Security Help!

$30 - 250 4 years ago
Need help with security issues, aspx, sql injection issues, please help find vulnerabilities and then we list and begin work...


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Java app/widgets data from HSQLDB database
We currently have a Java application storing data in a HSQLDB database. We would like to build additional widgets utilizing the data or data calculations to be displayed to users visiting our portal. The app may have many projects that are hard to put a single value on, so I can pay by block of hours. The app runs ona tomcat server and a windows azure platform in the cloud. -Build new widgets -enhance ... Full details »
51 minutes ago$15 - 25
Grab emails from websites
I need to get some emails out of some websites. I don't care how you do it, but I need those emails. Websites are 4 in total, 2 in ASP and 2 in PHP. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Need an update for my website both design and coding
1) Change/ modify outer design template which should be responsive 2) Create many inner pages 3)Create forms and code it so that all uploaded files come to my mail 4)changes should be made in admin 5)need android and iphone application for my website so that student can upload easily from their smartphone 6)regular addition of inner pages and correction of errors. 7)All inner pages link should ... Full details »
2 hours ago$2 - 8
Build a Website
I have half a site up right now at [url removed, login to view] I am wanting to find someone to develop the rest of it. You will need to manage the hosting, and servers, the database(MySql), and the coding. The main graphics/css of the site are basically complete. The basic skeleton is complete. All specs are already written out. You will also need to manage any hosting transfers that may be required ... Full details »
7 hours ago$250 - 750
Write a script in SQL Plus -- 2
Hi, I will need a script for a sql database, with some specific commands. Its something easy and it shouldn`t take more then 10-20 minutes for someone who knows how to do it. I will send you the exact file with the requirements. Thank you! ( P.S I need it to be done in Oracle 11g Sql plus ) Full details »
8 hours ago$10 - 20
Write a script in SQL Plus
Hi, I will need a script for a sql database, with some specific commands. Its something easy and it shouldn`t take more then 10-20 minutes for someone who knows how to do it. I will send you the exact file with the requirements. Thank you! Full details »
8 hours ago$10 - 20
Bulk Marketing
Bulk Internet marketing from Computer as well from Mobile. Full details »
9 hours ago$12500 - 37500
optimeze my db to run fast
I have a database with 1,5mil of row and work very very slow and want to optimize to run very fast can. REAL BID PRICE PLEASE Full details »
10 hours ago$30 - 250
Check sql (old style) and fix so I can import to database
I'm trying to import some sql to a database, but, it doesn't let me. Could you check and make the sql readable? I have attached the sql. Full details »
10 hours ago$10 - 30
Need .Net developer
We are looking for a .Net developer to work on our .Net project on hourly basis. Developers only from Noida region. On site preferred and during Indian working hours. Thanks, Full details »
12 hours ago$2 - 8
Next Project for YUGOLANCER
This is for a specific coder, no need for others than yugolancer to bid. Part 1) In the coaching trends section for the College Football Database. ADD THIS LINE OF CODE FOR BOTH TEAMS Maybe stick some *** around the border to make it look a little better cosmetically or if you have something better in mind using text characters I am open to it. All these values can be found in the team_table NAME Column ... Full details »
12 hours ago$750 - 1500
ETL automation assistance
Need help implementing existing SQL queries that have been tested in Oracle as stored procedures and then automating the extract to pipe delimited CSV via SQL Plus. Full details »
13 hours ago$30 - 250
Need .Net developer
We are looking for a .Net developer to work on our .Net project on hourly basis. Developers only from Noida region. On site preferred and during Indian working hours. Thanks, Full details »
14 hours ago$2 - 8
beauty salon gestion and control
- Calendar, Customer Management (telephonic and internet) - Point of Sale - inventory - salaries based on tasks performed - module of configuration Full details »
15 hours ago$30 - 250
small project 2
Make project exactly as described in the doc attached. The project must be finish until the 27/05/14. I deposit money at the beginning of the project. I release half after 4 days in condition that i see more than half of the project is ready and the rest at the end of the project. please confirm Full details »
16 hours ago$30 - 250
i need like a website
Hi all; İ need [url removed, login to view] like website and they have to support me pls connect me Full details »
17 hours ago$750 - 1500
asdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Full details »
19 hours ago$250 - 750
Sql Expert needed, speedup joomla website
I have a website ( joomla 3.1.5 ) with a large database ( + 100k records ) and many components / plugins. The website is slow ( you can check here the loading time [url removed, login to view] ) - you need to fix the iniatial load /afterInitialise as it takes 5 -7 seconds to generate the page Time: 5161.5 ms / 5161.5 ms Memory: [url removed, login to view] MB / [url removed, login to view] ... Full details »
