webpage filtering software

$30 - 250 5 years ago
I'm looking for a tiny Windows application, which will run silently in users computer, perhaps as a system service. When the user surfs the web (using any browser in general), it will listen the HTTP traffic and it will perform some modifications of webpages which are downloaded.

For example:
user visits www.msn.com and searches for 'sex'.
When the webpage with search results is downloaded, the word 'sex' is simply replaced by 'censored', and also 'sexy' and 'sexual' will be replaced, so perhaps some kind of regular expressions will be good, so admin can set 'sex.*' to be replaced by 'censored'.

The search+replace entries will be configured in windows registry. Once per week, the application will download one file from some URL (which will be configured in windows registry too). The downloaded file will contain new entries for windows registry, and it will update it automatically without user's intervention.

- source code, which can be recompiled in LCC-Win32
- no dependencies on any libraries like .NET shit or VB runtime!
- tiny installer without any dialogs at all, single exe will be started which will setup the computer to filter webpages by the rules in registry.
- filter/manipulate traffic which goes through port 80, no need to filter SSL, no need to worry about proxies
- allow filtering/manipulation of http headers as well
- Windows 2000/xp/vista/7 support		

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