Psd To Xhtml/css 3 Pages (home+2 Simple Subpages+form) 2

I need 3 PSD files converted to XHTML/CSS using divs.Attached are low resolution jpgs of the PSDS. They should be valid and w3c complaint. Should be cross browser compatible in the following major browsers: IE, FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Subpages are  simple and hold only content.
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Wordpress Based Site (Require Coding + Design Help)
I am looking for a Wordpress Based Site Designed + Coded. I already have a design for Homepage (In PSD format) that requires some modifications. I have also some idea on how the other pages needs to look like (That needs to be designed). The unique pages are: Home, About Us, Products, Contact (Of course under products there are different categories of products and many products). But same ... Full details »
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Edit visibility settings in plugin.
Please resolve as we spoke about on skype. Full details »
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Renewal a Website of Japanese restaurant in Vietnamese
We are looking for the person who can make the Japanese restaurants' website in Vietnamse in Hanoi. Maybe in 1 to 3 weeks in August this project will be finish. You need to speak English, Japanese is not necessary. We can pay around 200$ to 300$ for this project. Full details »
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Drag & drop Web app
User should be able to drag and drop shapes from a 'toolbox' to a 'workspace' (different parts of same Web page) as well as edit various attributes related to each shape. The attributes should be data driven (if future attributes are needes, I don't want to have to recode). The final layout with all attributes should be able to be saved and restored to mask or mysql Prefer ... Full details »
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I need a logo and a package designer
Need a product page designed, Brand name, discription of product with warning label, UPC code and directions for use. I need to be able to manually apply to package. Full details »
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EXPERTS ONLY: Customize a ONE PAGE Responsive Landing Page Template
BE SURE TO READ THE TITLE AGAIN: EXPERTS ONLY! I am looking for a website designer who has expertise in HTML, HTML5, Javascript & CSS3 therefore there will be absolutely no issues trying to customize the ONE PAGE responsive landing page template I intend to publish. The template we will be using is the Ice/Delicious template (purchased and ALL files will be sent over to you for customization): Very ... Full details »
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Build a Website
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Build a Muse Website using provided Muse template
I will provide the following: 1) Adobe Muse Template - Attached 2) Old Website Files - (I will provide via [url removed, login to view]) You can view the old site here: 3) FTP Server for Upload of new site Your job is to create a new site using Adobe Muse and the attached template and transfer all of the content from the old site files to the new site. Full details »
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Create an Animation
Hey there, We are looking for an expert in video design (animation). we have an important project which desires a high quality animation video. It needs to be original and it needs to follow the brand style of the company (so no standard whiteboard animation etc). The length of the animation will be between 1 and 3 minutes. We are working on the voice over at the moment, so after that we can give ... Full details »
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Build redesign existing wordpress wordpress site
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Design a Logo
i need a logo design for my school project. circle gradient with black and blue color, and a caption "Discover a new world". Full details »
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Modify Wordpress Template
I require the following changes made to my site: [url removed, login to view] - Move logo position to be raised above the menu bar. - Resize the attached logo image ([url removed, login to view]) and add to website. - Install the following wordpress plugins listed here: [url removed, login to view] The paid plug ins will be provided for you. Full details »
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Server for Email Campaigns
I would like an SMTP server from which I can broadcast my email campaigns. Full details »
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Build a simple app
Build a easy to use very simple app Full details »
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Fix my Business card layout. Re-arrange it, make it look good. everything provided.
