iOS App to be converted into Android (URGENT)

$30 - 250 2 years ago
I am currently looking for someone to convert an existing iOS App into an Android App. The project structure already exists and the requirements regards the completion of very few programming parts and the implementation of the same graphics used for iPhone. UserInterface is provided as well as iOS code for the conversion. Instructions for the webservice functionalities are also provided. The project is not complicated but has very high priority and I am ready to add a bonus for on-time professional delivery.
Programming Languages needed: JAVA, Android, XML.
Peculiarities: Since UI needs to be converted for different layouts, a very pragmatic approach is requested for the implementation.
Tools: Eclipse, Android SDK 2.3.3, Goole Maps API		

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2 hours ago$250 - 750
iPhone Game
A shooting game for ios, Galaxy War. Please do not bid unless invited Full details »
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Expert in the limitations and possibilities of use of cell scanners and Matlab
I need to discuss the possibility and feasibility of creating an application to scan unique objects including size shape color depth etc. I have not put a price on the consult because I do not want blind bids nor a ton of people just reading and bidding because they can make an app that can scan a bar code. Inquiries need only be made by SPECIALISTS IN SCAN CAPABILITY AND MATLAB. Price to be negotiated ... Full details »
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Write an Android application
I am looking for someone for ongoing work developing Android and IOS games. I can provide game-ready art and a scope of the projects. I am looking for someone that can provide bug free code or someone who can easily detect and fix bugs. This will be my 3rd mobile game title. We will be working with Corona SDK. Full details »
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Please don't bid on this project, this is exclusive for Shenchilang. Full details »
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Write an iPhone application
I have an idea for an app. It would help my brand. it need to be free and then if buyers want more features then i can charge. Need quotes. Is abouth healthy living. We can start with something simple and then we can add more stuff. Full details »
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Create a responsive mobile design with our already fluid CSS -- 2
Site is currently using built by HTML/CSS/PHP and we are looking for someone who can make this site a responsive design to mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad etc. Full details »
4 hours ago$30 - 250
SQL Server Monitor App
I requires a Phone app to be written (both Android and IPhone) . The app will access my web portal and retrieve the status of SQL Servers .It will then display those status on a single summary page (List of Servers). The information will be % CPU , % SQL CPU , PLE , these are numbers . If you tap the server then these numbers will change to a very simple line chart (one per item, so three line ... Full details »
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iphone app as first step. Android and blackberry to follow - open to bidding
"City Guide" iPhone app that employs active Location Services to determine device location and serve webpages from Wordpress site according to the coordinates. The design look and feel should be picked up by app from the Wordpress website (responsive design) and coordinate pages will also be from the wordpress site. Locations should be either automatically determined based on location ... Full details »
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Create an app for my site
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5 hours ago$30 - 250
One on one consultancy
I am a IOS developer myself. However, IOS dev is not my main job. So I don't code constantly. Sometimes there is a break of few weeks/months. It takes time to get back into coding again. So I need someone to talk to and get my questions answered instead of me researching/studying. So it's more like one-on-one consulting/mentoring I need. It may not involve any coding tasks from you. Mostly ... Full details »
5 hours ago$250 - 750
Write an Android application
I need a help to write relatively very simple/straight forward app which involves Actionbar, Fragment and webview. I already wrote some of the codes, but I need your help to accelerate and finish the app. What my app will do is it has two tabs in Actionbar and both tabs have webview. (Let's say Tab1 and Tab2) Tab1 shows some webpage, and if user click a link which has some certain strings, ... Full details »
5 hours ago$30 - 250
Iphone app -- 2
Hi we have a web site we want to develop that will work with an Iphone APP We can give more details with exact specs after sign of NDA and non Compete Send us your samples and you overall budget for an Iphone app that work with site DB based on user contacts on phone - need to sync back and Fourth we can not disclose much here but application is simple and user friendly if you do only programming ... Full details »
6 hours ago$750 - 1500
iOS Bluetooth 4.0 Communication
I noted your experience with iOS Bluetooth 4.0 app development. I am a physician trying to use Bluetooth 4.0 wireless oximeter data for analysis of the arterial pulse signal. Would you be able to provide consultation services regarding iOS Bluetooth 4.0 data communication. This project brings in sensor data using an iPad or iPhone. The sensor data is sent in 17 byte packets. If 4 packets per connection ... Full details »
6 hours ago$250 - 750
Best Online Data Entry Jobs Weekly Payout
Earn up to Rs. 50,000+ ($ 1000) per month through Payoffers.Tk simple online Data Entry Work. 100% Legitimate, Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs. Work at Home in your spare time. No selling, No marketing, ()No work load, No Time Limit. Daily Basis Payment Website:- http://Www.Payoffers.Tk Contact +919735822725. Full details »
7 hours ago$12500 - 37500
Senior Unity 3D Developer
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7 hours ago$15 - 25
Mobile Soccer - App Game - Android/iOS -- 3
I need an app developed Basically just like this - With a few changes to make a unique game. 2 options 2 play VS Computer or VS other Player (Play Online) I need android + Ios Version Full details »
7 hours ago$250 - 750
Chat Server Project
Hi, Please find the attached files. Please go through them and let me know incase of any query. Full details »
8 hours ago$30 - 30
Native iPhone front-end development (with AR and video editing features)
We are looking for a quality native front-end iPhone developer to work with our designer, lead and back end developer to create a native iOS app. We are looking to kick off development May 1 - May 15 and expect project delivery of roughly 1 month. Key features: AR video playing (2D marker); in-app video upload, editing and preview; QR code scanning; Pls contact for more details. Full details »
8 hours ago$1500 - 3000
we are looking mobile developer
Hello , We are looking ios developer we are looking for mobile application developer Full details »
8 hours ago$250 - 750
Tinder clone - IPhone and Android
As stated, need a program to work in both iphone and android that can communicate cross-platform through a shared database. Full details »
8 hours ago$250 - 750