php based ecommerce website

$250 - 750 5 years ago
Design will be provided.

Modules are typical 

- category management, sub category management, products management, shopping cart, online enquiry, orders management. Only different thing is, for each product we have different pricing for different users - wholesalers, distributors, normal members, etc.

Other than that its nothing complicated.  
Will prefer to use joomla virtue mart, and if you have any good idea about other open source then explain to me.

I have specs ready. n

need this in 1.5 weeks		

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13 hours ago$30 - 250
Fix Magento issues
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Building Windows Forms Application Control (using DataGridView)
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15 hours ago$3 - 10
Zend Frame Work based CMS
Job Description, Please read carefully - Create a CMS based on the latest ZEND FRAMEWORK - Latest PHP - Latest HTML, CSS, AJAX ... - Licensing management to provide License keys (trial, standard, full ...) All the features of: [url removed, login to view] Kind regards Full details »
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Urgent - Executable application to develop
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website development and maintenance
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16 hours ago$8 - 15
I need to get my website done -,
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19 hours ago$30 - 250
Build a Website
i have 4.5 yr exp. in IT industry. i am working in salesforce application.i have 4 yr exp. in java technology with Struts,hibernare etc Full details »
20 hours ago$600 - 1500
Pronosticos deportivos
Un formulario de pronósticos deportivos de facil uso para los usuarios, preferiblemente para sistema cms Full details »
20 hours ago$10 - 30
An online auction website with a twist
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20 hours ago$10 - 500
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21 hours ago$10 - 30
Magento SEO For My Website
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21 hours ago$30 - 250
21 hours ago$825 - 2475
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22 hours ago$825 - 2475
Changing numbers at online games
Need to change numbers at on line games Full details »
22 hours ago$825 - 2475
HTML5 css3 - open to bidding
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22 hours ago$10 - 30