icecast2 and ices0.4 bash and php startup stop and restart script

$10 - 30 1 year ago
Write a bash script to control icecast2  & ices0.4 . to stop ,restart, and start. and  also shuffle the xml playlist, read order.

Write a php program that interacts with the above bash script showing buttons for each option so a mild knowledge of html would be useful. 

The button page will also contain the xml read list and allow the upload of further tracks via a method built into the php that should also contain a 

 check to make sure the file type being uploaded is correct/and is not a danger to the system (obviously the uploaded file should go to the correct 

directory and the new file name should be added to the list displayed on the webpage 

both the php and the shell script should be really well commented to aid movement to other distros the current one being Ubuntu 11.04 and a installed 

system can be supplied to aid in your work if required		

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fe2512f2ce74c5b64d3eb061766f76c0 20141124225508
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1 hour ago$10 - 30
Joomla Ecommerce Site with Virtuemart Setup
I am using the BuyShop Template for Joomla [url removed, login to view] with Virtuemart [url removed, login to view] and I need assistance setting up the store and linking the menus to the store. Will also require some mods to the CSS/PHP files for the front end. This is a simple project for someone who is familiar with Joomla and Virtuemart. Some work has been done already. Need completed within ... Full details »
1 hour ago$8 - 15
Facebook Events Integration with Joomla JEvents
I need a programmer with experience using the Facebook events API and with Joomla's JEvents. I would like the ability to import Facebook events posted by Facebook groups specified in the interface into JEvents. This would be done by cron. Here's what I have in mind: Admin Module: The Admin module displays a list of all Facebook Groups with events being imported and shows the associated ... Full details »
2 hours ago$750 - 1500
Make a game script for me
Please only bid if you are able to work on this project. I need a game script. It needs to have a registration and admin section. It's more of a quiz script members will be asked a question and when they answer the question right they get points. One a member answers all the question right he wins. This is just a piece of over 250 other jobs if you are chosen you will be rewarded more projects ... Full details »
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fe2512f2ce74c5b64d3eb061766f76c0 20141124223309
Selenium Selenium Selenium Selenium Selenium Selenium Full details »
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Write some Software
I need to create a refactoring tool support for eclipse it can be an extension for eclipse, it need at least 5 functions, in addition with the full report Full details »
2 hours ago$20 - 250
Membuat sebuat Templat Wordpress -- 2
Hi everybody, i am a new on this freelancer. I only want to help and learning step by step from one project to another project and i hope you can bring me you're work description. Thanks. Full details »
2 hours ago$30 - 250
2 hours ago$1500 - 3000
Facebook to wordpress autopost and grabber plugin -- 2
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