Academic Writing Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Write a six page report - Only for Software Engineers
Hi, I am looking for a freelancer who can write 6 pages (1200-1500 Words) report on software architecture. It needs to be delivered within 24 hours. You must have have a software engineering background and must have excellent communication skills. Budget = 12-15$ (Not negotiable) Full details »
11 hours ago$2 - 8
Academic Essay of 1800 words -Marketing-APA 6th -Max Budget 20$-36 Hours to complete
It is a level 9 Academic Essay of 1800 words -Topic is from Marketing-APA 6th edition-Max Budget 20$-36 Hours to complete. more details about essay will be given in PM I need APA ref to be done using word [url removed, login to view] is very very easy .[visit [url removed, login to view]] No plagiarism & no website ref . Deadline is just 36 hours . If u r doing a good job u can get tons ... Full details »
11 hours ago$14 - 30
Network project details
Network project details Network project details Network project details PFA files for details Full details »
12 hours ago$30 - 100
Content Writing 22
Write the articles as per our last discussion. Thanks Full details »
12 hours ago$2 - 8
Academic Writing for Accounting
I need a one page paper for an accounting hw Full details »
13 hours ago$10 - 30
Teachers Of Mathematics Subject on urgent basis..need to finish 8-10 pages today,,apply immediate joiners -No time wasters please
We require Teachers handling mathematics papers to pour in their know how of the subject into writing academic papers for Students pursuing Masters/ Related Degree in Maths. The delivery time should be shortest possible and if plagiarism is found in any of the work submitted, the contributor will be automatically barred from submitting further work to us. Highly motivated and professional contributors ... Full details »
13 hours ago$30 - 250
Accounting letter - 300 words ($8)
Please find attached the assignment. Only Q1 needs to be done. Roughly 300 words. Price is $8. Please start your proposal with the word BID. Full details »
13 hours ago$2 - 8
13 hours ago$10 - 1000
Basic computer programming essay
please check the attached doc and let me know if u can do it. its a very basic work. i need quality work. price-45 AUD Full details »
13 hours ago$45 - 45
Bussiness managment essay
have to do an essay one of below topics [url removed, login to view] and Social Identity Theory 2. Goal Setting Theory 3. Organisational Commitment for the theory have to use the book Organisational Behaviour Asia-Pacific Edition + Connect (4th Ed) by Mcshane (Author) Full details »
13 hours ago$40 - 70
Proofread Something
Essay editing for MBA application especially grammatically Full details »
14 hours ago$10 - 30
Academic Writing -- 2
Nedd someone to summariz a chapter from book Full details »
14 hours ago$10 - 30
Academic Writing
Nedd someone to summariz a chapter from book Full details »
14 hours ago$250 - 750
Find an Accountant -- Urgent
looking for someone who can do for me one accounting and corporate simple quize within hours and give me perfect answers.. thanks Full details »
14 hours ago$2 - 10
commercial written
Need a commercial written for a religious site. Full details »
14 hours ago$10 - 30
Academic Writing Work
This project involves potential reoccurring work in academic writing, research reports and research for referencing in the essays. The topics will include business, culture, politics, social studies, globalization and ethics. (for this job, copyright is maintained by the poster of the job, and it may not be reproduced in any way online or through any other means without prior permission). The ... Full details »
15 hours ago$10 - 30
Escribir descripciones de productos
Empresa Multinacional líder en su sector precisa incorporar Administrativo/a para control y gestión de información. Se requiere experiencia en manejo de paquete Office y se ofrece la posibilidad de trabajar desde casa por objetivos. Full details »
15 hours ago$250 - 750
Quantitative Analysis Report
Please see the attached document for further details. Deadline: 7 Days Full details »
15 hours ago$10 - 30
Proofread Something -- 2
[url removed, login to view] words dissertation corporate governance 2. check spelling/grammar mistakes 3. check sentence structure: verbose, ambiguous or diffuse 4. work need to be finished before 7th Sep 5. If you agree I will send you an updated file around 4th Sep 6. Please provide a counteroffer as you see fit Full details »
16 hours ago$20 - 250
Introduction for a dissertation
Hi, I want to hire a freelancer who can write for me the abstract + the introduction of my dissertation. (The dissertation is about 15000 words) You'll have to write around 1000 words for the introduction. And between 200-300 words for the abstract. The abstract is the presentation of the dissertation. The introduction is divided as follows: (a) The context/background of the study; (b) The ... Full details »