Hi I'm making a new business card. I already have a .psd with my logo and the info on it. all I want is the text to be arranged neatly and for one side of the card to have a subtle pattern design. I will provide everything. I just need a couple of different layouts made. This will take a pro only 10 - 20 mins. I'm just lazy to do it and I procrastinate too much about which layout to use ... Full details »
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Looking for Photoshop and illustrator expert
We are looking for photoshop and illustrator expert to help us design greeting cards, mug design and several other designs. We have a SUBSCRIPTION to [url removed, login to view] and will provide the chosen freelancer with the design from there. It's basically, mixing and matching of designs. If you head over to [url removed, login to view] you will find lots of designs for mothers day [just ... Full details »
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E-mailing europe - open to bidding
Nous recherchons un expert e-mailing. Besoin envoi de 100 à 200 K@ /jour. EXIGE => INBOX ! Eviter les filtres antispam.... Pas besoin de statistiques. Uniquement liste NPAI. Business long terme. Full details »
1 hour agon/a
Design a lawncare & landscape logo
Looking for lawncare and lanscape logo for new business. Full details »
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Design a Logo -- 2
Business Logo of Future Dream Business Full details »
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Transfer design
I need some one to do my drawings in a graphic design so I can get them on a silk screen transfer paper to I can press them with my heat press machine. Full details »
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Design a Logo
Business Logo of Future Dream Business Full details »
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Write an iPhone application war game
I need a war game like a mix of clash of clans and lord of the rings , but in arabian islamic style and i need it to have coins so the people can buy them to build fast , the map will be the arabian penansula , the game will have tribes and beduin culture to be specefic , alliances and the whole deal of these types of games , my target will be arabs in first line , so the game will be in arabic and ... Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Translate a shoe laser cut design into Corel Draw
Hello, I am looking for somebody to create a similar laser cut pattern to the picture into COREL DRAW. This design will be used for a spandex crop top which means I would be need something that can be used repeatedly and must have the finishing edge. [url removed, login to view] Full details »
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Wordpress coding
Hello, I have a wordpress "auction" project theme. And I want to get a quote for some changes to the setup. I want that immediately after a customer chooses winner they have to pay me a predetermined fee or dollar amount to me. They must pay the fee in order to do anything else on the site. And they will be able to pay the contractor cash or however they work it out. As its set up right ... Full details »
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Build a Website
We need a developer to edit our website and make it look better. We also need to make it responsive. User and Mobile friendly. Simple work. Here is website link please visit this website before bid New freelancer are also welcome. Full details »
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tiny web page
This is a small test project. Create a simple web page. Make it using HTML. Full details »
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Soundclick Clone
I want a website built like [url removed, login to view] Full details »
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I need some Graphic Design
A redesign of an existing Informational graphic document. New design should incorporate and expand on Rip Media Group’s current brand design palette, including additional colors. Style should reflect the “Letterpress” references in this brief. Pay close attention to the reference using multiple speech/talk bubbles. We want to incorporate speech bubbles across the entire info-graphic in ... Full details »
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Design some Stationery (online)
We require someone to generate our online stationary presence. We have a pre-existing logo which will be the basis for your design. What we need is: - Twitter Background - Facebook Banner Page (ability to implement Facebook design will be beneficial) - Email design (set emails) - Certificate Design adhering to brand concept - Online advertising material is an extension project. Important ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Design a real estate document
I need someone to convert the word document into a more ascetically pleasing PDF document. You can use whatever design program you'd like, although I'd prefer Adobe. All the text and chart should be in the same color theme and format in the end product. I've attached the cover photo to be used, the other pages can be themed off that. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Design some Fashion
We are an Australian T-shirt company. We want to add 25 new fishing designs. Must be 1-2 colours, colours cannot overlap. Must be in vector format. Prints will be A4 size. Cannot be copyrighted - must be original work. A little research on popular fishing t-shirts will give you some quick easy idea's. Let me know if you have any questions. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Build a Website
We need a developer to edit our website and make it look better. We also need to make it responsive. User and Mobile friendly. Simple work. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
form validation
I need my form to contain a validation script that notifies the user that they have to enter information in the input element. Can be either Javascript or Jquery, makes no difference to me. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Magento Expert to Fix product Page
Product Page needs to be realigned social buttons realigned and category realigned Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
I need some Graphic Design
I need a team crest i want it to be an Spread Wings owl in a shield and down it have to be written Insomnia. here is similar models [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Business card and all - open to bidding
let's discuss about your project let's discuss about your project let's discuss about your project let's discuss about your project let's discuss about your project Full details »
2 hours agon/a
makes some pictures on a page
Make some pictures on a page. Any pictures. I do not care. Charge me 15 eur, the job is yours. Full details »
2 hours ago$8 - 30
3 hours ago$10 - 30
LAN web based aplication
*Using latest Apache, PHP, mySQL, HTTP *Single Window only *Requires Login with level of access/rights *I will provide the database layout *Starts with Entries of data, creation of record, uploading of files (doc, jpg) linked to record created. *Provides searching of records by wildcard searchbox and categories Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Design a Digital Logo for a Record Label
I have a Record Label looking to have a Logo/Character designed to be used on their websites, music links, etc.. The name of the label is "New World Money", and sticking to an idea around the name, we are looking for something along the lines of: A character that is similar to Planet Earth, with hands and stacks of money in each hand. - Also wearing a necklace in the shape of the ... Full details »
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Merge two photos from Turkey
Merge these two photo's I took in Istanbul. Keeping the Cat and Seagul from image 1311 and the city, bay and sky from image 1310. Merging along the top of the wall, flower line. Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250