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$30 - 250 5 years ago
improving the web site wordpress		

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Online Automated Vulnerablity Scanner
i want to host a service like this http://hackertarget.com/ which is an automated scanning solution for end users. back end uses OpenVas Vulnerability Scanner Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Nmap port scanner Nikto wordpress/joomla/drupal scanner Please bid if you have worked on similar projects in the past. i need you to show me a demo or a working link of similar project in the past. Full details »
3 years agon/a
MAGENTO shop based on my design - looking for skilled, fast and effecient workers

My previous developer has proven himself not to be effecient and good enough to solve this task.
I have waited for a month for some results without nothing and now i have to get it done very fast, because client expects it done within a week or 2.

Screenshots is attached - so you should be able to see the most from them.

Here is the keywords:
1) You dont have to fill ... Full details »
4 years ago€250 - 750
Ultimate social network portal

Looking for a team which could earn a HUGE. The company must have some budget, for buying some existing scripts and make implemention a superb design. I need maximum security and privacy level. Not like Facebook. This is a new concept for social network.
Who I will choose as a winner It will be in this project forever!
So the project is an ultime Social Network!
My maximum ... Full details »
4 years agon/a
Robot for STOCK market
I'm looking for someone capable to develop STOCK market Robot trading system. If You are not expert in stocks and robots, don't bid.
You make a demo software, I will test It. If is okay, I'll pay. Otherwise You'll have to make It better.
I'm serious and honest. Full details »
5 years ago€750 - 1500
website building
Build a website for online product sale like ebay.

shopping cart enabled, ssl security, static IP, payment gateway facility, membership system, points accumulation etc... should be there on website. Mysql database, hosting space with php4 enabled. Full details »
5 years ago€250 - 750
Buy Website Root Or Login
looing for hire website root, login or a shell upped on it. PR more than 4 Google index more than 100 re-write is available website language: English PR=4 $ 80 per month PR=5 $ 100 per month PR=6 $ 120 per month I could add money for higher PR or .edu .org Full details »
5 years agon/a
Microsoft SQL Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Job Title: Microsoft SQL Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese , Russian , Brazilian Portuguese

Qualification/ Experience:
Candidates should be an IT Administrator, Software Engineer or Highly Technical Linguist or equivalent, with the following experience
• Microsoft SQL Server ... Full details »
5 years ago€1500 - 3000
Help with web server setup - emails are being marked as spam, possibly DNS settings?

we have our own dedicated server, but all of the emails sent from our domains have a very high spam score.
We need somebody with a good knowledge of setting up dedicated web servers, we use a Linux server with Plesk.

here is an example of one:

Return-Path: <>
X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.2.5 (2008-06-10) on
X-Spam-Level: ... Full details »
5 years ago€30 - 250
Joomla Anti-hacker Expert
I need a well reviewed (no reviews don't bid) Joomla anti-hacking and website security expert. One of my clients websites www.laserelect.com (go there to see currently what the p#ssy hackers did to it) to a 65 year old lady who's fighting breast cancer's website. Imagine your grandma being kicked on the ground by strangers that is what has happened to this little old ladies website basically. Seriously ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
K-Search monetized search engine clone
I'm looking for developer who is good to clone this script http://turn-k.net/k-search/demo

But some changes with the script, add a full automated content manager and replace clixshare with admarketplace (affiliate ID)

For more question PM me Full details »
5 years ago€250 - 750
Movie Streaming Script
Dear Programmers,

we are currently seeking a programmer for a so called file streaming script. The script is similar to scripts like Megaupload, but instead of downloading, the user can directly watch all common movie formats using flash/divx player.

You should have some experience with the software mentioned later and name some examples among your application.

The script should ... Full details »
5 years ago€750 - 1500
Domain SSL certificate installation on LLinux with Plesk 9.0
We have problems installing the SSL certificate, which we yearly renew from Godaddy (instant SSL certifcate)

We need it to be installed against our main domain. Copy of the certificate and CA provided, also if needed to create re-key the certificate, we provide CSR to do so.
All has to be done through our server gate with Plesk v 9.0.
Server is Linux version.

