php based ecommerce website

$250 - 750 5 years ago
Design will be provided.

Modules are typical 

- category management, sub category management, products management, shopping cart, online enquiry, orders management. Only different thing is, for each product we have different pricing for different users - wholesalers, distributors, normal members, etc.

Other than that its nothing complicated.  
Will prefer to use joomla virtue mart, and if you have any good idea about other open source then explain to me.

I have specs ready. n

need this in 1.5 weeks		

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Our website seems to be infected with some SEO virus. Heres the information i am getting Description: Web site identified with Blackhat SEO Spam. This often means that it was hacked and the attackers inserted links to their own sites to increase their page rank on search engines. Details: We have many articles about this issue on our blog: [url removed, login to view] Affecting: Any web ... Full details »
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i am looking for a guru to optimize my website so that it loads faster probably need to clean up code and play in it a little bit. it is joomla based so must know about that. i am not looking to spend a fortune either as it is a little project. Full details »
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I need a few things tidied up on a new Joomla 3.3 Rockettheme site: A) There is a brown bar with "member login" across the top that needs to disappear B) The Breezingforms enquiry forms do not fit in the modules, but the exact forms fit in narrower modules in another website. Probably the module margin setting is wrong. C) I would like H1, H2, and H3 to be smaller, and a color change ... Full details »
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i need for my store a small program that when one of my customers are scanning the item that i sale, it should give them information on the produced and the customer can email or print it out for their convenience. also should display recommended products that the customer should look for if they buy this produced that they looked up. Full details »
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Zurmo CRM Installation
I have a dedicated hostgator server. I want to install zurmo CRM on it. I need somebody how can install it on my server and brief me on how to use it. I also accept suggestions for a different open source CRM. Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Buil wordpress websites
We are the largest marketing company in Romania and we are looking to build more wordpress websites in 6 months. Work will be made based on a contract between our company and you. You will support the costs to legalize and translate you contract ( 30-40 dollars) . Full details »
1 month agon/a
Debug a highcharts graph
I have two drill down column graphs which I want to create. The data is already is the database. The challenge I'm having is that I cannot get dynamic x-axis values when I drill down. What I mean by this is that if there is a value added or removed from the database which would have gone into the second or third level of the graph, then it should appear/disappear from the graph. I don't ... Full details »
1 month ago$8 - 15
MySQL Database Assignment Task
This is a small part of Database Assignment which I need help to complete I need a new ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram diagram) to be designed. I have attached a ERD diagram which I design but it needs to be redone. All the entity are correct which I want to use but you will need to delete the city entity and check that all the relationships are correct. I would like for my new ERD to be design in ... Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Build a Website
We need a website for our business based in London, called Black Hair Black Beauty. Initially we are offering a service, which provides information and advice to aid black women in better maintaining their hair and skin. We would like a CMS site, so that we can make updates ourselves. Further information about what we would like is attached. Full details »
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create joomla article pages from design -- 2
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VERY URGENT SMALL Web Based Project- Deadline 12th September
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Build a Website for vacation rentals
I need a website with ability to users to self register then list their own properties with their own sales parameters like rates, block dates, seasonal special discounts, minimum nights, prices for each day, photos, list of equipment,. exact position on them map, etc? Also, users should be able to send reservation requests, messages, deny request offer alternative accommodation. Until reservation ... Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Joomla : Fixes and updates to custom payment plugin for Akeeba Subscriptions - Repost
We need some changes made to a custom payment plugin which has been created for Akeeba Subscriptions. The plugin is working for one subscription level but now needs some additional changes made to allow it to work with a second subscription level. There is also a further change that we need to implement to the start date which is sent with the payment information. We are using a custom developed ... Full details »
1 month ago$20 - 250
create joomla article pages from design
See attached images. We have a Joomla 3 site already made and we need the article pages created. NO functionality required other than linking the pages. We have layered psd files for each page. Try to use HTML text wherever possible instead of images. This needs to be checked on all browsers! Would like to have this done by today or tomorrow! Budget is $50 Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Install Pligg Template & Module for Scraping on Host
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1 month ago$30 - 250
Joomla CMS to fix -- 2
Before the server was changed, the DB was not exported correctly and has tables missing. The old server is no more accessible so the DB can't be exported again. Several providers have been hired to repair the DB (tables missing... Please see the CSV DB zipped attached. It should be repaired and tested on the provider server before it's imported on the phpmyadmin of my server. Otherwise ... Full details »
1 month ago$30 - 250
Make sub-page with statistics.
For ouer client-portal (build on .asp and SQL) we need to build a sub-site with statistics. The assignment needs to be finished and delivered the 17th of septemer 2014 See attached files for detailed info. Full details »
1 month ago$750 - 1500
Wanted Senior .NET Engineer for our projects
A successful .NET Engineer @ISDC will ◾ Deliver complex technical solutions, based on best practices and expert validation ◾ Have a good and constant accuracy of the code ◾ Adapt easily to new environments and technologies and be proactive ◾ Participate in the Architecture and pre-sales of .NET solutions ◾ Participate in Planning, Designing & Development phases as part of the team ◾ ... Full details »
1 month ago$1500 - 3000
Creation of Statistics in Pokertracker 4
I need customized statistics for Pokertracker 4 Hud. Those statistics are based on SQL working with a PostgreSQL database. The actual creation of the statistics is quite easy since there exists many examples already that only have to be adapted or slightly changed. What would be needed for the job is a knowledge of how Statistics for Huds within Pokertracker 4 are created and optimally an knowledge ... Full details »
1 month ago$250 - 750
Principles of Information Security-SAP project
pls check the attached file. i need it within 12 sep morning. price-70AUD. if u interested pls bid within this price Full details »
1 month ago$70 - 75
Java Developer for OdooConnector
Devign Commerce is a young international company with offices in Belgium and Ukraine. We build, implement and integrate innovative solutions for Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Commerce/Retail. The name Devign Commerce in full means Development & Design of Commerce Solutions. Visit our website [url removed, login to view] Now we are looking for experienced Java Developer to join our team. Responsibilities: Review ... Full details »
1 month ago$8 - 15