Virus /malware cleanup - VERY FAST WORK3

$30 - 250 5 years ago
My web site has a virus/malware. The site  is on a linux server. i will give u ftp and u can clean it up. This is very fast and easy work

i do not want any files deleted just clean it up. 

Please do not bid more than $15 this is very fast work just clean the virus do not delete any files. lowest bid wins. Just clean everything thanks.		

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looking for whatsapp finder php script i don't have api for whatsapp but i know there's one i need to check range of numbers to see who registered and who not pm me for more details Full details »
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Joomla sports template upgrade to 3.0
Upgrade a joomla sports template to 3.0 Full details »
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Build a website
I need an informational / online brochure website designed and coded. No CMS required. Full details »
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Vtiger custom invoice creation with pdfmaker
Vtiger custom invoice template creation using pdfmaker. Need to create the html code for the desired template using pdf Maker professional Full details »
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Make minor modifications to a wordpress site
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50 minutes ago$40 - 100 clone
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Build a Website
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Fix PHP problem
Hello Please read attached file. Thanks Full details »
52 minutes ago$10 - 30
interspire email marketer cron not sending
our interspire marketer was working fine. However now it is not sending. We have a test campaign that is set waiting to send. cron shows running but last run on cron in interspire - Your cron job has not been triggered for its last 3 expected runs... Full details »
52 minutes ago$10 - 30
Excel template for WP-Pro Quiz Plugin -- 2
WP-Pro Quiz plugin is a free login [url removed, login to view] . It has the import and export facility of quiz in XML format . The project is to create an EXCEL file or WORD template where USERS are supposed to fill up 20 questions and answers ( multiple choice type). Once it is saved as XML , it should be imported to the WP-PRO-QUIZ without any problem. It is like creating a template for easy ... Full details »
52 minutes ago$30 - 250
Excel template for WP-Pro Quiz Plugin
WP-Pro Quiz plugin is a free login [url removed, login to view] . It has the import and export facility of quiz in XML format . The project is to create an EXCEL file or WORD template where USERS are supposed to fill up 20 questions and answers ( multiple choice type). Once it is saved as XML , it should be imported to the WP-PRO-QUIZ without any problem. It is like creating a template for easy ... Full details »
55 minutes ago$1500 - 3000
Make a easy html page...
Make a easy html page! it should look simple, easy, and very good looking I will pay you through paypal/skrill Full details »
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make web page configurable with firefox it's just one page need to edit looking for fast designer Full details »
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Website Formatting Messed Up
My website formatting is messed up right now due to internal port 80 error. Need someone skilled in WordPress to fix this. Full details »
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Modify Wordpress AVADA Theme
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Need to setup order page with whmcs
Hello I am have made custom order page for my hosting site. I need to make that page dynamic and all orders though that page must goto whmcs. Need to integrate payemnt gatway as well. I have api code for the same. This page includes domain registration as well. Need some one who is good with php and whmcs api Full details »
1 hour ago$1500 - 12500
Meeting room management solution
Meeting room management solution to be used by number of companies, will have 2 parts, the main part and the android part, you can quote for the main part only or for the Android part only or for both, this same project is posted twice, one for the main application and one of the Android version, pls read the word file attached and other attachments for the Android part before you quote. if you ... Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 1000
Build a Website
Just the basics of a Flash website Small job details; using action script 2 6 buttons that navergate to 6 pages. I will add all the other stuff my self. Full details »
1 hour ago$20 - 250
Import products to e-commerce Magento
I need to import products and photos from [url removed, login to view] to [url removed, login to view] These sites are located at one hosting. Files from [url removed, login to view] will replace files at [url removed, login to view] in the future. Sql from [url removed, login to view] can be provided. Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 30
whatsapp application
i need a appliaction like whatsapp which works in Android, IOS, Windows (all platform support) i need this project on urgently basis Full details »
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VOIP resale website API Integration
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a program problem
i have problem and i need to solve it Full details »
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multi vendor shopping cart similar to amazon
Looking for a multi vendor script similar to amazon. CodeIgniter preferred. Will need to integrate our bank's credit card processing system. Full details »
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ccleaner software
i need a software like ccleaner,its having all the features likes temp file cleaner, junk file cleaner and all the features it has plzzz bid only if you expert in software building Full details »
