c# & Math : Head Pose Estimation

$30 - 250 3 years ago
Estimate the rotation of human face/head (refer image: valid_rotation.png) from the provided coordinates.

The input to the system is the x,y coordinates of a human face. (refer image: face coordinates name.png)
You have to find the method/algorithm which can estimate the rotation of the face/head, ie,  Yaw, Pitch, Roll of the face/head. (refer image:pose_img.png). You also have to estimate the center of the head in x,y coordinates of the image.

Acceptance criteria:
* Maximum tolerance is 5%.
* A total of 50 test cases will be provided. All should pass

Language: c#
Tool: VS2010

A basic system for parsing the coordinates from the XML is also attached (refer: FaceRotation.zip). After unzipping this file, you can see a folder named "imgNxml", where you can see 5 test-cases.

example: http://www.morethantechnical.com/2010/03/19/quick-and-easy-head-pose-estimation-with-opencv-w-code/

Rules of Engagement:

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