Quick Html Edits 2

We are creating a fairly straightforward HTML/CSS template and are having a little trouble aligning two elements. We could certainly spend the time to get those elements aligned but prefer to have an experienced web designer make the alignments and, in the end, save time.

We have attached two PNG files which show the two lines in question.
Line 1 aligns perfectly in Firefox but the search box does notalign properly in Internet Explorer and Opera and needs to be moved up one or two pixels in Chrome and Safari.
Line 2 aligns perfectly in Opera but the social buttons align too high in the other major browsers.

We would like you to make an exact copy of our current template and provide a new template with both lines aligned properly (to the pixel) in all major browsers while remaining standards compliant.

We would then like you to provide a second template which is an exact copy of the successfully aligned first template but with the search watermark removed.

This should be a fairly simple and straightforward project for the experienced web designer. We will rate high for a job well done.Additional Info (Added 12/31/2011 at 22:26 EST)...		

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Assist with Project Management for Building Business & Website
I have many business ideas. I need someone that can take my business ideas and bring them to reality. My fees for Freelancer will include the price I am will willing to pay to get the idea actualized. This means that you would be able to spend this money keeping my best interest and also realizing that this is the money I am paying for your services. Example: Fees for Project: $1000/- You can ... Full details »
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I am looking to make improvements on my word press site. [url removed, login to view] looking for a person with web site experience and seo work located on the east coast of the USA. Full details »
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