Virus /malware cleanup - VERY FAST WORK3

$30 - 250 4 years ago
My web site has a virus/malware. The site  is on a linux server. i will give u ftp and u can clean it up. This is very fast and easy work

i do not want any files deleted just clean it up. 

Please do not bid more than $15 this is very fast work just clean the virus do not delete any files. lowest bid wins. Just clean everything thanks.		

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Build a Website - Video chat website
I want to build a video chat website with many features: - Member register, log in, forgot pass... - Member ship, subscription with Paypal, 2 CO - Who develop such site will maintain it and upgrade in future too. Full details »
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Asynchronous social feeds (facebook, google, twitter)
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Build a Website for an online travel agency
I'm looking for a web developer with experience with different GDS's to build a website like Expedia. Users should be able to browse and book a flight, hotel, rental car, tours, ... I'm open to yours recommendation/suggestion on a good GDS. The system should be compatible with different API's from different GDS's. Please submit your proposed design along with your price. ... Full details »
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Build a Website
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Login System w/ Profile + PHP Interaction with VPS - open to bidding
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Auto Sync Mysql and merge
I have mysql database in three different locations. What i want is 1. Merge all these three database into one database 2. The above process has to be automated Simple copy my sql from A,B,C locations and merrge all of them into a single DB in the Third Location D Full details »
31 minutes ago$10 - 30
emeeting dating software
We are using emeeting dating software I have un encrypted the software although I see allot of things missing. The userplane chat is not even in my download. Is there anyone that can help with this project please reply to Full details »
33 minutes ago$10 - 30
Gravity Forms, Woocommerce & Mijireh Checkout - need to pass checkout variables and post to emailed invoice -- 2
I need a wordpress Gravity Forms expert to help me with a woocommerce / Mijireh checkout issue. The issue is adding custom fields to the Mijireh hosted checkout page. Please send me a message and I'll send you a link to the website so you can review everything for yourself. Also, see the attached screenshot of the gravity form fields I need to be carried over past the checkout page and into ... Full details »
33 minutes ago$30 - 250
family thing
1->HomePage 2->Signup and Login 3->Dashboard (with family tree) 4->update profile 5->Posting to wall 6->Exchange chat and pictures with others Full details »
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Build a Website 082214
Build a Website 082214 Build a Website 082214 Full details »
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Generating Map from Geo-Tagged Photos
We need an experienced PHP Developer that wants to take on a challenge. Please read slowly. Summary: We want a Script that generates a map (with one click) from a folder of geo-tagged photos. The Map should have markers and be stylized so that we can print or publish in a website. Sequence / Logic Steps: a. I trigger the script with one command or a click b. The Script looks through a ... Full details »
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Social networking site -- 2
I am looking for someone/group to create a social networking site. I have a company to host the site and need the site to be up and running within a month. Thank you! Full details »
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Redesign a Social Engine Default Theme
I need you Redesign a social engine script default theme to simple and beautiful design for my new social network. Full details »
53 minutes ago$250 - 750
PHP My SQL work
I am looking for an urgent work : I need a customization tool for my web site to design tshirt and gifts and mugs It has to work exactly same as the reference website I will show when I choose the [url removed, login to view] important thing is - that I need this module in PHP/MySql and when we change text and images according to reference web site then the final image saves in database. Please ... Full details »
53 minutes ago$30 - 250
Create a Mobile Website
This mobile web app (MWA) (with responsive design) will facilitate cheaper travel for our users. It will get people to enter their 'interests' and with this information it will match them with others all over the world in terms of number of shared interests. For example, Tony might want to travel to canada. He may share 8/10 interests with Shaun (80% compatibility). Tony can then request ... Full details »
55 minutes agon/a
oscommerce/oscMax BTS Bootstrap theme
we require someone with experience with the osCommerce BTS template system to modify an osCMax v2.5.4 store codebase to allow for a Bootstrap 3.x template to be used with the existing store code and BTS system The developer will need to design a Bootstrap 3 design or provide a working existing template in the style of [url removed, login to view]'s design. ( a similar design not a blatant copy) the ... Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Build a Website
