Update windows .Net App with UI changes/ code fixes

$30 - 250 3 years ago
We at Toil Software are in need of an ASP.net 4.0 C# Programmer with SQL Server 2008 experience. Our windows application: MOD, was built here on freelancer.com 
We are not programmers, simply a small team trying to satisfy the needs of our customers. We can provide a description of what we want, and our ideas on how to get there  but ultimately we are counting on you, the programmer, for developing the best way to implement changes. 

MOD was designed as a windows application capable of printing money orders and to provide backend accounting on those sales.

MOD is divided into 3 parts:
Server Client- Runs as a windows service on our Windows Server 2008 R2, communicates with SQL Server 2008 R2 on the same machine. SQL database contains tables with information on money orders, companies, tellers, licensing etc.
Teller Client- Runs on window x32 & x64 bit systems using Windowss oneclick software to streamline updates & initial installation. This client is used to actually send the money order information to the printer (Okidata 320 Turbo) utilizing windows standard language. It also sends the information to the server. The client is capable of running basic reports (daily sales total for example). 
Admin Client- Contains much of the same code as the teller client, but is capable of changing user information, advanced reporting, e-mail notification settings, manual money order adjustment, and more. This client is also in-capable of creating new money orders.

Whats this job?
Please see the attached requirements Phase 7 of our development cycle. My requirement brief is very detailed. 

MOD was originally built to handle multiple-companies within the same database.  We found this could potentially cause issues modifying data that belongs to someone else.  Since then we have decided it would be better to have a completely different database for different companies.  This eliminates the need to select a company within the program since there will only be one.  We need these obsolete options removed to clean up the UI, the code behind these options modified to assume only one company, and a few changes/fixes as detailed.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please dont hesitate to send me a message.
Only bids who indicate they actually read my brief will be considered.
We appreciate your help with this update, and look to move past it so that we can continue on the growing list of updates & additions for MOD we want to add. 

Resources we provide:
Original most up-to-date source code
Copy (upon request) of all previous correspondence with prior freelancers. 
Remote access to via Logmein to our Production servers.
Quick feedback from us via e-mail for any questions or concerns.
Constant contact via Skype
We also provide update requests & bug lists in a detailed and usable form. 

Please note regarding payment:
I am not interested in paying any hourly rates, please bid your final price for a final delivery that is 100% bug free. Payments will not be released until bugs are fixed.

Thank You,
Toil Software		

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