Security Help!

$30 - 250 5 years ago
Need help with security issues, aspx, sql injection issues, please help find vulnerabilities and then we list and begin work...


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Build a Website
Its a basic apartment rental site development work for US market. Ajax Search, Listing page, Map integration with marker, Posting Page, Login Page, Admin and Property Profile Page will be the main pages and features. No graphics design, No Payment gateway. No hosting. Required all clean code in .NET and SQL script. Reply with time and Cost details. Payment in USD or INR. Full details »
23 minutes ago$250 - 750
Hospital Management System
Hospital Management System (HMS) with full source code and database We are looking for a Hospital Management System with full source code and database. Technologies or Tools used The HMS should be developed using JAVA with SQL Server as Database. Key Features of the HMS The HMS should be a complete ERP solution for hospital, One point platform that connects all the departments of a Hospital ... Full details »
1 hour ago$300 - 2000
Write an Android application (and web interface)
To develop an Android Application “Beez” and “Beez” Web Interface; “Beez” application should consist of; • QR Code Scanner • List of membership enrolled • User profile • QR scan algorithm (read below) “Beez” web interface should consist of; • User profile • Merchant dashboard • Beez’s dashboard • QR Code generator How all these should works? “Beez” ... Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Data Web Scrap Project to MS SQL - 12 fields, two tables. 8 Scraped feilds, 4 for logging.
Scrape across 10 links, all in the same html format, for a duration of [X] every pass, and save 5-6 fields to a MS SQL Database, one table. Needs to be C#, Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Wow Private Server - Trinity Core Development
I am forming a new private WoW server and will be looking to develop upon the trinity core [url removed, login to view] more info [url removed, login to view]+Home What this means is you as an developer will need to script and code within this emulator to fix bugs, correct the game to match what it is in the official servers and if you are good at what you do we can hire you with very good salary. To ... Full details »
5 hours ago$3000 - 5000
Learn and Give
Create a website that students can login, review course material, and take test online. Record student progress as the review course material, plus record grade of course taken, Course and quiz must be created on line with simple maintenance screens. Example, See how they create flashcards and quiz. Full details »
6 hours ago$30 - 250
Programming an app for iOS and Android
I need a reliable programmer or a team for an app. I want to have a long-term partnership. This app should have the following features (a detail-briefing follows after awarded). Only bid if you are sure that you are able to code these requirements! User registration (only email and user name) User can send messages to user app-users Users can edit their profile (like a picture, delete account, ... Full details »
7 hours ago$250 - 750
SQL database
Basic setting up of tables to import data Full details »
10 hours ago$250 - 750
Edits to .net website
Need assistance making small changes to a .net website. the changes include: 1.) issue with pages rendering a 404 page; need to fix 2.) changing the email address forms mail to there might be other changes as well which may come up at a later date; We would consider the candidate for those changes as well. Full details »
11 hours ago$10 - 30
Migrate Magento 1.5 live shop Data (Invoices /orders) to New Magento 1.9 shop
Transfer following data from Magento 1.5 Shop: 1. Orders. 2. Invoices. 3. Compare data structure to make sure it will fit the new Magento 1.9 shop. 4. Move the items to the new shop. ( the new shop is already finished and has items in it). 5. New shop is not online yet. 6. New shop has Trusted shops certificate and was tested, new a few issues resolved to be trusted shop conform. 7. ... Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 250
Markplace IMPORT and EXPORT
I am going to hire someone to pull from my FTP FEEDS and list on AMAZON... this import must be done DAILY, and when I receive an ORDER it will export into MY SYSTEM. I will be working on ALL MARKETPLACES... Amazon, NEWEGG, SEARS, JETS etc. You must have experience in ACCESS, and asp in a windows 2008 environment. Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 250
Email Monitor
A tool to monitor several email boxes. If there comes an email with atachment the attachment must be moved to a given folder. If there comes an ZIP file the file must be extracted and moved to a folder. Must be possible to select wich type of files should be taken. Also it must be possible to put the subject of the email in front of the file name. Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 250
eLearning System Development -- 2
eLearning System Development project, please send your proposal Full details »
12 hours ago$1500 - 3000
Reddit and Imgur Modules Needed
First Module: I am looking for someone to create a module for a client site using the Reddit API strings. Module needs to functions just like the site needs. Here is the sites API docs: 1. [url removed, login to view] Needs To Be able to: 1. + Friend User 2. Like Story Board which is a up arrow on left side of image and story title. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Second ... Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 250