Awesome Register Page Without Php Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
Hotel booking integration to website -- 2
I am looking for a developer to integrate trivago, wotif, hotelscombined and expedia affiliate programs into an existing website page using that sites CSS and design layout so that the properties displayed all have the same display style, however linking to their respective sites for bookings etc using an affiliate ID This will most likely involve data mining for the specific properties with the ... Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Create a Wordpress Template
Hi, I need a wordpress ecommerce website made. I have the wordpress template installed on my host and can provide a username, password and ftp login details. My url is [url removed, login to view] and I want the website to look and work like Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
Convert a Template to a Website
I am looking for a skilled php developer who can successfully integrate a Bootstrap 3 skin into a customized osCMAX v2.5.4 release admin the skin to be integrated is available for view at [url removed, login to view] the project will require the removal of the existing tables based html structures replacing it with the bootstrap theme and its full functionality the work required needs to be ... Full details »
1 hour ago$750 - 1500
Create A Webform Similar To Example Work Now
I need a developer preferably someone who can begin work NOW and works quick to implement a form into my site. The purpose of the form is for my users to add data, I know its pretty simple to use a form to add data to a MYSQL database but the form im looking for in this job is a bit more interactive. There will be about 3 steps in the form and the user should be able to save their progress when ... Full details »
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Build a Website
I would like to build a website using word press preferably. The website will be an online order website for flash [url removed, login to view] website should capture the following requirements: 1. Use an existing WP Commerce template. 2. Display different flash drive categories in the products section 3. Allows user to create account - with strong passwords enabled. 4. Users are able to purchase ... Full details »
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Build a Website
need a parallax site i will purchase the X THEME for Wordpress i can send you an example just don't want to place the URL here. its for a private limo company needs to have a registration /login/booking customers (the booking and credit card payments will be done by another company and have the code i can provide to incorporate into the site. Thank you. Full details »
1 hour ago$250 - 750
PHP My SQL work
I am looking for an urgent work : I need a customization tool for my web site to design tshirt and gifts and mugs It has to work exactly same as the reference website I will show when I choose the [url removed, login to view] important thing is - that I need this module in PHP/MySql and when we change text and images according to reference web site then the final image saves in database. Please ... Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250 configuration
I need a freelancer to set up the sales process in [url removed, login to view] for me. Full details »
1 hour ago$10 - 30
Build an Adult Website
Build membership site w/added pics & video. Full details »
1 hour ago$750 - 1500
Build a Website
I need some one to help me find a page in a FTP. It should be easy for some one familiar with FTPs. Pay is only $4 as this is a quick and simple thing. Thanks Full details »
1 hour ago$2 - 8
Instalador de aplicación
Preparar un instalador para una aplicación que identifique la máquina en la es instalada Full details »
1 hour ago$30 - 250
Build a Website
Looking for someone to build a 3 page website in 2 days on a Charity Golf Tournament Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
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2 hours ago$15 - 25
Help with Ipv6 error and Awstats
Hi, i seem to have some problem with ipv6 compability in Virtualmin. Also i cant seem to get into Awstats. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Search location using geocode API in google maps
i have existing word press website now. but i have issue with location search using zip code. when i search with zip code if store is not in that location does not show any result. i want to search with zip code show list within 100 miles. we only have 3 store anyways also want to fixed zoom all 5 stores can view one page. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
Online Rummy Website
Hi, We are looking for the similar website like [url removed, login to view] This website is related to rummy online gaming website. Please only bid if you people have prior experience in developing the same website. Send the Working Demo URL. Looking forward for the response. Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
To develop a ecommerce fullfillment software
The system is an eCommerce warehousing and order fulfillment company. They need the basic of this system go live in 2-3 weeks: 1. clients will be able to create and define a product ( SKU, Item description, dimension, weight…etc); 2. clients will be able to create a shipment ( send packing list of the multiple inventory into our system; then ship physical goods to our warehouse); 3. we will ... Full details »
