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What's required:

We require a simple back-end to be developed to allow for automatic hosting account creation, creating a new sub domain subdomain.unisoc.org. We will also require the ability to show and edit advertisements on any sub domains created at our discretion. 

The site will be written by hand by an able developer, this could be based on an existing framework developed by yourself or your company.

The site's basically functionality will be as follows:

	basic control panel - for admin use 
	auto creation of sub domain after registration (must use valid university email for registration (eg ac.uk) and verify email address
	basic website design capabilities for each user who has created a sub domain using templates drag and drop(wysiwyg editor)similar to 1&1 website creator.
	ftp upload capabilities

Plus other features to be added as site progresses. 

example of what we have so far available at www.unisoc.org/unisoc 



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CSS Customize Wordpress theme
I have a theme that needs some simple CSS customisation. Should be fairly quick and easy. Here's what needs doing: Add possibility to add a left-aligned logo to top menu bar as well as right align the search icon, break up blog posts on front page with a 50px break between them. Should look like the pic. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
I have published a book and am looking to build a simple Author/ Book website. This will not be an eCommerce site, only directed to my book pages in Smashwords/ Amazon etc. I will only consider bids from people who have created similar websites. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
edit Htaccess file- redirect users
Hello we need to redirect all DESKTOP users to another website. please provide the code to paste in the htaccess. thank you. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Fix error pages and white pages on a PHPBB forum and a third party script. -- 2
We need to change various error issues on one PHPBB forum and a third party script, wich appear afther a move on from one server to another. Full details »
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Pinterest Style Website Template
I need someone that can create a website template for auctions that looks somewhat like Pinterest. The auction would include a brief description, a picture (or multiple), and comments. A mock-up is attached to provide a general idea. The header should include a drop down with categories to choose from. I will need the following pages: * Home page - Infinite scroll (Pinterest Style) * Profile ... Full details »
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PLEASE REPLY WITH TEH WORD "PET" IN YOUR BID $50 maximum bid considered Required within 24 hours. we will not pay until we check its all done 100% correctly The main task of this assignment is to make the serial code run in parallel using MPI. Full details »
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3 hours ago$30 - 250
Clock in/clock out application. Pages: New Employee Update Employee Clock in/Clock Out Review/Approve Adjust shift times Full details »
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convert normal theme into responsive bootstrap .
I have a working theme its clean coded Div based ... I want to convert it into bootstrap responsive theme . Full details »
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HTML & CSS developer for ecommerce
I am launching an ecommerce in Brazil, and my designer are creating the layout and templates, but it need to be configured to be integrate with my plataform solution. Full details »
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funcionar php mailer vs bluehost - DOMINK
Pretendo que este formulario...[url removed, login to view] comunique com [url removed, login to view] tenho codigo desenvolvido...falta so comunicar com o bluehost..... Full details »
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Write some Software
VB code to connect to database, two database tables. Ask for db file Full details »
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Create Website with CMSmadeSimple
Need a new website based on [url removed, login to view] U have to create the Website with CMS made simple ([url removed, login to view]). Your youb is create a complete "copy" of origin site with same styles and slider. For pics u can use dummys. thx Full details »
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