Write an Android application
This project purpose is to help people collect data in there city and display statistics on it. the collected data is a BAR CODE or QR CODE. the project contains 3 parts: a - server side (Lamp) b - simple web site (any php/js system will do) c - mobile app (preferred phoneGap) mobile app is mainly a scan application, that collect scanners data and statistics. mobile app should be run on ... Full details »
13 hours ago$30 - 250
Debbug OS Import
I have a program written by another DEVELOPER that is ALMOST done! He took to being very sick, and cannot finish it. It is an import program that puts orders into MY ACCESS database from a CSV file. It is written in .asp. If you are GOOD at DEBUGGING... then we need to talk. YOU MUST have TOP NOTCH ASP experience. I want this done in an HOUR... 2 hours TOPS... I will give you REMOTE DESKTOP ACCESS. ... Full details »
13 hours ago$30 - 250
write code to connect to sql azure database
I have a simple console application in visual basic 2010 express .. it connects to a communication device to obtain some data. I want to add connection strings to my CLOUD SQL AZURE database so that data read fromt his communication device can be written to the database. Full details »
13 hours ago$10 - 30
Billing Modifications as Discussed
Private project for consus. As discussed - delivery date Feb 2 Details sent by email Full details »
15 hours ago$1500 - 3000
PHP Programmer
Would like to build a customized e-commerce bidding platform - with customized user interface. The design is 95% done so needs to put it in HTML PHP etc. on LAMP Full details »
15 hours ago$250 - 750
Develop a php script to grab data from an other website
Hello, Please find attached the detailed requirements of this Task. Yet again, detailed or "long" requirements are here to make the work clear and easier for you; they don't mean necessarly that the Task is heavy or difficult. Thanks PS: You can use technical language with me without issue. Full details »
15 hours ago$10 - 30
I Need Someone to Teach Me Website creation and Design
I need an expert to teach me how to create, build and design a website. Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 250
php programmer
looking for prsn vd knowledge of web technologies lyk php sql ajax css n ol Full details »
17 hours ago$12500 - 37500
Parcel Delivery Terminal
I am interested in designing a software for my project on parcel delivery system is a locker with GSM/Network enabled for data transfer and a barcode reader the following is the work flow:rnrn1) delivery man comes to locker enters agent code.rn2) on correct agent code the system prompts for scanning the parcel on the barcode rn3) after authenticating the barcode on the server the system trigger ... Full details »
18 hours agon/a
Parcel Delivery Terminal - Front-end & Back-end
I am interested in designing a software for my project on parcel delivery system is a locker with GSM/Network enabled for data transfer and a barcode reader the following is the work flow:rnrn1) delivery man comes to locker enters agent code.rn2) on correct agent code the system prompts for scanning the parcel on the barcode rn3) after authenticating the barcode on the server the system trigger ... Full details »
19 hours ago$10 - 30
APP to create rooms throw images and save in templates -- 2
I want one App to design room, with tables, chairs. The idea is to design one coffe or restaurant, group objects, give a name like table1, table2, billard, and save templates associated to rooms, templates this that must have an interval of dates. This must be created in one application that i deliver, in C# and WPF. This layout must be done throw images. All the rooms, layout, images of tables, jornal, ... Full details »
19 hours ago$10 - 300
Whatsapp bulk sender application - open to bidding
Whatsapp bulk sender application. with license bases which must be in our hands. connecting with the server. thanks! Full details »
19 hours ago$750 - 1500
Client Invoicing Systems
The invoicing system is to be developed as a subscription based system for the users. The system will allow user to create invoices and send it to their customers to make payment on the invoice. - Requirement:-SAAS Application of Invoicing and Expense Logging. - Technology: [url removed, login to view] – MS SQL - Mobile Phones/ Tablet Compatibility- Responsive - Frontend ... Full details »
19 hours ago$250 - 750
Online Fee Collection using c# Asp .NET
We would like to have a software for a college, developed using ASP .NET Framework 4, Database is MySql. The Pages are 1. User Registration 2. Application Filling as per the existing template including photo of the candidate 3. Payment Collection using payment gateway either ccavenue/payumoney 4. Fee should be based on category(SC/ST OBC etc) 5. Reports a)No of student fee paid etc. ... Full details »
19 hours ago$15000 - 24998
20 hours ago$1500 - 3000
PHP looping [Teamview]
Refer to attachments. Must do with teamviewer. *accept project only if u're confident thanks Full details »
21 hours ago$12 - 50
Small travel-related website with database and web data scraping
Create a script that will select some information from the database and parse More information will be revealed to the selected programmer. Full details »
22 hours ago$30 - 250
