USA Signups Needed 1-2 page submits

$30 - 250 5 years ago
USA Signups Needed 1-2 page submits

Hi just like the ad says im looking for someone that uses a private for usa, to get leads converted for me, i will pay 50cents to 1.50 for each lead that converts, before i choose anyone for this job you must do 2-3 lead signups to make sure it converts, you can use data from but must be real info like phone number must match the persons address and name , and you can get all this info from 

if you are good at this job then you will get around 50 per week to do, will make 1st payment thru gaf after that i can pay still on gaf or paypal or alertpay


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Copy Text from Images
I will give you a set of images. You will then copy the text from those images and type this into a word document. Images with text are attached here. Work must be done ASAP. Full details »
13 minutes ago$250 - 750
Research on Hotels - open to bidding
Data of unique places to stay around the world. (Name ,Contact details,Email ID,Location) .Need this data location wise. Full details »
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Find Information from Websites
I am a startup that has had a lot of initial success and unfortunately not enough good people to help. I am looking for accountable people to help with many tasks. It could be email handling, making calls, transcription, research, etc. More importantly, I need people with flexible scheduling, eagered to learn, unafraid to ask questions and ask for more responsible. Simply put, I won't fail and ... Full details »
15 minutes ago$30 - 250
Need a team of virtual assistants
I need a team who can quickly do some online work for me. It will hopefully be an ongoing job. Please contact me with your hourly rate. I am looking for a low price option. I shall share more details after getting your hourly price. Full details »
24 minutes ago$2 - 8
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data using website resource - Repost - open to bidding
You will be researching addresses using two resources. 1. [url removed, login to view] & For columns T & U you will be researching for addresses using [url removed, login to view] for retail and office under for sale and for lease. For columns T & U you will be using [url removed, login to view], searching for restaurants with the lowest rating. City and State ... Full details »
26 minutes ago$100 - 400
Data Entry for Restaurant Menus
We need someone who can enter restaurant menus on our site, this will include setting up of the restaurant information like : - address - contact information - timings for open / close and delivery - create menu groups, menu items, item variations & the prices. Full details »
28 minutes ago$250 - 750
Datascrape from a website - 28000 records
[url removed, login to view] View the video it explains how to do the datascrape. Pretty easy to get the data. I also have the macro to get the email for excel if you need it. Full details »
34 minutes ago$30 - 250
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data using website resource
You will be researching addresses using two resources. 1. [url removed, login to view] & For columns T & U you will be researching for addresses using [url removed, login to view] for retail and office under for sale and for lease. For columns T & U you will be using [url removed, login to view], searching for restaurants with the lowest rating. City and State ... Full details »
39 minutes ago$30 - 250
Monthly accounting
1) Monthly management reports such as balance sheet, breakdown of balance sheet items, income statement & sales register.rn2) Monthly claims.rn Full details »
45 minutes ago$240 - 2000
We are looking for an experienced ebay seller to sell our items in 5 days.
I need someone who has a great feedback rating (accounts that are up and ready to go) and is able to sell my items in 5 days or less and earn some good and honest money . Need to have : ~ US UK EU AU CA seller with at least 6 months on ebay (prefer 1 yr) ~ Feedback of at least 100 with 98% or higher ~ PROFESSIONAL, EXCELLENT and FAST communication 2-3 hours max during the daytime hours ~ Active ... Full details »
45 minutes ago$250 - 750
I'm looking for key people who want to become partners in our organization.
We work with affiliate marketing. if you are good at internet marketing and direct sales then this is for you. We have a fast growing team that you can be a part of. We have a Video Presentation about the oppertunity here: [url removed, login to view] We have 9 income bonuses and car bonus. Send me a PM if you are interested. Full details »
46 minutes ago$1500 - 3000
Data entry and Image Search w/ potential for multiple projects
The freelancer will be required to perform two tasks: Task 1: Input data from Wine Wholesaler Portfolios (attached as PDFs) into a structured Excel or Google sheets spreadsheet. Accuracy is vital - all data will be cross-checked to determine accuracy. The data structure can be viewed at the following link: [url removed, login to view] Task 2: Google each specific wine producer and find ... Full details »
47 minutes ago$30 - 250
Spotify followers
Hi all I need plays to one of my song monthly on Spotify If you can do this please bid. Thanks Full details »
53 minutes ago$30 - 250
Hello , I am looking an ebay seller who have min 1 year exp selling stuff on ebay
I have some gps (fishfinders) and electronics for sale , I just moved out of the country and I have a full stock with unsold products from my ex-store . I don`t have the time needed to sell all my self on ebay , if anyone interested in making some extra cash , posting the products .I don`t know much about ebay, but i know if you don`t have great feedback sales will not be great , so 40+ feedback ... Full details »
55 minutes ago$250 - 750
I am looking for a person who has an eBay seller account with 100+ feedback.
