php based ecommerce website

$250 - 750 4 years ago
Design will be provided.

Modules are typical 

- category management, sub category management, products management, shopping cart, online enquiry, orders management. Only different thing is, for each product we have different pricing for different users - wholesalers, distributors, normal members, etc.

Other than that its nothing complicated.  
Will prefer to use joomla virtue mart, and if you have any good idea about other open source then explain to me.

I have specs ready. n

need this in 1.5 weeks		

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CMS for coupon template
coupon cms system. I have a html template for coupons which is ideal for my needs but what I need is the CMS behind it so I can: 1. upload new deals 2. my clients can log in and see how many deals have been sold etc 3. members can log in and create an account etc.. 4. anything else useful.. There may well be something already out there we can think about buying or you may have already developed ... Full details »
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Database Project
I have attached a couple projects that I would like to get done in one or two weeks. It basically involves Database Design and ER models. Take a look at them. Full details »
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Migrate Virtuemart customer database to Magento
You are Ukrain or Russian developer? Welcome! No Indian or Pakistani please. Your task: Migrate customers from our Joomla Virtuemart to Magento. Import only First Name , Last Name, Email address, delivery address of customer and the used password for login. Target is that the customer can login without creating a new account or adding again his address. After that task is done make some ... Full details »
11 hours ago$30 - 250
Create a Joomla Template
I looking for someone who can modified the layout of a zoo product catalog application. To my website, I already have a website to make the changes only in the zoo template. I will provide the psd file . The html, css , and js must be optimized for reduce http request weight Full details »
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12 hours ago$750 - 1500
Create a Joomla Template
We currently have a very successful website called the We are looking at launching another website of the same size in July 2014. Here are the details: 1. The website will have about 30-35 landing pages 2. We are looking for 30—35 unique landing pages. 3. Create sample website is the following: CMS WEB Project 1. CMS TEMPLATE Master ... Full details »
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SRS company has good developer in sencha, .Net and HTML 5 . Last 1 year we have good project work. And doing our best for the client. Full details »
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apex sql plus oracle - open to bidding
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Joomla developer needed for simple joomla template/website
I need a joomla developer for work, I will send more details to selected freelancer. Myself is a developer also but fully loaded for work. So I need someone. No time waster & no indian please. Full details »
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Admiror Gallery Template
We need a template for Admiror Gallery ( ) Joomla extension. It is about a photographers album. We have to select gallery from menu, in every gallery there is several albums. In every album there are several photos, if a scroller appear has to be inside album with a back button to return to gallery. No pop-up for every ... Full details »
13 hours ago$30 - 250
Opencart Upgrade to newest
Hello, Opencart Upgrade to newest Only bid when you can do this within 2 days. It's an little job, Opencart upgrade. We need to have all the products from the previous store. Store have 350 products. So: If you can import all the products in the newest version of opencart, please let me know. Full details »
14 hours ago$10 - 50
NP Main Website
NP website / Our whole development is in VS 2010 (VB.NET), better to build website in the same technology and also integration with SharePoint will be easy. Full details »
14 hours ago$25 - 50