19 hours ago$10 - 30
Joomla site infected with redirect SEO SPAM/ Mallware needs clean-up
A clients Joomla site has been infected/injected with so called Malware / SEO redirect SPAM. I need someone with Joomla experience and prior knowledge on cleaning these things up to have a look at this today. Point 3 in the below is also very important and might be the first priority. ----- Examples ----- 1. Here is an example of a unwanted url suddently existing in the system: [url removed, ... Full details »
20 hours ago$30 - 250
Build a Website -- 2
Simple [url removed, login to view] web forms using entity framework. Have to complete within a day. PM me for details Full details »
20 hours ago$12 - 30
Build a Website
08/20/2014 at 4:15 EDT PM me for details Full details »
20 hours ago$12 - 30
WHMCS module attachment add-on
Dear all, we need a add-on module for attachment. Let say, if you go here: [url removed, login to view] username: admin password: admin but we need attachment like in the support :[url removed, login to view] (you can see the words "attachment") so basically we need this to be happen in announcement - [url removed, login to view] Credential will be the same: username: admin password: ... Full details »
20 hours ago$10 - 15
Calling All Bulk Whatsapp Professionals
I'm looking to get a fix for my Web Bulk Whatspp Sender tool, I would like to interact only with those individuals that have experience in 1) Whats App development 2) Bulk SMS and Whats App Tools 3) PHP and SQL so if you possess all these three we can talk further. Attached is also the interface, let us know if you are familiar with it. We cant share code with you, so you may have ... Full details »
21 hours ago$30 - 250, C# , .net, globalization demo, website, compose document
please see attachment, the [url removed, login to view] Full details »
21 hours ago$30 - 250
3D character creation and modeling
We are requiring the 2D creation (conceptualization and design) and 3D development (modeling, rendering and rigging) of FIVE different characters, to be used in a software application that is currently under development. We are requiring high resolution and a high level of detail. To better illustrate with examples, please refer to the characters Minion and Agnes Gru from the animation movie Despicable ... Full details »
21 hours ago$3000 - 5000
perl SQL task small assignment
Yes, I do need some more project work done. Attached to this message are the directions to complete the graded project. Look over them carefully. For reference there is a copy of the primary text used to answer the q's, some of which I can complete myself, depending on what the experts there quote for the work. Provided I agree with their quote there'll be more project work on the way. As ... Full details »
22 hours ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
Can Get Completed As On Time. We Prove The Work As Per The Clients Requirement Full details »
23 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Multiple project
Credit, Water Arbol, SickMore Silver, Coupon printing, Contact form eWEB, Agents Money I A T A, Food4, Full details »
23 hours ago$250 - 750
Ms Access 97 and support -- 2
We have clients using ms access 97 front end and [url removed, login to view] front end and SQL2000 back end. We need someone to make changes on current ms access 97, debug any issues with access 97 and Long term project is to convert access 97 to [url removed, login to view] page. This is a good opportunity for someone who is looking for long term project and commitment. WE NEED SOMEONE WITH ... Full details »
24 hours ago$25 - 50
Squid Log Analysis
Develop an application which will perform the various customized log analysis for the QUID Log files Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
EMI Software Website
EMI Software LLC, is looking to replace its two existing web sites with a single website that is professional, visually appealing, and elevates company and product branding. EMI Software has just completed a major overhaul of EMI Analyst, its flagship product line. The new website is a key part of the marketing campaign for this new software version. Key Points: -- Preliminary website design specification ... Full details »
1 day ago$250 - 750
fix a report plus some bug in a payment system ASP plus SQL server 12
We need someone good with aspx sql server 12 and javascript. We experiencing 2 issues. In file [url removed, login to view], you will see our options to select our report by course levels. in file [url removed, login to view], the generated report that need to be fixed to sort list names in the list by last name (ascending), not ID as u can see. Our second issue in file [url removed, login ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
1 day ago$10 - 30
Cpanel to Azure server
Have a wordpress website with MYSQL database, need to import it to SQL to use on Azure servers. Must have knowledge on cpanel as well. you will be connecting to my computer with teamviewer to do the steps. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
vtiger email template notification needs edits and changes for support tickets