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Multi-Site Framework in PHP (without CMS)
This framework will be the backbone of a multi-site enviroment. The framework itselfs will contain a single MySQL database which holds the necessary data to generate different one-page websites. No CMS is needed. The project itself is not that difficult but there are quite a few details. Please have a very good look on the PDF file attached before placing a bid. Also there is a timetable in the ... Full details »
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RechtEasy - Website for law-interested people in austria
I think that it would be good to work with a framework like yii from [url removed, login to view] since it makes everything pretty stable and more easy. Webdevelopment ToDos: - Wiki-System with basic wiki-features: o Link to an internal wiki-page or to an external page o Have categories (an article shall be able to be in more than one category but also in no one) o User can create, edit articles o Inline ... Full details »
1 hour ago$750 - 1500
for my social community script I need #hashtag suggestion when user write post and in search field
Hi, I have twitterclone script, I need #hashtag suggestion in search field and #hashtag suggestion when user writes post. This means man must cod write and write it in the post box where makes in mysql database query and displays as Suggest. Thank You Full details »
1 hour ago$8 - 30
operating system
1-Correct implementation of FIFO 2-Correct implementation of LRU 3-Report 4-Writing style (comments and descriptions) Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
Adding a function to a NV9USB bill reader[Japanese programmers needed]
Japanese programmers needed.. [machine] insert money > bill reader VALIDATES > PRINT receipt with generated ID# and dollar amount > send to API. The default printing template is in XML. The bill reader files are in C++ and .NET I need someone to read the script(s) create this new function or LOOP. and execute it inside the machine to update the settings. every time money is inserted ... Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
betting software
hi i want a programm that has 2 scales I dont know anything about programming i can just tell u what i want and then you tell if you can the first scale is to feed our programm with xml from about 15-20 bookmakers and collect every single odd for every event in REAL time like this site does [url removed, login to view] this is a surebet alert This is what i am using wright now Its ... Full details »
1 hour ago$150 - 150
Need a classified website
I am looking to develop a php/mysql based website. This site should work on all the mobile devices including iphone, android based phone, ipad, and tablets pc. It should also accept e-payments with paypal integration i.e site should be e-commerce enabled. I also need custom graphics and logo for the website. Need SEO also. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
A local social community website for Delhi & NCR that relates to social, governance needs of people. Full details »
2 hours ago$12500 - 37500
Mac and Linux System Audio Recorder
Description Our company is currently developing a software application and we need an additional part developed below. Console application that is able to record the system audio (also known as loopback recording). This must record all computer generate sounds from video playback to system noises, we already have a java based microphone reader in place, and need this to go into our existing application. ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Fix dovecot postfix port 25 connection error
Ive an VPS with postfix configured, but I dont find where the error is because incoming connectings are being cutted. Iptables is switched off and all configs are done as on tutorials. Someone has experience with that? Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Agoda YCS intranet interface
Write some Software to interface internal system with Agoda intranet YCS Full details »
2 hours ago$30000 - 60000
csv to sql convertion
Hi. I run a adult tube script from adultvideoscript (avs) and it embedes videos from different sites like, pornhub, redtube etc and i have a .csv file containing over 468 000 rows with embed video, yes its every video available on pornhub. and i would like to convert the csv file into sql and make it fit the original colums in database. I would also like every video to be set to a bigger embed ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
website development and HtML email work
Put this description on the job Make registration apge like this: [url removed, login to view] 2: Follwing registration after USer logs in it will take them to landing page; 3: Landing page has three options A: Website Icon- takes them to the website ( in teh beginnng this page will say "Undergoing construction"); B: Latest Catalogue offer Icon- will take them to Online catalogue ( pagesuite); ... Full details »
2 hours ago$20 - 60
Build a module
Hi, I need a module for any CMS (wordpress,joomla,dotnetnuke or ..) that can explore Moon from Google API, it must get a unique code and show the location in moon(codes and location will submit to system admin) it's like showing specify land in moon Thanks Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Email Content Analyzer
i'm looking for email content parser php script. Not for Spamming purpose!!! Here is how it works: My customers place orders at various online websites and forward the order confirmation email they receive to my email. With simple Email Pipe trick (e.g. built-in functionality of Cpanel hosting) it'll forward the email body to the PHP Script for further analyzing. Analyzer script working ... Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Passbook Programmer
Need someone who knows Passbook and how its application works Full details »
2 hours ago$3000 - 5000