2 hours ago$3000 - 5000
Build an Adult Website
Build membership site w/added pics & video. Full details »
2 hours ago$750 - 1500
Write some Software
Necesito crear instalador para una aplicación, de forma que se instale para una sol maquina Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Crear una página web
We need to make a page design, a q&a page community like this one: [url removed, login to view] we will provide the design but must be HTML5 and responsive for phone and pads and desktops The ID's user must be only for our country to introduce questions! must be with a CMS to introduce the answers and questions database Price must be competitive and made with experts in HTML5 and responsive ... Full details »
2 hours ago$750000 - 1500000
Bug fix on Wordpress
I'm currently developing a website with Wordpress and am using Advanced Ajax Page Loader plugin. This Ajax plugin is working well but I am having some issues with other plugins such as Social Gallery, WooCommerce and Category Icons. [Issues] 1. Social Gallery I created a gallery page with the Wordpress default gallery function. When I first come to the gallery page, Social Gallery works ... Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Make my website faster
Hello, I have worked with a freelancer who did my website : [url removed, login to view] Google send me a email saying that the website is too slow. I want to make my website faster, or lighter... Thank you Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Need to add custom fields to mijireh checkout page plugin woocommerce
Hello, we need get some custom fields added on the mijireh checkout page. the plugin is woocommerce. we are taking input from gravity forms. we just want you to pass those variable to mijireh checkout page. Full details »
2 hours ago$10 - 30
I need an exact copy of a mobile website put up on my WP
I need an exact copy of a website with BrainTree - ( [url removed, login to view] ) integrated. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
Database creation and Auto Betting Bot
I currently have an Excel spreadsheet that I use as a database to store statistics and apply them to formulas to determine the winners of basketball matches. I want to undertake a new league which will be much more data than Excel can handle so I need to use a database (I know little to nothing about this). Once I have the database I need a program created that will look at the fixtures for a ... Full details »
2 hours ago$250 - 750
Build a Website
1. Add banner below product images (We give you the banner) on a single product page. 2. Add a crossed-out price to the product listing from #1. 3. Two pieces of text on the Product page from #1 need to be bolded, and their color changed. 4. Remove "Be the first to review this product" link below price. Add short description (we provide it). Same product listing as #1 5. Prices ... Full details »
2 hours ago$15 - 25
TuneIn Bot for getting radio list
I'm looking for someone who can develop a Bot for me. The software must get the [url removed, login to view] radio list. All countries, all stations. It must save station name, frequency (like 99.5, 100.3, etc), country of the station, region in the country, and the MOST important, it must get the audio streaming URL. It must save it to some excel file for example, or just a simple MS Access, ... Full details »
3 hours ago$250 - 750
Wordpress Plugin Modification
I have a small wordpress powered website that is using the Gravity Form plugin as an online shopping cart. I need some customization done, so that I am able to use the Gravity Forms form builder with a wysiwyg interface when using an html block. You can ask for more details if needed. Full details »
3 hours ago$10 - 30
Pseudo-Flash Style Website for Sacred Geometry and Spirituality Clothing Company
Website design for Clothing Company called Orenda. Looking for a modern minimalist style web design incorporating math, science, art, spirituality, and Philosophy. Hints of these things throughout the website. Tetrahedrons, Flower of Life, Om symbol, golden rectangle, Triangles, etc. Using these as part of the design aspect and overlayed on other objects as well. I am looking for one person, or ... Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Migrate complex website to Wordpress
We're looking to migrate a semi-complex website to WordPress. The site features several content types, different user types, and a large amount of data to be transferred. PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU'VE COMPLETE THIS TYPE OF MIGRATION IN THE PAST. We will look at previous work history. Thanks Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Build a Website for buying and selling stuff online
I want to create a market place similar to [url removed, login to view] for used video games. Where users can sell and buy video games, used or new. I also want to add few user specific features to this website. Like user profile, list of his favourite games, Games he own and games he want to sell etc etc... but we can discuss as we go further in detail. something like [url removed, login to view] ... Full details »
3 hours ago$30 - 250
Image uploader improvement
Improve image uploader with a new code. Full details »
3 hours ago$10 - 30