16 hours ago$8 - 30
Statistics Assignment 1
The assignment is purely related to Stats. Please submit your interest for a discussion Full details »
17 hours ago$10 - 100
Medical related academic paper
Medical related academic project (rewriting and completion) Deadline 48 hours Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 100
strategic management decission
Please see the attached documents for the project details Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 250
How Netflix Reinvented HR - CASE Study
Please see the details in attachments Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 250
Manpower planning report
Comprehensive report where department managers shall enter their needs of staff (with all details required such as garde, date of joining, other) for next year and all department's reports should consolidate in one report Full details »
17 hours ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing as an Environmental Report
It is an academic report writing for Environmental Report On Applying EIA ( Environmental Impact Assessment) , SEA( Strategic Environmental Assessment ) and LCA( Life Cycle Assessment ) To Develop Energy From A Waste Facility Project in 2500 words references are not including . needs 7- 10 references , Harvard ( APA) system in use. And be aware from plagiarism. Also there is an example could be send ... Full details »
18 hours ago$10 - 20
Write an eBook
I'm looking for a quality writer that can write e-books for me on a variety of non-fiction niches and topics. You must be able to effectively research the niche or topic that I give you and write me a unique, 100% original quality book (5000 - 7000words) that will help people. You must have good grammar and spelling as well. Counselling and psychology will be advantageous. I'm willing ... Full details »
18 hours ago$50 - 75
Need a Python Programmer and Academic Writer
Need a Python programmer and an academic writer for a dissertation. For writers: The report is attached. This is currently around 4800 words. It needs to follow the chapter structure laid out and reach 12,000+ words.I have other research papers for you to refer to once you start working on it. For coders: I have attached the project proposal. Stylometric analysis must be done for Arabic text ... Full details »
18 hours ago$250 - 750
elements of a group culture
Defining and understanding the elements of a group culture is essential to forging a professional identity either online or in person. These elements are important because they reflect how professionals interact, whether online or in person. In this Assignment you will write a descriptive report about the culture of a group of people, a company, or an organization based on background research and ... Full details »
19 hours ago$30 - 250
Expert in Lab Report for Engineers
Hello, I need an experience in lab report for engineering case. Full details »
20 hours ago$8 - 15
Write articles about how to blog
I need 10 articles, each will have 1000 words + pictures (more or less). The articles will be about how to blog, the website is about how to make a new blog. If you are a god in blogging + WordPress, you are the person I want to hire. Your main target are people that have no idea what a blog is, you need to teach them how to create one. The articles need to have pictures too. Full details »
20 hours ago$10 - 30
Write a Technical Report
This report is to be written based on a business model. its a three part tasks that should be merged into one report of 4000 words The first report is a concerned with designing computer systems and understanding the function of computer systems (1500 words) few notes: a)Specify the characteristics of the hardware (including performance details such as CPU speed, RAM size, storage capacity, ... Full details »
20 hours ago$100 - 250
Re-write quotes in your own words
The paper is already written. I need someone to quickly rewrite the quotes and put it in their own words. It's a real easy job. Full details »
20 hours ago$10 - 30
Need to write a assignment-3
Hi I am in need help to write my assignment for a subject,4000 words .Please remember you must provide me the Turnitin report which will 100% plagiarism free and questions must be answered according the questions [url removed, login to view] fixed price is $55-$60, not more than [url removed, login to view] you are not comfortable with that price please dont bid.I will provide all the necessary document ... Full details »
21 hours ago$10 - 30
Computer, Mechanical, Electronics engineering Question paper solving
Question papers of Mumbai university & VTU for Mechanical engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) & Computer Science Engineering (CSE) need to be solved. They can be found here: [url removed, login to view] I need 6 papers per subject. There are 46 subjects to be solved. Remuneration shall be [url removed, login to view] per paper (i.e. [url removed, login to view] ... Full details »
