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What's required:

We require a simple back-end to be developed to allow for automatic hosting account creation, creating a new sub domain subdomain.unisoc.org. We will also require the ability to show and edit advertisements on any sub domains created at our discretion. 

The site will be written by hand by an able developer, this could be based on an existing framework developed by yourself or your company.

The site's basically functionality will be as follows:

•	basic control panel - for admin use 
•	auto creation of sub domain after registration (must use valid university email for registration (eg ac.uk) and verify email address
•	basic website design capabilities for each user who has created a sub domain using templates drag and drop(wysiwyg editor)similar to 1&1 website creator.
•	ftp upload capabilities

Plus other features to be added as site progresses. 

example of what we have so far available at www.unisoc.org/unisoc 



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Facebook Integration with Customer Management Portal
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Convert a Template to a Website
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Experienced Magento Fix
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1 hour ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
Small business start up looking for Web Designer to create new educational website. Examples of previous website design work required. This project could lead to future projects or ongoing work. Full details ยป
1 hour ago$100 - 1500
Send one email to my 10k users within hours
hi! need a fast person who deliver my email in inbox. i have notepad file of my users emails. Full details ยป
1 hour ago$25 - 50
edit evolutionscript to add neteller payment
i want to start a paid to click site using evolutionscript and i want to add neteller as a payment method ( add funds and withdraw) i need to modify the script to add the payment method i will provide the script the job is too easy to do Full details ยป
1 hour ago$10 - 100
Desarrollar software
2 Adminx Please fix the following on the adminx - reorder columns, "id de oferta" has to be first column - view more on products and deals - Buttons has to change collor when you are in current page Full details ยป
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Check over My Wordpress Amazaon cloudfront s2member config
Just need to have someone check over my wordpress website and do some tests to see why a video is not playing, it is up on amazon cloudfront which is also tied to s2member. I need someone to get the video up and running and show me what was wrong so i can post more videos on my site in the future. You need to know cloudfront and 2smember please thanks Full details ยป
1 hour ago$10 - 30
Some small edits needed for [url removed, login to view] cms site will pm with details Full details ยป
1 hour ago$30 - 70
Fix WordPress Speed. Google PageSpeed is reporting 0/100! FIX PLEASE!
I'm running a new WordPress theme on my website. My blog loads kind of slow now. After using Google's "PageSpeed Insights" tool at [url removed, login to view] I discovered that my speed is showing 0/100!! Without sacrificing the layout of my theme or giving up features, I want to hire someone to go through my site and fix everything Google PageSpeed Insights is reporting wrong ... Full details ยป
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Wordpress Membership Website
I am creating a membership website in Wordpress. I already have the building blocks: a web address, access to any template I want at [url removed, login to view], the Builder series. I also bought a membership to [url removed, login to view], which builds membership websites. I am somewhat capable with Wordpress, but I need someone to help me set up the framwork. For example, I activated one of the ... Full details ยป
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developpement drupal + commons
creation d'un site communautaire Full details ยป
1 hour agon/a
Website programmer
Design and develop a heavy database website for an MLM company. Full details ยป
1 hour ago$250 - 750
simple php / mysql project
Use the same names (case sensitive) for database, table, fields, record data, and file names (.php) because this determines if your work will run or not on a different computer. If the code does not run properly on a different computer, many points will be deducted. Make sure that all requirements are met by testing and checking (one by one). 1) Create a database with the following requirements: - ... Full details ยป
1 hour ago$10 - 30
Create a Magento responsive theme based on Foundation 5
Hi, 1.) It has to be based on [url removed, login to view], so the integration will have to be deep: Structure (grid, layout), navigation, media, forms, buttons, typography, tables and any sort of content are styled with Zurb Foundation 5. But it should touch as little template files as possible. 2) The theme has no other CSS besides Foundation 5. 3.) Make the theme compatible with Magento upgrades. 4.) ... Full details ยป
1 hour ago$750 - 1500
evolution script with neteller
i want to start a paid to click site using evolutionscript and i want to add neteller as a payment method ( add funds and withdraw) i need to modify the script to add the payment method i will provide the script the job is too easy to do Full details ยป
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Edit Something
Find the problems in the chapter topics and write them in 2 to 3 pages. Full details ยป
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Build 10 difrent themes for a construction company
Please read carefuly before you bid, otherwise i will not contact you Please send me your purposal for 10 diffrent UNIQUE construction companyes. I want the price for 10 not for one. you must have rating and portofolio and send me a detailed purposal. Full details ยป
2 hours ago$30 - 250