iPhone/WEB Application that work together

$750 - 1500 5 years ago
Looking for programmer for 2 applications, one on the iPhone platform and the other on a .NET Windows 2008 Server platform.

iPhone Application   On startup, the iPhone APP will obtain a current graphic image from our server and display it as the splash screen on the iPhone. The iPhone application will then request the email address of the iPhone owner. When submitted, the server will look the email up in our database (on the WEB server) and if it is a NEW user, will ask the user to enter name, address info, age etc. and then post the information from the iPhone back to a MySQL server at our data center. If it is an existing account, the iPhone app will simply transfer a small bit of data back to the server indicating that the user has logged in with the current time/date. The application may also use the iPhone s GPS functionality to obtain the location of the person registering. The user may register from his/her iPhone numerous times during a specific period. 

The programmer will be required to supply all XCode source code files for the application along with a full package to submit to the Apple App Store. All flowcharts for this project are completed and will be supplied after an NDA has been signed.

The iPhone application must be written using XCode, developed using the standard Apple SDK and not 3rd party Development environments.

Webserver Application   The WEB application will maintain the MySQL server database, and receive the registration information from the iPhone application. The application  requires a secure protocol between the iPhone and server Application. This application must run under Microsoft IIS 6 and should utilize  .NET functionality.

The iPhone device will be receiving a graphic image from the WEBserver on startup, supplied by the server. 

The WEB server will be accessed from the WEB interface, using a PC or MAC to access database record information, and statistical information regarding the iPhone registrations on a real time basis. The WEBserver application will require a secure login for two levels of authentication, the Administrator level and the User level. Various reports will be required and available to the User and Administrators, some in real time and others after the fact.

This WEB Application should be formatted to display on the iPad using the Safari browser. Future versions of the WEB application will be fully controllable via the iPad platform.

1. This WEB application must be written in .NET and utilize a MySQL Database structure. All database tables names and associated fields have been established and will be provided.

2. All source code must be fully documented using comments within the code.

3. The programmer will be required to deliver all source code files, and the database file along with installation instructions. 

4. Due to time zone constraints, I would prefer programmers who can accommodate working during the US Pacific Time Zone (PST) normal business hours from 8AM   5PM. 

5. Since these two apps will be working together, it is the responsibility of the programmer to establish the communications protocol between the devices. This protocol must be flexible enough to eventually allow the use of other devices like the Droid, Blackberry, Nexus, and other platforms. The protocol must be fully documented at the end of the programming process and supplied with the other documentation.

6. The successful bidder of this application will be considered to also provide programming for additional mobile devices like the Droid, Blackberry, Nexus, or other platforms.		

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