22 hours ago$75000 - 150000
Write a short LaTeX Report
I have 5 theorems in Functional Analysis that I have done in my Notebook in Pen. I have the Scanned copy of them. I want someone to copy them in a LaTeX pdf format the budget is $15 not more than that. Content around 5 pages. Full details »
22 hours ago$10 - 15
Dateline 4/9 - financial & accounting assignment
Dateline : 4/9/14 pls see attached file and let me know you can work on calulating. Full details »
22 hours ago$10 - 30
Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization
Project Overview; Create a PR-strategy on social media. Creative and Technical writing, using social media as a tool to increase PR (awareness, and why it should be increased) for an organisations program. Their is some parts missing and lacking, but the text is written. A new actor that takes over the project, needs to see how to alter the text and comprehend how to make changes. As long as the ... Full details »
22 hours ago$30 - 250
23 hours ago$30 - 250
Translation job - Bengali to English
Hi, I need some one to translate 100 recipe written in Bengali to English. I will provide you with recipes (in jpeg) you have to translate it and add a description(around 80-90 words) of the dish. You must give information on the dish. Eg. description of the dish, the origin of the dish (if applicable), serving tips etc. The purpose of this section is to give the reader an idea about the dish and ... Full details »
23 hours ago$400 - 750
Write a Report
country of selection is turky and its an group assignment my part is 2 points from the document introduction and Analysis of suitability of e-business venture in this country for your assigned organisation Full details »
23 hours ago$250 - 750
24 hours job : Case Study Malware
2500 words case study about Malware. Strict with Harvard ref. Full details »
23 hours ago$30 - 250
Writ an essay - open to bidding
To write two essay focusing on "Porphryia's Lover" by Robert Browning and also "Adam and Eve" by Tony Hoagland. 1. Write a brief synopis (summary with quotes) of both poems. 2. How do the poems differ in the narrators' actions and in their realization. And to discuss the last two lines in Hoagland's poem and at least one of the stanzas on the 2nd column ruminating ... Full details »
24 hours ago$10 - 30
Introduction for a dissertation
Hi, I want to hire a freelancer who can write for me the abstract + the introduction of my dissertation. (The dissertation is about 15000 words) You'll have to write around 1000 words for the introduction. And between 200-300 words for the abstract. The abstract is the presentation of the dissertation. The introduction is divided as follows: (a) The context/background of the study; (b) The ... Full details »
24 hours ago$8 - 30
EASY Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Report
Pretty basic task for Object Oriented System Analysis There are templates ready for you to fill in with your analysis from the case study, you are required to have Visual Paradigm in order to export your diagram works into XML file. Case study will be given to prepare the answers for the following questions; - Vision - High Level Functional Requirements - Detailed Functional Requirements - ... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 50
Money and Capital Market Assignment
This assignment requires the preparation of a business report and focus on Australia font: Times New Roman, size :12, line spacing: 1.5 and presented in bus iness report format, including: 1/ An Executive Summary, 2/ Main report 3/ Summary/Conclusion 4/ Referencing using Harvard (Author Date) system. 5/ Reference List and Appendices 2000 word Please read the detail of assignment which i ... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing
Any content writer for English Hindi language with good English grammar knowledge can contact us. Full details »
1 day ago$1500 - 12500
Need Indian Article Writer - Long Term
We need dedicated article writer who can write 4-5 (2000-2500 words) article per day. Indian writer will be prefer. If you know academic writing so your most welcome. Payment : Rs 45/500 for article writing and 25p/word for academic writing Pyamnet cycle every 15 days If you satisfied with above mention rates & you think you have a capability so bid. thank you , happy bidding ... Full details »
1 day ago$1500 - 12500
ST_PWB/C_3H_ greek to engl
Translation from greek to english, 8000 words. Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Business plan writing- Have a template that can be followed.
I need a business plan for a gelato/coffee business. Need it within 24 hrs so only bid if that is achievable. Full details »
1 day ago$20 - 250