Problem is that we ... Full details »
5 years ago€30 - 250
Facebook Fans - 2,000 UK Fans for 10 Facebook Pages
I am looking to buy Facebook Fans for FB Pages - 2,000-5,000 UK Fans for 10 Facebook Pages, 20,000 - 50,000 fans all together. They all have to be UK based accounts of real people. Full details »
5 years ago€1500 - 3000
Monetized search engine script
Looking for someone who is capable to do a great script which generate me some income. P
PPC, pay per search, content,.....
 Full details »
5 years ago€250 - 750
HI to all,

i need RIGHT NOW one VCC for moneybookers, they take one amount from card - to max 3 usd,
then i need know which amount they take from card!

if you can give me vcc right now make a bid and i will pay you trough Eufreelance!!! Full details »
5 years ago€30 - 250
Allow ANY Http Web Traffic on Desktop Via Defined Proxy
Allow All Http Traffic on Desktop Via Defined Proxy only (a downloaded or hardcoded IP/Proxy) Goal: We have a client IE based browser which uses a proxy server for all Internet surfing and filtering. We need to add to our exe install of our browser - another small application that force all web traffic from desktop to go via proxy with an option to route traffic off so all traffic goes regularly ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
I have made a facebook bot and some tools if anyone needs it
If you need a bot that can do automated tasks without having to do nothing except the creation of those facebook account that are gonna be use by the bot. I'm able to retrive completely everything you need and want on facebook, even some information that are not show publicly. By example i can get the friendlist of a member even if it is blocked from public. Here is 3 links to show quickly what ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Secure area for website
A simple project for you I need a secure area added to my website for Members only. Members will be added by email address and choose a username. We need to be able to post information only for members it should look like our main site and have a link back to the main site. we should be able to add photos or documents in the secure area of the site as well. I need your help!! I am out of time Budget ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Three Small Server Admin Jobs... $30 bids
Hello GAF Admins, Have a dedicated server, having a couple of problems, two of which should be very simple for a good admin. I think the third could be simple too, I'm just not sure. 1. I rebooted the server via WHM/CPanel -- Server rebooted, but now responds via SSH, not by http, even direct to the IP address. Tried restarting apache and named/bind manually, seemed to work, but with same result. ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
X-Cart Help
I am building a web store based on X-Cart Pro and need an experienced developer/programmer to review, recommend improvements and perform minor modifications. This assignment is small and should not cost significantly more than $30 in the beginning. In addition you will have the chance to quote separately for work relating to the implementation of your recommendations. However, whether or not you perform ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Help with Email Piping
I have a dedicated server on Godaddy.com and need to have email piping set up on the server. I have the responder php file ready to go. Basically I will be scraping email address from the body of emails I get from a third party. Then I will be sending an emailfrom my domain to these harvested emails. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Troubleshoot DNS of domain
Our DNS keeps going down. Godaddy says it's not their problem with the domain, our host says the server is fine. Help! Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
SSL certificate to update on Windows server URGENT
Hello, I have a new SSL certificate from thawte.com (the basic one) but I am unable to renew. The current certif has ended today, I must add the new one ASAP. The system is dedicated server Windows 2003 service pack 2. Remote desktop available. The provider must be able to complete this project within 1-2 hours MAX. It should be a easy job for you. Payment will be done by GAF ESCROW only. Thanks. P.S. ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Google Keyword Rank Checker for website
Hello, We are looking for a provider to create a daily ranking checker similar to: s l in g s h o t s e o . c o m / r a n k i n g s What our daily ranking board will need: - Ability to add our keyword and the traffic the search term receives into a mysql database (We don't need anything fancy for the admin control panel but our marketers don t want to have to use phpmyadmin We will do this manually ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Online Store Development Help
I am building a web store based on X-Cart Pro and need an experienced developer/programmer to review, recommend improvements and perform minor modifications. This assignment is small and should not cost significantly more than $30 in the beginning. In addition you will have the chance to quote separately for work relating to the implementation of your recommendations. However, whether or not you perform ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
High Level Proposal IT System to Improve Business Processes
