Website monitoring service

$30 - 250 5 years ago
Hi Freelancers,

I'd like my own website monitoring service, it should be hosted on my current linux server and be written in php/mysql.

I am listing the following features as required.  Please note that the feature functions should be variable according to the customer's membership level.


User accounts
Free option
Tiered subscription prices
Variable monitoring times (every 2/5/15/30/60 mins)
Instant alert on downtime detection (in accordance with monitoring times)
Instant alert when server goes up again (in accordance with monitoring times)
Email alerts with configuration options
SMS Alerts using my current gateway (option to set free allowance, or change at x amount per message)
Online uptime reports (searchable, define by time etc etc)
Variable amount of sites that can be monitored per account (according to subscription)
Account addons - e.g. add extra site monitor, increase monitoring frequency
Control panel with quick reference for site status
Payments through Paypal (will necessary security e.g. revoke account if chargeback made etc)
Full admin control of accounts
Billing information/reports
Affiliate scheme

Obviously the site should look nice as well, CSS design, web2.0

It should really be based on


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Codez un logiciel
i want a function extract(url,options) this function delete all html tags (strip_tags), <style>, <script>... and return text (text with no attributes, html tags...) options : META: if this option is set, add the meta description TITLE: if this option is set add all text you can find in alt="..." or title="..." Full details »
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Write some Software
We have an existing project and want to add the following: 1) Add page for attributes of imported files ( SourceAttrib table, which has Id, ImportId, ColumnName, IsKey? Columns). This page will have a dropdown with the list of imported files + version, and once selected, it will display a grid with the columns names, and a check box to identify fields that represent a primary key. Also a save button ... Full details »
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componenta joomla pt catalog scolar
O componenta joomal pentr managementul activitatii scolare + catalog scolar. Full details »
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Hello, I am looking for a whatsapp sending program based on the whatsapp api to do the follwing: Requirements for whatsapp blaster: 1) Ability to send bulk messages to whatsapp users 2) Ability to have large phonebooks (half a million+) 3) Ability to check large phonebooks for whether or not they have whatsapp, then export to a phonebook to use for sending. 4) Ability to have DNC list. 5) ... Full details »
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