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Academic Writing on Advantages and Disadvantages of Extreme Programming, Waterfall and Components-based Software Engineering Process Models.
Topic: History, Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterfall, Extreme Programming and Component-based Software Engineering Process Models (with at least 20 references) Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing - Repost
I need someone to do an urgent report that is due in 10 hours. It is an apa style report Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Need 8 pages resume
Need 8 pages resume...I need you to add the Business Analysis techniques in it Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Pervasive Mobile Technologies & Wearable Computing
This is Due 20 November/2014 Today, mobile technology has put the power of the Internet in our hands virtually anytime and anyplace. The advent wearable computing will take this to a whole new level. Consider the future with Google Glass as a commonplace technology ([url removed, login to view]). Even devices like the proposed Apple iWatch will change how we interact with the information and ... Full details »
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teach me freeance writing - open to bidding
communicate by phone-+254716805508 email-jmwirygh(at)[url removed, login to view] jndknvgkdc mmgodmboj mfhbfmdjb mpmefdh[fdbb me[hmemrmvc elmahlefbl aplhgmlpfdmb lpelrmrflmflr lmalghmfdlhbxz k3qhlkeam[fzm kefdhlmdblc Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing
Topic: History, Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterfall, Extreme Programming and Component-based Software Engineering Process Models (with at least 20 references) Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing
I need someone to do urgent report that is due in 10 hours Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 20
Academic Writing for Finance Articles for Long term Association
Successful Candidate - Must have a advanced degree in Finance and Accounting. - Must have access to academic databases. - Must be responsive and available on SKype. - Must be willing and able to do practical problems. - Must deliver excellence every time. If you have the above and interested in working with us long term. Please send me your most competitive Per page rate. I am a start ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Need some management persons to write study material on management subjects -- 2
Need Teachers/management persons to write study material on some management subjects...min 200 pages..MBA in finance stream required... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
DBQ Essay :How did the ideas of absolutism influence the government of Europe?
Simple essay needed by Sunday 11/23/14 10pm EST, description is in the attachment, documents needed for evidence is all in the attachment. Outline is the format used. Should be pretty clear what is needed to be done. Outline is needed by Thursday 11/20/14 10pm EST. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
mba research - open to bidding
I need some one to make research for my mba studyhsha s a ahauahahahahshsgshshshshshshshshshshsshshshshxhdhshsha sbsjusshshshhss Full details »
1 day ago$250 - 750
Instant health care (remote diagnostic)
Nowadays, the wait time to see a doctor varies from days to weeks. The advance of technology opens the opportunity for instant health care. These days remote diagnostic become common with the advance of technology. In this paper i want you to write about "Instant health care (remote diagnostic)" Term Paper should be 14 -16 pages double space, 12 point font, Times new roman The paper ... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Edit Something - annotated bibliography (2-3 sentence)
I need a simple help on this. Just write a 2-3 sentenses for each as an annotated bibliography. I have every single citation's review and introduction (most from [url removed, login to view]) if this would help. which I believe is easy for those who knows what annotated bibliography is about. PLEASE NOTE that my research paper is titled "Food and Religion" thank you. My Preliminary ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Write some research papers
Hi, I need some who can write 5 research papers on different topics. I have abstract and outline of them please bid if you have good experience. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Do some Blog Posting
Need a writer for a blog posting of about 400-500 words on the topic of studying in USA (for Indian students) for a new web site. I will need 2 articles per week, and if the work is good -- can commit for the next 3 months at a fixed rated per article. Work MUST be original...can give an initial list of topics to write on. If you are bidding, please submit at least one writing sample. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Research Design
Instructions: • Compare and contrast the characteristics of external, internal, and construct validity • Identify the threats to external and construct validity. • Discuss how validity issues could impact an envisioned research. Length: 5 pages not including title and reference pages. References: Minimum of 5 scholarly resources, peer review article, NO INTERNET RESOURCE This is ... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
1 day ago$30 - 30
Why SSRIs should not be given to adolescents
Need to prepare for a debate about why SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) should not be given to adolescents; need to provide at least 4 research to backup and state reasons why they are not good. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
preparing a strategy brief social business strategy for a not-for-profit organization
My topic that I chose for this assignment is : Canadian Blood Services Organization Due On December 10/2014 In the Attachments there's the rubric, project sample, and social media strategy sample Length: You must have a minimum of 2500 words, and should not exceed 3000 words in your strategy report. (Note: This word count does not include: title page, headers, references, in-text ... Full details »
1 day ago$250 - 750
I. Proofreading and Editing Articles - $0.25 per 550words
I am looking for freelancers who can edit and proofread articles. Content just need simple or basic proofreading & editing to match the best standard of the industry. Articles are general word count range: 150-1050 words Number of articles: as many as you can It may come in 2-3 articles Let me know how many articles you can proofread within 6-12hrs/day, my rate is $[url removed, login ... Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 10
1 day ago$10 - 30
Research Review
I need help with a 3 page document. Task 1: Write a 2 page paper on the real world importance of ECHERICHIA COLI(1). You can focus on one of the following:medical/clinical, environmental, economical, or industrial importance of echerichia coli. Task 2: Find a scientific paper, read it and answer 5 questions on one page. Further instructions will be provided once project is awarded. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 25
Academic Writing
I m looking for someone who can write an essay for me. Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Paraphrasing task
Need a few pages to be paraphrased quote the best price Around 10 pages Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
Write a Short Report ( Immediate Hiring )
Hi, I need a Skillful Writer, Which Can Do Short 500 Words Assignment, for Me, In Next 2-2.5 Hours... Relevant Material Available..... Milestone Will be Created Full details »
1 day ago$2 - 8
1 day ago$10 - 40
shofiq friend task 1
all details are attached, i need good number of references using Harvard method, no plagiarism is allowed. Cover page, table of content, and excellent presentation is essential. 3500 words Full details »
1 day ago$10 - 30
PC Child Timer
Using [url removed, login to view] you are required to create a program that logs off a computer after a specified period of time. The idea is that children tend to spend too much time on the computer and are to be allocated a set period each day. Each user of the machine should be allocated a number of minutes per day. Once those minutes are used up the machine should log off. It would be helpful ... Full details »
1 day ago$20 - 250
Case Study
The task is to analyze a negotiation & conflict case. Specifically it is about the NHL lockout 04/05. So therefore, you need to be preferably interested in hockey and if you already know something about it in advance it would be of advantage. You need to be an expert in communications and know about BATNA and all that stuff that comes with it. Also it is important to be good in academic writing ... Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing in Management
Hello, I need someone to write a 5 pages paper in Management. Please bid only if you are a Native English speaker. You should possess knowledge in MLA citation style. Full details »
1 day ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing
Research paper for Computer Informations Class. The paper has to be around 2000 words in Chicago Style writing which includes footnotes. My topic is computing within car safety features. So basically relate computing to something innovative or current within the industry in which you were assigned. Mine of course being car safety features. The most important part of this is to have it 100% plagiarism ... Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
editing of research proposal
require writer with experience in research proposals to edit proposal for university. quick turnaround required, must have relevant experience. Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
cloud computing academic
Any one with good knowledge of cloud computing can bid for this project. will give you more description in chat. Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Research Paper: "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin.