Description #1 Background: A potential client has a goods delivery business. Their product is packaged and delivered to their regular clients in the city and metropolitan areas. Their current setup in managing work is all paper based, time consuming and very inefficient. The delivery drivers currently use a JOB CARD that has customers contact details, frequency of delivery, date of next delivery ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Anti-bot Protection for Website
Hello there, thanks for looking at my project. I run a PTC (paid-to-click) site, specifically an AuroraGPT website. Clicking bots have been created to be used on these types of sites to automatically click links and hence exploit the site by making illegitimate clicks thereby taking money from the site. The current cheat protection is a routing code entry on login, and an integrated cheat check ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
setup joomla+civicrm on new Ubuntu VPS
We're looking for a VPS setup for a generic joomla + civicrm (latest compatible versions) with email functionality (I'd prefer it use a smart host, I haven't read civicrm requirements but did see Postfix on server may be required). Hopefully you know what is required if you are bidding. I haven't confirmed but assume CiviCRM processes incoming email via pop or imap - Please detail any needs in your ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Web Design, Dashboard creation, check out system
This project is a bit hard to explain. So I will use examples. We wish to create a service that allow us to easily create a replica site that they can white label. The White label site that we will use for this example is www.herbalhealthclub.com However, we ARE NOT CREATING AN ECOMMERCE site. Its the concept we are looking at. www.herbalhealthclub.com is the by product of a www.herbalbiz.com ... Full details »
5 years ago$1500 - 3000
Aboutus.org clone
Clone the functionalities of Aboutus.org. It is a website listing service with info about the site taken from its meta tags along with several useful statistics like ranking, PR, etc. Wiki script is fine and you can use as many scripts as you think will be beneficial but of course keep the site secure. It also has to have a user rating function, as a hot or not for websites. Javascript, php and mysql ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Configure PostFix + Dovecot + Spamassin on Debian/VirtualMin
Server is about to be launched. I am no specialist in that field (mail server configuration) looking for soemthing simple and clean Regards Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
admin panel needed
Need to design simple admin panel for ecommerce website, 2-3 pages. Main goal is to ease the process of forwading the order to supplier, and administrate supply process. Once finshed it should be installed as an indpendent module on my server. I have an exact idea of layout and functions needed, and will provide it to qualifeid parties. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Create a Linux LiveCD that is 20MB or less and runs our App
We are seeking a systems administrator who can create a Linux-based LiveCD that will auto-start a C application that we will provide. The requirements are: * 20MB or less in size * Must auto run our C application upon bootup * Must have: Bash, ssh server, ssh client, package installer such as yum and c libraries required for our app * Must have drivers for standard IDE and SATA hard disk controllers * ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
SEO expert with .htacess knowledge of bots and google
I have a situation with my sitemap where google bot, and all bots cannot crawl my products. I get a 404 error. They can crawl all pages, except my products. I have checked the robots.txt, but that is not the problem. I even had my webmaster do the metatags for canonical links for google. Google is particular about duplicate pages. I don't know what else to look for in a solution. I would need an ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Flippino php developer needed monthly payment...
Hello I would like to hire Flippino coder,Few time i worked with him and i think they are talented... My project based on PAID TO CLICK(PTC) sites, Some of sites which is running PTC sites,http://www.neobux.com, http://www.omnibux.com etc. I will preferred during hire the coder who have knowledge in PAID TO CLICK,PTC. My script based on PHP,MYSQL,JAVA AND AJAX. *Coder must be dedicated to my work. *If ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
PHP SNMP Cisco Function Needed
We already have a PHP application we use for our internal management. I need a single function, written in PHP, that will do an SNMP query of a Cisco switch and return me all the current interfaces and their current port utilization, both input and output. This will need to work with a Cisco 3750 backbone switch and a bunch of Cisco 2950 top-of-rack switches. The exact syntax can be determined but ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Installing Multiple VMware Workstations
I need help learning how to install multiple VMware Workstations on my computer. I will need to know the necessary tools required to accomplish this, and the provider can work with me through teamviewer and instant messaging. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Installing a Configuring Linux VPS
