Simple Web Hosting Billing Script


I need a Simple web hosting billing script with this basic features..

- Invoice system
- Support System
- Admin and Client Area
- Admin can edit/delete/close client account
- Option to add Payment processor like PayPal
- Automation
- Automate cPanel account creating
- Run daily cron to close old ticket, create invoice..

Currently I just need  this feature and later I will hire you to add more features..(Just need a basic billing script so I can sell my products and client can pay through invoice system..)

My budget is low so If you want then you don't need to integrate PayPal, just add paypal button(I will provide this code.)

Please note: I need open source script, full rites.. and later when I collect more money then I will hire you again for adding more features :)

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Also do not bid more then my budget..		

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