Hi There, I need some items listed on [url removed, login to view] as auctions and some of them as buy it now listing . The items will be shipped from our warehouse and the project (sales )need to be done in 30 days. I only ask that sellers have 100 feedback and full paypal access so as the revenue will get deposited and not be held in paypal accounts . We can develop a excel form to exchange ... Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Specific Target Email Addresses Required
Need data base for specific businesses. I will pay for the email address that was verified by phone call. Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
facebook lead capture funnel and add fans
i need to add lead capture in my facebook page to recruit mlm marketers and need at least 1000 followers. spanish a plus Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
Wirtual Assistant -- 2
I am looking for virtual assistant that would respond to customer, contact leads and do the research. Perfect written English must be. Calling possibility to US and Canada would be an asset. Work time from 8:30 am up to 5:00 pm 5 days per week (8 hours a day); long term project only. If you are interested, please provide your conditions and responding to the job please put in the subject line ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Remove negative posts on google search results (or push the down)
When you input my clients name into Google, i see one or more websites that speak negatively about my client. These are 9-10 years old and they keep coming to the top of google. This is what I need 1. Remove negative content quickly when you search our name 2. Boost ranking of 'positive' content 3 .Creates new, positive content 4. Post of positive articles, blogs, journals,forum ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 350
German Guest Posting
I am looking for 5 German guest posting. I will provide 400 word X 5 articles. Need to publish them in German blogs. If you owned any German blog and interested to publish my artikle in your site. Hit me up. Niche AUTO Thanks Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Motivations and Emotions: Driving Consumer Behavior
Term paper is to be written in MLA style, and be 10 pages in length, with a minimum of 3 Academic resources. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Find me some Leads (datamine/build me a database)
I am looking for someone to build me some databases of prospective clients. First database: Two Types of people we want to capture: 1. People with the words "Property Manager" in their title that are located in Canada. 2. Executives at a Property Management Company in Canada. (eg. President, Vice President, Director, Owner). Property Management companies will typically have the ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
We are looking for an experienced ACTIVE ebay seller
We are looking for a profesional to work on our selling project until the stock is over (electronics/2 or 3 weeks of listings) The job itself is simple and should take 2 hours per day in case being done professionally, so experience is a must. We will provide you with descriptions, titles, pictures and everything you would possibly need in order to list our items. You will need to answer questions ... Full details »
2 hours ago$750 - 1500
Sell Website Development Services
My firm [url removed, login to view] based out of India sells application development service, web development service and mobile App development service. As a expanding firm we are prepared to work at zero profit as of now and share 20% sales commission with sales people. Our premium web design and development service with focus on design excellence comes at a fixed price of 1500$ per client. So ... Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Hire a Virtual Assistant
This is very easy scraping work and i need as soon as possible .Who know scraping and who have scraping software.I have few website need ti scraping .I will provide website who win this [url removed, login to view] detail pm me .Low bid win this project. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data
I need an Excel Pro to fix a macro in my spreadsheet. The macro takes data from 1 of my sheets, auto fills the data to the proper cells on another sheet. For some reason this macro button has stopped working. It gives me the error: Code execution has been interupted Then it highlights a certain line of code when I press the debug button. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the error in the ... Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Need trusted and dedicated person from US CANADA UK EUROPE or AUSTRALIA for ebay listing project 30 days - 200usd/day
Dear freelancers, Need one serious eBay seller for one month project to sell our products (Mostly electronics genuine100% brand new) to the US market [url removed, login to view] . eBay fees are covered by us. you have the possibility to make over 200$ per day / 2-3 hours /day We require that you: - have a positive eBay sellers feedback of 10 or higher - verified eBay and PayPal account - ... Full details »
2 hours agon/a
SEO my Website / Rank Keywords on Google
I have a website for computer repair service which I want to rank on first page of top 3 Google for the desired keywords. I am looking for SEO who can rank a website for keywords quickly as possible ( Use any method, white, grey or black hat). Provides weekly reports. I will be measuring the results based upon: a.) Rankings b.) Traffic Increase c.) Leads Generate I will be personally monitoring ... Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Screen Scrape Data from Website into Excel
I have a list of 4,000 urls in excel. For each, goto s-p-y-f-u (dot) com [remove dashes for actual address], enter url, and copy/paste resulting daily ad spend back into excel. Work will be checked for accuracy prior to payment. Expect 99% accuracy. Also, what is price for each additional 100 records? Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Leads for paperless-office business software
We built a product for businesses to help them turn forms into online forms. Mainly for businesses that use the same forms for all their clients, and also for longer forms, not just simple signup forms. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 1000
Help me with Marketing