I want to have linux vps and i want some to do the following work for me. Linux OS will be selected on programmer's choice. 1. installing webmin,mysql,mail,ftp,ffmpeg either they are install correctly. 2. installing php latest version 5.3 with apc and progressbar 0.3, server traffic counter 3. making a small vidoe of adding a complete domain/subdomains website through vitural host and ftp,mail servers ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Virus /malware cleanup - VERY FAST WORK3
My web site has a virus/malware. The site is on a linux server. i will give u ftp and u can clean it up. This is very fast and easy work i do not want any files deleted just clean it up. Please do not bid more than $15 this is very fast work just clean the virus do not delete any files. lowest bid wins. Just clean everything thanks. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Need batch file to setup ftp users Windows Server
We setup user groups and have a batch file that sets up users with default virtual directories on our server. The user is setup with a directory of the same name and the user if defaulted to that location when they login so they will be uploading to the correct location (e.g. jim logs in and is automatically in the jim directory). We need a second batch file that completes the same exact process but ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Freelance/Part Time System Administrator Needed
Our Company is located in New Delhi , India and looking forward for System Administrators Freelancers (Preferably from New Delhi or Nearby Region) to work on Part Time Basis in the beginning and later if found suitable will be absorbed in the company as Full Time Employees. We are actually looking forward to set up a server and install Version Control and Other softwares like .NET, Java, SQL Servers ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Wordpress Calculation plugin
Hi, i need to create wordpress plugin, that will work as calculator - it will make automatic calculations for the selected product parts from the table. Like client can choose the number of pcs, types, modifications, and it will calculate him the real price + he will input e-mail and all this will be delivered to his e-mail and the copy to the e-mail of website owner. So in the admin: - i will put ... Full details »
5 years ago$750 - 1500
Several people can only view homepage of our website
our website www. countrymusicislove .com is having some major problems with people able to view pages on the site other than the main website page. We need an IT professional that has good troubleshooting skills to come in and find the problem and fix it. Our website worked 100% before transferring over to a new host. The website is done in wordpress. The weird thing is that some viewers can click ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
cPanel/WHM Linux Server Administration
I need a linux server admin who has expertise in cPanel/WHM. I need any viruses/trojans/malware scanned and removed, I need the kernel hardened and server secured. I need domains added and username and password setup. You must use ICQ, AIM, Skype, or Windows Live IM to communicate with me. I will escrow and release funds after tasks completion. All details will be given to the winning bidder The ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Members Area Script
We need a User management Script in PHP, using Javascript/Ajax, etc - Login form - Register form - Log-in - Log-out - Session while is in - User panel page - Admin area for webmaster - User data stored in MySQL If you have any script like this please, send me a sample or the url for a quicker close deal. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Webmin Project for AsherAli - Repost
Tasks: 1. Login to webmin and add virtual host configuration files for all the domains that you added for DNS. 2. Add AWStats configuration files for all those domains as well Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Webmin Project for AsherAli
Tasks: 1. Login to webmin and add virtual host configuration files for all the domains that you added for DNS. 2. Add AWStats configuration files for all those domains as well Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Debian webmin-virtualmin zencart
HP ML380 4GB RAM, dual zeon processor, Raid 5 (6X36GB SCSI drives). I set this server up 4-5 months ago for self hosting. Currently a few affiliate sites (wordpress), Vtiger CRM, etc... all seem to be working ok. I installed ZenCart a few months ago and have been slowly configuring. During checkout we started to get this error: &quot;1062 Duplicate entry '' for key 2 in: [insert into phpbb_users ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Add DNS Entries in linode backend - Very Simple
I need about 50 domains entered into linodes dns panel. I have created two master records, one for domains that use gmail, and one for domains that don't use gmail. You simply clone one of the master records and paste in the new domain. Very simple. I have the list ready to go. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
WHMCS + eNom + Dedicated Server Setup
Need to have an end to end setup of Web Hosting Solution based on a Dedicated Server w/Hostgator. This will include the configuration of the dedicated server, WHM setup, and also the Installation of WHMCS with eNom reseller account integration. WHMCS will be setup with 3 Initial Hosting products, and automation scripts to provision accounts integrated to the server. Lastly configuration of the payment ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750