When using Vtiger 5.1 and updating a support trouble ticket in the system the email template for which it emails the client and the support staff needs some editing and I cant find the file to edit. I want a programmer to edit and identify where these templates are for future reference. I also want a quote on what it would be to upgrade v-tiger we have some custom fields so I need to know what is ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Having Trouble With Permission Settings on HipHop.Org For Guest Accounts
Hello all, my name is Pax Bowling, owner / founder of [url removed, login to view] we are gearing up for our re launch and I'm having some issues with Joomla permission settings, viewing access levels and/or user group settings. I'm sure its a quick fix, however I have exhausted and wracked my brain trying to figure this out. I purchased ACL Manager and a few other components and modules ... Full details »
1 day ago$2 - 8
Build a Website
cms regarding projects like school management system, store management system(store means medicine),hospital management system ,and small projects like tellers , property dealers , restaurant sites etc Full details »
1 day ago$12500 - 37500
iPhone / Android Application -
Looking to hire a few freelancers (or a company) to work together and create a mobile app on iOS/Android/Windows phone. The details will be explained via PM, but the general workflow will be the following: 1. Users install the application on any platform 2. Users will customize their profile, and their location will be synchronized with the centralized DB 3. Users will be matched to other users ... Full details »
1 day ago$250 - 750
XML to MS SQL Import Script
We have an API which returns an XML file (attached) of performance data. I need a script which will extract the data from the XML file and insert it into an MSSQL database. The XML file I provide is an example of the data returned; the script that is created must work for future XML downloads (same format). Full details »
1 day ago$20 - 60
writing 1 store procedure
need someone to write one store procedure, very easy Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Build entire project - open to bidding
I need you to design and build a functional, dynamic website for my construction company. Which I will be easily updating it by uploading important documents such as building drawings , project videos and photos, as well as keying in a summary of day to day progress from site using my laptop or phone. My clients need to have a secured login to view only their project and not any other. I will help ... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Required ASP Developer
Hello, I need a developer, who has experience in classic asp, I need some changes in URL format, and required place in webpages for the content. And I need the guy who can start the project asap. Thanks, Full details »
1 day ago$600 - 1500
Show only common results in sql server query
Please check the link : [url removed, login to view]!3/ce040/1 I only want to see common price among various id. Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
Visual Studio Application for web excel data
Please review excel data attached. I would like a website/application built using Visual Studio Express for web. This website will have a log in page for security of data. I will provide the excel data. I need to be able to add data and review past data. I need to be able to search data and displace results. One search function that is important to me is the ability to search by time zones (states ... Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Export products
Need to have developed a module which exported out all products with the following format. see format at the following link [url removed, login to view] The solution used is DotNetNuke 6.2.8 and Catalook commerce solution. There are about 3,500 registered products in the database (MS SQL Express) This modulus must be able to schedule in such a way that it exports the products to file a few times ... Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Sql Server Query
I want to fix sql server query. Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 4
Extract .rar File in web server
Extract .rar File in web server,, Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 10
Complete web site code
I'm looking for a [url removed, login to view] developer to complete a project I just have time for. I'm getting ready to launch [url removed, login to view] but have only completed 80% of the coding, there are a few features that still need to be incorporated: 1) Vacation calculations and the associated management screens. 2) Job code classifications and the associated screens. 3) Messaging ... Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
Edit Existing php & MySQL code: API & Cyfe Integration
We have an existing set of php scripts that extract, store and visualize data. - The data is extracted from [url removed, login to view]'s API - The data is stored in a SQL database (remote hosted server) - The data is visualized in Cyfe ([url removed, login to view]) widgets The scripts are set up and working great but we just need to edit the metrics. The data is related to customer ... Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Build a simple forum website
I would like to have a forum like on this website to be created. [url removed, login to view] Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 30