing PHP website. The original website has 10 pages with one type of style and the replacement has 16 pages. You will need to create a home page with content, and create a theme for the rest of the site. The new site uses Telerik Contols and you will have to use their built in skins as a base. They have a ... Full details »
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Costruire Siti Web
cerco collaboratore su Torino per realizzazione grafica siti web Full details »
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Agregator ofert zakupow grupowych, kon grupon (klub zakupowy)
WItam, potrzebuje agregatora zakupow grupowych ewentualnie klona grupona badz klubu zakupowego Full details »
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Zbuduj stronę internetową
WItam, potrzebuje agregatora zakupow grupowych ewentualnie klona grupona badz klubu zakupowego Full details »
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Hello I require to alter 3 pages 2 small 1 flyer ( I will provide images and txt ) Please quote based on attached ( first 2 images need to edit and write likethis FAUCET AND SINK SALE CHANGE TO SHOWER PANEL SHOWER SET SALE ( USE DIFFERENT COLOR) FAUCET AND SINK SALE CHANGE TO SHOWER SET SHOWER PANEL SAL ( USE DIFFERENT COLOR) IN THIRD FILE I WILL SEND .PSD NEED TO EDIT PICTURES ... Full details »
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I need some Graphic Design
Based on simple wireframes, propose some designs for our website: that we are trying to revamp. We are after simple, minimalist designs that reflect our professional and modern image. Being a cutting edge technology company, we would like to have some "cutting edge" features - maybe in terms of navigation or animation. We will then produce the website based on your ... Full details »
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Magento work
Random work on magento site needed Full details »
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Hello I require to alter 3 pages 2 small 1 flyer ( I will provide images and txt ) Please quote based on attached ( first 2 images need to edit and write likethis FAUCET AND SINK SALE CHANGE TO SHOWER PANEL SHOWER SET SALE ( USE DIFFERENT COLOR) FAUCET AND SINK SALE CHANGE TO SHOWER SET SHOWER PANEL SAL ( USE DIFFERENT COLOR) IN THIRD FILE I WILL SEND .PSD NEED TO EDIT PICTURES ... Full details »
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Design a Logo
Our company, Criterion NutraScience, is looking for an experienced graphic design company with proven skills in logo and corporate branding to design a logo for us. We are a nutritional supplement company offering custom and premium products to a niche market. We would like the design to reflect professional, sophistication and high tech products. The logo will be used in the following manners: • ... Full details »
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I need a expert for my website -- 3
I need a expert for my website I need a expert for my website Full details »
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Customized Wordpress Website
I'm looking for someone who has decent knowledge when it comes to Wordpress. He/she will be working with me to establish a highly customized anime/cartoon based website. I already have premium theme and plugins which we will use. What I require from you is to put some of my ideas in place. That being said, extensive modification is required, rewrite of core theme files to make sure everything ... Full details »
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Fix Font Color Of Text In A Form
We have this form on our web site That when people click any of the download buttons you get a pop up form. The problem is I added 2 new questions to the form using radio buttons, The text values are in a white color, I need it to be changed to black text so people can read the choices to choose from. The form values are currently going in to our database, ... Full details »
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Design a Logo
I'm looking for a logo. Details of project: Name: Royal, vintage, but modern. Urban, but classy. Picture: ancient african, example: Amen RA god, Lotus flower, and The crook and flail Will discuss more with designer. Full details »
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Convert CSV to InDesign XML Tags, Site Up Template in Indesign
I have a client that prints an order guide. The information for this order guide is given to me in CSV format, I convert this to document to Quark XPressTags and then import that file into Quark using stylesheets. I would like to do this process using InDesign XMLTags, but don't know how to convert the CSV to XMLTags, nor input that data into InDesign. Objective would be to get a conversion ... Full details »
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Create a Wordpress Template
Job: 1. Build new website with design: Platform required: WordPress 2. Responsive website 3. Mobile website Details: WordPress With top nav: (do not like look and feel of this site) Homepage: Listing of videos so that you can click on each one: Style guide: White, Gold & Black Platform required: WordPress Access to header and ... Full details »
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Build a Website, logo and stationary
We are looking from someone to build us a wordpress site and design a logo and create stationary for us. The company is a Media Marketing Company. Full details »
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Update Bootstrap web page design
Have a bootstrap template that is used for 4 different sections of our website but have an almost similar design. Need an ace web designer to take the basic page we have and give it an update. We would like to have a clean, uncluttered elegant look to it. The template is both a content page as well as has products to sell so we need to have obvious calls to action so clients know that they can click ... Full details »
58 minutes ago$30 - 250
Rewrite website to flow new processes
We are looking to rewrite one of our websites with either PHP or ASPX, it will require some complex get and put connections through out the website and store data in a MySql database. with report functions to pull information from database, email forms and process payments. The site graphics can be suggested for updated and more modern look. This project will need to be completed installed and tested ... Full details »
59 minutes ago$30 - 250
Create a Wordpress Template
Upon approval of the project all details will be sent. Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Design a Logo
I need a logo for my mobile app dating site that is going to be a minimalistic cartoon face of a young woman. The graphic will be just her face and enough of her neck to see her scarf (example of scarf below). She's tipping her head down shyly with a subtly flirtatious half-smile. See the attached image. Take that, with even less detail, with a different hairstyle (hairstyle example below). ... Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
Need Website Converted From PHP to Laravel
I have a site coded in laravel, i want the site to be converted so it can use laravel. My server should be fine to install and run the code. If you have experience with laravel this shouldnt be to hard for you since your just making the same exact thing in laravel. You will code: Login/register Profile page Tracking system Admin panel And theres some more stuff to be coded. Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Fix a few CSS bugs in my Storenvy theme
I have a store on storenvy ( that a few items in my theme are not working correctly when scaled on an ipad or mobile device. I'm looking to get these bugs fixed today. Specifically: 1. homepage- the two graphics for petbox and ToeFluffTuesday do not scale for mobile 2. photos page - photos are slightly too wide on mobile and ipad 3. faqs ... Full details »
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Install multisite wordpress
We need help with Multisite Wordpress Full details »
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poker project A
Hello i want to develop a poker website using php and api of m poker software i will publish api command and demo description when u success in demo then i provide complete detail and award u Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 800
Build a Website
I want to have a website gambling if Full details »
1 hour ago$300000 - 2500000
Landing pages
Looking to build six landing pages. Only freelancers with prior experience need apply. Thanks, Herschel Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
i need 1k youtube comments real not fake
i need 1k youtube comments real not fake... if u complete the work after three days i m release the money Full details »
1 hour ago$8 - 15
Design 6 editable funeral program templates
I want 6 templates designed similar to what you will see at they should all be single fold templates, editable and in microsoft word format. exactly like the templates on its very urgent, so if you are able to prove yourself, you can make some quick bucks! Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 30
Crear una página web
Modificar un script tipo Taringa ...en diseño y acciones Full details »
1 hour ago$4000 - 7500