icecast2 and ices0.4 bash and php startup stop and restart script

$10 - 30 1 year ago
Write a bash script to control icecast2  & ices0.4 . to stop ,restart, and start. and  also shuffle the xml playlist, read order.

Write a php program that interacts with the above bash script showing buttons for each option so a mild knowledge of html would be useful. 

The button page will also contain the xml read list and allow the upload of further tracks via a method built into the php that should also contain a 

 check to make sure the file type being uploaded is correct/and is not a danger to the system (obviously the uploaded file should go to the correct 

directory and the new file name should be added to the list displayed on the webpage 

both the php and the shell script should be really well commented to aid movement to other distros the current one being Ubuntu 11.04 and a installed 

system can be supplied to aid in your work if required		

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2 hours ago$2 - 8
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I need someone to build my website RepresentMe Magazine, a digital magazine that informs you of different cultures and ethnic groups around the world. It's similar to forbes and entrepreneur magazine online. I need someone familiar with wordpress and it's plugins. I will be using wordpress through DreamHost which I will pay for and give you full access to. Full details »
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