22 hours ago$1500 - 3000
any one who can take .net proxy for male
have to crack the .net interviews for males . Full details »
22 hours ago$200 - 400
Build a Website
This website will make it easy for people to meet like minded people, whether it be for friends or for dating purposes. NOTE: Please look at the google drawing blueprints linked close to the bottom of this description. This will help understand what the site should look like. The user will create their own unique webpage, and then answer a questionnaire that will help match them with other users/friends. The ... Full details »
23 hours agon/a
Write an iPhone application
I own and operate a php based online game, I would like the game to be moved over to a multiplatform app running off the same database. Full details »
23 hours ago$3000 - 5000
Transfer Magento site to a new server
I have a Magento website that needs to be transferred to a new server Full details »
1 day ago$100 - 210
build an online e-commerce website
We need a web building and scraping projects. We need to scrape e-commerce websites such as amazon. We need scrape data from e-commerce website and store in database and show on our site. A website is required. : -order management -shipping management -parcel tracing management -and other management module Looking forward to hear from you. Full details »
1 day ago$100 - 200
Small Update to Joomsocial 2.8 on Joomla 2.5 Website
Hello, I have a Joomla 2.5 website running Jomsocial 2.8.4 On the Jomsocial Groups pages, I would like to re-order the groups tabs. They are currently: Recent Activity Description Announcements Discussions I would like to have them is this order: Discussions Description Announcements With "Recent Activity being removed. I have a test site setup for development. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
External Authentication login with ASP.NET Identity (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Microsoft)
Please note, we all know this is not rocket science, so please do not over inflate your price. Develop the External Authentication login with [url removed, login to view] Identity for a Web site that will allow the user to select the identity authentication by choosing for the following social Web sites: 1. Facebook 2. Linkedin 3. Google+ 4. Twitter 5. Microsoft Credentials will be entered ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
I need to build a travel website by ASP - Booking room - Booking tour Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Scrap Project to MS SQL - 6 fields, one table.
Scrape across 10 links, all in the same html format, for a duration of [X] every pass, and save 5-6 fields to a MS SQL Database, one table. Needs to be C#, Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
need someone to fix my social engine website
Allright, website has been dead for 4 years. Someone recently migrated the [url removed, login to view] for [url removed, login to view], sql file size is 12mb. However, most functions do not work afterwards, and this is your job to fix it Have u worked with social engine? I need u to fix that ASAP, bring back the articles and upload new theme (which i will tell where to get) add me on ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Scrapper auto poster needed I have one but needs work for a forum
Scrapper auto poster needed I have one but needs work for a forum Are if you have one.. I have IPB invision power board forum It needs take posts and put them on my would like it done in 2hours Full details »
1 day ago$250 - 750
Linking New Design to current backend
I am looking to change my whole website look. I have the current design already (all converted to html and css) All i need is people to hook it up to the current existing backend. Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
WYSIWYG Online Math Editor
I have a website and I need to embed a WYSIWYG* Online Math Editor to my website. (*WYSIWYG=What You See Is What You Get) Here is what I want exactly: [url removed, login to view] My site is coded with asp, but anything that will works with my site is fine. IF YOU WANT THE JOB, PLEASE SHOW ME A SMALL DEMO THAT WILL WORK FOR ONLY ONE MATHEMATICAL OPERATION. Thanks Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Transfer Database from Insightly to SugarCRM
Hi there, I am looking for a qualified CRM professional who can perform the database switch from Insightly to SugarCRM. Our company aims to extend its limits and wish to get more secure and practical CRM platform. As long as the record storage is large, we want to switch the default modules such as contacts, accounts and leads, as well as users, tasks and opportunities. We also need to migrate ... Full details »
1 day ago$750 - 1500
warehouse app
Ware house web application based on old american system And in the app there are three secrtions catalog , inventory , warehouse Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Software Reverse Engineering -- 2
Hi there, I have a software that I wish to crack to make some changes, please bid if you have experience doing so. Full details »
1 day ago$100 - 100
label printing software
this is the new project for label [url removed, login to view] have already sail my project to Bikanerwala. Full details »
1 day ago$12500 - 37500
We need a webdeveloper for ongoing work at our website . We prefer european candidate due to time difference. Looking forward to your reply! Full details »
2 days ago$8 - 15