VPS Server config: CentOS, webmin/virtualmin, nginx, php

$30 - 250 5 years ago
I need someone to help me configure my server. I have a VPS through Zabogo.com. I am hiring on a one-time basis, but if you do your work well and quickly, I might hire you for more work later down the line.

Previously I was using WHM/Cpanel for my control panel. 
I want to use: Webmin/Virtualmin
Web server: nginx

I know there is no plugin for nginx and webmin.
What you must do: Create a simple plugin for Webmin (or use one that's already created) to view, control, and monitor nginx.

I need someone to configure and optimize and install SSL certificates, mysql, nginx, mail server, ftp server, and php for the best performance and security possible on an open source platform. If you have any other suggestions then great! I want to use the most current versions of all these software platforms.

I have uploaded the Cpanel backup file from my last server, and once the server is installed and configured this backup file will need to be restored. It has all the server data including databases, product files, website files, etc.

These following plugins need to be enabled, and must work with the control panel/nginx: 


My first requirement is to set these mail MX records up right away after installing the control panel so that email will work through Google Apps.

Priority Mail Server

You can read more information here http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=140034

NOTE: You must write a response with your bid, or I will ignore your bid. If you write  I can do this for you  or  I have 8 years experience as a Linux Admin  I will ignore your bid. Please tell me which control panel you will recommend, if you can set up the MX records right away after installing this control panel, if you can make nginx work with all these plugins and the control panel (and how), if you can install SSL certificate, optimize the website for the best performance, etc.		

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