well i am a great experience on marketing although it is a very difficult job but i always try to manage it Full details »
3 hours ago$10 - 30
Digital Media Marketing
Need a strategic plan and execution on our brand... Please send us your proposals DO NOT SEND US A GENERIC PROPOSAL YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED Full details »
3 hours ago$8 - 15
Find Information from Websites
I need someone to browse the internet and find programs and scripts and enter them into our database. If selected you'll given access to our control panel to enter the data. I might also have you review/update our existing data and fix broken links and such for listings. Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Ebay Established Sellers needed for 1 month posibility of 200 USD per day
I am looking eBay sellers with outstanding accounts. making $1000+ a week. for one month time project . You'll need to have experience on how to sell item(s) on eBay. Your eBay, Paypal (MUST be verified) and should be more than 6 months old. Preferably more than 1 year old. MUST have a minimum of 200 positive feedback You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list ... Full details »
3 hours ago$25 - 50
NPO E-mail and Print Campaign
I want to build an e-mail and print marketing campaign template built around the shopping seasons for the year. The program is based on [url removed, login to view] cash back program. It has partnered with all the top retailers to give actual cash back to supporters and their Non-profit also gets a royalty. It's basically a way for people to give to their charities without actually giving any ... Full details »
3 hours ago$250 - 750
eBay Sellers ! GET 50$ - $200 /day 30 days project
We need new sellers starting immediately. Applicants must be able and willing to list our inventory in timely manner and with professionalism, use HTML TEMPLATES AND professionally made DESCRIPTIONS on eBAY Listing and preparing sales reports should take about 2 h daily, established seller accounts can earn up to $200/day OUR PRODUCTS FEATURE A WIDE RANGE OF HIGH QUALITY AND BRAND CLOTHING, ... Full details »
4 hours agon/a
Find information and enter the data in a google spreadsheet
I have the following list of banks. As the Website is always in German you should need some German skills. The following data I would need: a) if logo is "[url removed, login to view]" -> find the logo of the bank and save the logo and enter the name of the logo. b) if "homepage" is empy, find the URL of the homepage and enter it c) search on the website if you can find ... Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Do SEO Marketing for me
I need someone to do some SEO marketing for my business. This marketing should increase traffic to our website as well as increase our online profile. The marketing should improve our online reputation. Please message me if you have any questions. Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data from Web Page
Need to create a spreadsheet from the data on this page: [url removed, login to view] It is currently 218 pages. I need one spreadsheet with 4 columns that match the columns on the pages Full details »
4 hours ago$10 - 30
Find Information from Websites repost
I need to collect email address from website. I need only email address. Please mention rate per k. Lowest bidder will win the job. Please cheek the link before bid [url removed, login to view] Thanks for your bid. Full details »
4 hours ago$2 - 8
PDF to CSV file convert
Hi, I need to convert pdf catalogue to CSV file as in title. As an example I did one of the entry from the catalogue, so you will have an idea how this should look like - it's definitely more clear then trying to explain in writing - please analyse the example carefully before you bid on it. Link to catalogue itself: [url removed, login to view] Full details »
4 hours ago$20 - 250
Match retail items and enter price shipping color and size
Match items from 2 websites and enter the price, shipping, color, and size, and qty per unit. Eye for detail a must. Match items in vendor url to the amazon list if correct match save if not highlight in red the row. Have another few such sheets waiting. Full details »
4 hours ago$10 - 30
Update Inventory Images and Re-name all Images with SKU : 700 items (approx.)
Hello, We are looking individual/company to complete the following: 1. Update Inventory Images : Add new images/Delete old images - via spreadsheets and vendor websites 2. Rename all New product Image Names with SKU Vendors : (6) Number of Products : (approx.) 700 *Submit new complete information via .csv or excel Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
Match retail items and enter price shipping color and size
Match items from 2 websites and enter the price, shipping, color, and size, and qty per unit. Eye for detail a must. Match items in vendor url to the amazon list if correct match save if not highlight in red the row. Have another few such sheets waiting. Full details »
4 hours ago$10 - 30
Ajude-me com Marketing na Internet
Caro freelancers, Esse projeto precisa de um freelancer que faça um plano de estrategias digitais para um pequeno E-commerce de Moda Fitness. Vamos trabalhar forte com as mídias sociais, enviem suas propostas informando quais estrategias pretendem fazer, como e quanto precisam inicialmente. Publico alvo, Mulheres de 14 a 40 anos, todo Brasil. Full details »
5 hours ago$250 - 750
Join a fast growing network marketing team.
I am searching for some key people that want to join my fast growing team in a good network marketing team. [url removed, login to view] Full details »
5 hours ago$18 - 36
Get Facebook fans
Soundcloude followers need urgent , regular order and monthly payment Full details »
5 hours ago$2 - 8
Help me with Marketing
I need top radio stations and newspapers in the Dominican Republic Full details »
5 hours ago$30 - 250
SEO my Website
I need SEO expert for my website Full details »
5 hours ago$8 - 15
Signing up 150 usernames on forums (no posting required)
Im searching for a person who is capable of creating usernames on different forums. In total 150 english sounding usernames(john76 , william5 etc) with each username having a unique password and to some extent a unique sign up email associated with it(READ BELOW) VERY IMPORTANT: you can use the same email-acct to create a single username on each of the different forums, but You cannot use the same ... Full details »
5 hours ago$10 - 30