Torrent client with IP adress logging

$250 - 750 3 years ago
We need a Torrent Client that creates a log file to track IP adresses.
Any open source Torrent client can be used as a starting point to add the required functionality.
It should be possible to add torrent files to the client to start downloading of several files simultaneously.
All IP adresses of Machines connecting to the Client should be tracked. 
Uploading and downloading IP adresses should be tracked.

Manual how to use the software if applicable.

The Log file consists of at least 7 parts:

1. Hash value of the shared file
2. File name of the shared file
3. IP adress
4. Time of first connection to this IP adress
5. Time of last connection to this IP adress
6. Country of IP adress
7. Name of Internet provider of this IP adress

Client can be running on windows or linux.		

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Hey, I need a Counter Strike Global Offensive hack I want to buy the source code. I need a coder .. CS:GO CSS and othe OS: Windows 7 64-bit/32-bit [Aimbot] Aimkey Aimauto Autoshoot Silent_Aimbot FovByDist AutoWall DM Fix [Triggerbot] Triggerbot TriggerKey [Esp] Radar Hack Esp_Far Esp_Box Esp_Health Esp_Name Esp_Weapon Esp_Head Esp_Bone Esp_Bomb ... Full details »
12 hours ago$250 - 750