Windows App With File Transfer

n/a 5 years ago
We need a small Programm that easlily installes themself as a desktop icon on Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
Whenever a Document is draged and droped on that icon a small input field is being shown and the user has to insert a faxnumber. That document is being transfered via XML-SOAP Gateway to our server (https) including the faxnumber and the username/password out othe the settings menu.

The programm needs to have a very small settings menu (maybe the menu opens after just double clicking the icon, without drag & dropping?!). Within the setting the user can insert its username and password, and two other fields with a name and a phonenumber (which is used as the sender information). 

That programm need to have a language file as it will be available in english and german in the first place. (Translations into german will be done by ourselfs)

In general. After transmitting the file to the server, the server will return an answer (error or ok with some text information in the status) instantly as answer on that request. That info needs to be shown to the user instantly as well.		

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Postnord Carrier Template in Embedded ERP for Magento
Setup a xml Carrier Template for Postnord (pacsoft) in Embedded ERP for Magento by [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Previous experience from similar projects required. Full details »
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Website / XML Crawling/scrapeing
Work has to be done now. I need someone who is a expert in website/XML crawling to scrape data. Full details »
4 days ago$30 - 250
plugin and xml
i need someone to install a "bulk add product" plugin to my wordpress/ woocommerce website. Then i need you to create an Your XML or CSV file for 200 items i have and upload the file using the plugin you installed . Full details »
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Develop a Roku Channel
I am currently developing a Roku private channel but i need to add a potection (username/password) which i need help with, if any roku developer can give me a hand for this proyect please let me know. rnrnI think that this part (protection) can be done in a few programming hours for a roku developer Full details »
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