Windows App With File Transfer

n/a 5 years ago
We need a small Programm that easlily installes themself as a desktop icon on Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
Whenever a Document is draged and droped on that icon a small input field is being shown and the user has to insert a faxnumber. That document is being transfered via XML-SOAP Gateway to our server (https) including the faxnumber and the username/password out othe the settings menu.

The programm needs to have a very small settings menu (maybe the menu opens after just double clicking the icon, without drag & dropping?!). Within the setting the user can insert its username and password, and two other fields with a name and a phonenumber (which is used as the sender information). 

That programm need to have a language file as it will be available in english and german in the first place. (Translations into german will be done by ourselfs)

In general. After transmitting the file to the server, the server will return an answer (error or ok with some text information in the status) instantly as answer on that request. That info needs to be shown to the user instantly as well.		

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Linphone customization
We need to have android app Linphone rebranded, with removing of some option in the menu. Source code is available. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
edit an android application remotely 2
Dear bidder, i am looking for android app programmers to help me in my project. please note that this needs to be done through teamviewer. Full details »
4 weeks ago$8 - 15
Script for XML feed required
I have an ecommerce website in Open Cart. I need a script in place to source the products via XML feed from another website automatically on a daily basis to keep it up to date. More details will be provided if you are able to do this job. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Develop a Car Sharing Booking System
- Extend current Joomla Website with VikRentCar Component for advance car sharing booking system. - Modify the script for easier overview of car availability. - Integrate component with Convadis API (attached) to schedule bookings automatically. - Integrate Component with Celcom Payment Gateway to allow for Pay Per Use Payments and Penalty charges as per attached document. - Set up a membership ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
import xml feeds in prestashop
We need to import xml different feeds we recieve from our suppliers into prestashop. Except for the basic import fields We need to calculate the retail price from the suppliers wholeprice and create the features list based on keywords from the xml file Full details »
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MS Access Database Optimisation - open to bidding
Hi, I have an access database (using Azure SQL for backend) and would like to optimise the queries and forms. Really would like it done this week. Please let me know if you are available. Steve Full details »
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HTML text parsing from website table
Hello, This project is fairly easy, I wan't a few PHP files which do the following: 1: There's a website which I want to pull their playlist from, i.e. when a song plays it gets added to a website table so I need just the album name and artist (all the details are on their site) 2: The script must check for duplicates and then it must flag it to which it will then send an SMS and ... Full details »
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Online Loan Management System
Frontend should operate with the following functionalities further documentation will be provided, inc. contract printing, etc. The backend should be designed to track loan sales, loan volume, interest rates, fee income, and other key reports. The system should HAVE A Printing Function for various Payment Periods A break Down of Principal, Interest accrued etc over a period of time that the ... Full details »
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want redesign and UI for my app
i already have a app on play store. i want to redesign its UI, it will be 4-6 new android app pages design. i will provide the example designs for my new design my app is a VPN app, so i want design somewhat like "vypr VPN" app on play store. [url removed, login to view] Full details »
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