RESEARCH PAPER Students will write an in-depth analysis of one or two works of literature of their choosing from our assigned readings (or bonus unit). This paper will be 6-pages minimum and will utilize MLA format and documentation. In addition to the primary source(s), at least four, reputable, academic secondary sources are required. If focusing on poetry, students may request permission to cover ... Full details »
2 days ago$25 - 50
Academic Writing (7-10 pages, APA Referencing style) 20 hours deadline
Dear Freelancers Please refer to the below stated project details for my new project:- 1. NO Plagiarism / 100% Copyscape 2. No Grammar Errors 3. APA Referencing Style / 7-10 Pages 4. Budget : $30 + Bonus & long term assignments 5. Topic Relates to Merger & Acquisitions NO Negotiations Please.. Kindly don't waste your bid and my time if you cannot meet the expectations. Looking ... Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
Electrical Engeering - Academic Task
See attached Due in 2 days See the requirements CAREFULLY If you're a electrical engineer, you'll find out the requirements Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Research paper
A typed 5-7 page research paper on supporting the following: the election process in the U.S. is a clear example of true democratic values and principles in practice Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 30
4 More Article Writers Needed
Hello freelancers, i ran an article writing farm, currently am working with 4 writers, 1 from USA,1 from Germany, 1 From SA. and the other one from Romania, I therefore would wish to add 4 more writers "preferably natives" the qualified writer should be ready to start right away and work for long term " 2 yrs " Well come PWLTD Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
Essay about how many countries suffer from high rates of unemployment
Topic number four in the attachment but I want the level of the writing between band 5 and 5.5 (intermediate level ) six paragraphs ( intro, body 1,2 and body 3,4 and conclusion ) about 1000 words 5 reference with Harvard reference style the submission within two days and two milestone Full details »
2 days ago$20 - 250
Position paper
The Position Paper will deal with a specific aspect of managerial economics on a topic approved by the instructor. An example is: Mergers and acquisition in the automobile industry. Students should give a critical summary of sources/papers on that topic. Explain why the merger took place, who was involved, how the evaluation was handled, and what is the likelihood it would fail or succeed, etc. The ... Full details »
2 days ago$120 - 150
English literature 850 words 4 days
850 words task due in 4 days. Its about a book called Vimy by vern thessen. requirements are attached in the pdf files. Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 30
an academic proposal for PhD program in E- learning
the project is going to be in E- learning strategies between two countries ( advance country and develop country).( Comparative research). I have attached a file ( Microsoft word) explains my proposal. you will find two abstracts and you can choose the one you like which is easy for you. total words 4400 words. the proposal should follow the pattern of the instruction in this file. please I ... Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 150
Write a Business Plan
you will be researching on dominos pizza (uk) Full details »
2 days ago$1500 - 3000
english paper editing
hi, i have a 1500 words average university level writing course paper, and i want someone to edit it so i can an A on this paper. Only bit if u can work it right away and very confidence with your writing skill. Full details »
2 days ago$15 - 25
Few slides on criminology
just cover what criminologists say about communities and relate them to the riots , about 3/4 slides max with some notes Full details »
2 days ago$20 - 25
Urgent edit for an academic writing assignment
I have a 900 word assignment on e-commerce for the hospitality sector. I have one hour to make some urgent edits. $25 You must have previous academic writing experience. All changes must be made putting on track changes. Full details »
2 days ago$25 - 25
2 days ago$50 - 70
Academic - Writing
Knowledge Management required. Write about two pages. Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 30
rqrd good writer to do some graphs
reqrd two things ( first check the system attached ) then : 1- Develop a process model that describes business process (create DFD (context, level 0 and level 1 diagrams) for your system) 2- Develop a data model describing the data that flows through the business processes in the organisation where the system would be implemented (Create ERD for the proposed system). Dedicated Budget : 15 ... Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
Qualatative vs Quanatative Research
700 word paper on difference between qualatative vs quanatative research. As presented on Denzin Lincoln text. (Pg 17-20) Respond with an evaluation of the authors comments, writing from a critical, philisophical and scientific basis. Apa format Due within 3 days of award Must have access to the text Denzin & Lincoln (2013) The Landscape of Qualatative Research Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250