iOS App to be converted into Android (URGENT)

$30 - 250 3 years ago
I am currently looking for someone to convert an existing iOS App into an Android App. The project structure already exists and the requirements regards the completion of very few programming parts and the implementation of the same graphics used for iPhone. UserInterface is provided as well as iOS code for the conversion. Instructions for the webservice functionalities are also provided. The project is not complicated but has very high priority and I am ready to add a bonus for on-time professional delivery.
Programming Languages needed: JAVA, Android, XML.
Peculiarities: Since UI needs to be converted for different layouts, a very pragmatic approach is requested for the implementation.
Tools: Eclipse, Android SDK 2.3.3, Goole Maps API		

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4 hours ago$50 - 300
Write an iPhone application
The main usage of the app is: 1) Users can search for business information, according to address they give. 2) There will be only one type of category of business (ex. meat shop). 3) All businesses under that category will be sorted according to location address. 4) Data of businesses (address, tel., etc.) will be given in a format that you like, for easy inserting into database. 5) There ... Full details »
4 hours ago$250 - 750
A simple ONE Screen app. 1. Save ONE mobile Number. 2. Upload CSV with point data (Name, Latitude, Longitude). CSV(txt) file to be placed in SD Card. 3. Start GPS. 4. Define Radius around points. 5. Sound File as Alarm. 6. Option of Close app and Exit app. 7. When own location within RADIUS of any point, Alarm to play and sms to be sent to saved mbl number as "REACHED : <PLACE NAME>" 8. ... Full details »
4 hours ago$1500 - 12500
Write an Android application
An app is required to see a chart of days, doctors and their timings. e.g. In Dental dept u have 5 doctors coming in at various timings on different days of the week. Within the dental dept, there can be a implantologist, orthdentist, dentist, dentist for children etc. Full details »
4 hours agon/a
Chat Server application similiar to Whatsapp / Hike
We are looking for a freelancer who can develop mobile messaging chat application (compatible for Android and iOS) similar to Whatsapp to support core chat functionality. UI design will be shared by us. 1. Register using phone number as id / email address. 2. Identification of users through phone number in contact list/Integrate phone contact list with the chat app. 4. Creation of groups to support ... Full details »
4 hours ago$75000 - 150000
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4 hours agon/a