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Transfert a search bar from a wordpress to prestashop
Hello ! I need a freelancer to recreate a search bar which is already on a wordpress to a prestashop. The search bar should have the same functionnalities, u can check it at this url : [url removed, login to view] Thanks for apply only if you feel possible to do it within 36h, Have a good day Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
One web page using Bootstrap and add cool interactivity with jQuery/Ajax/JS
I am looking to have only one page of my website done, just to see how the project works out. IF this page comes out fine, then there will be more work. Basically, I need someone to take this Bootstrap template (I purchased it already): [url removed, login to view] and make it close to the design file attached. You will need to work with the latest version of Bootstrap v.3 and also add some other ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Build a Website
This is a Price comparison engine. Server side program is ready. Need to develop User interface(jsps) for data presentation & pseudo shopping list creation. Looking for someone with UI hands on experience along with graphic design capabilities Full details »
2 months ago$750 - 1250
Build a Website
i need a responsive website with just 4 pages and with some validations. i have my own plan my budget is [url removed, login to view] Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 12500
Wordpress website Customization & bug fix
Hi, Need customization on a wordpress theme. 1. Need to integrate payment gateway 2. Search option on booking category page 3. On individual Hotel page dynamic implementation on facilities, packages, plans 4. respective options in admin 5. Order history for customers Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 12500
PHP Development 2
A PHP CodeIgniter professional is needed for various projects. Full details »
2 months ago$15 - 25
Ticket System script using Zend Framework 2 - open to bidding
Please have a deep look at attached RFP then come back with feedback if any. Full details »
2 months ago$2 - 8
PHP - MySQL - Simple Admin Panel
I need you to build me a very simple admin panel using bootstrap to do some MySQL queries. Needs to be in AJAX. The php handler should be on a separate page than the view. The code should be documented and professionally written. My database is a wordpress database but we will only work with 2 tables. They are wp_terms and wp_termsmeta. List all categories alphabetically that does not have ... Full details »
2 months ago$50 - 80
Facebook Website App
Viral news app is complete website for adsense or any other ads network, real targeted fans, list building and many other features. App Features: All users that will authorized the app and users that will Canceled the authorize will see the posts, this mean that no traffic will be lost if users cancel the authorize. When user read/watch any of the article/video it is shared to their wall, their ... Full details »
2 months ago$750 - 1500
Convert a Template to a Website
I have 3 screens designed that have to created by using a template that I will provide. All the elements from the design are in the template, therefore I wouldn't expect it take long. Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
Online Loan Management System
Frontend should operate with the following functionalities further documentation will be provided, inc. contract printing, etc. The backend should be designed to track loan sales, loan volume, interest rates, fee income, and other key reports. The system should HAVE A Printing Function for various Payment Periods A break Down of Principal, Interest accrued etc over a period of time that the ... Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
needs tinychat clone script
i need tinychat script with all features who can do it for me? budget 100 usd Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Moving & delivery auction website similar to USHIP
I would like to create moving and delivery auction similar to uship and centraldispatch with full function. Graphics will be different based on new ideas. This website will apply to land and sea freight. Additional information will be provided. Full details »
2 months ago$200 - 2000
build website
Hi, I need a person who is very much strong in jquery. person must have a clease concept to write jquery using his own logic. must have power to create not only to modify using jquery. My budget is $10 total... I need talented freelancer be it a fresher or experienced..those who knows it is hardly 30 mins job for them. Full details »
2 months ago$2 - 8
PSD to HTML mobile App
Hi, I have PSD on 13 pages i need to convert this in HTML responsive. This is Mobile app. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Program a search box
I need you to program my hotel search box for my website... I have Hotels, Flights, Cruises and Car Rentals. You will need to use the box i give you... please check out [url removed, login to view] Make the bottom box the first box... [url removed, login to view] I will need you to program the search box and currency/language changer. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 50
this project of medical hospital & college at tundla Agra U.P this project all work of college details and teaching list and other staff details and news maintained by admin pannel. Full details »
2 months ago$400 - 750
Retrieve xml data of site from my website using CURL
I need a php script to retrieve xml data from: [url removed, login to view] The php script need to be run at: [url removed, login to view] The data that be retrieved you can see at: [url removed, login to view] Click at button "Submit". Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
2 months ago$25 - 50
Simple aplication like dropbox
I have a simple app where I can upload files and their details to JSON file. I wan't to have options: - possibility to download file by click his name, - simple login using [url removed, login to view] (no registration - only admin and 2 users) - creating directiories with files and .json for each user - possibility to click green button to add and red to delete - simple search - sort by ... Full details »
2 months ago$90 - 750
web site building - open to bidding
hi sanjay, we need to build a website. website requirement as attached. please send us a quotation base on the website requirement. the due day for the website is 20/02/2015. do you have skype? so we can discuss this further Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Create a Shopify filter products like Power Tool
Hi, I need to have a Shopify filter product sidebar, exactly like power tools: [url removed, login to view] It should Include: The Artist (vendor) list, The Colour (tag), The Licence Package (tag) and a Keywords box. These will be explained in more detail in the brief. These will be check boxes apart from the Artist (a drop down selection) and the Keywords (form) It should work in AJAX, ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
To complete an online entry form
I have developed an online entry system and need one more element where users can select a division and the options for that division will appear in three different dropdown boxes without refreshing the form. Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Skrill assist needed urgent , more than 60USD extra for 15-20 minutes -- 2
Skrill assist needed urgent , more than 60USD extra for 15-20 minutes I need 90USd in skrill i can pay here 150-160USD for this help ! Ready to pay in advance Full details »
2 months ago$112 - 160
Custom Video Hosting/sharing like Videobull, AllmyVideos.net, Streamin.to
I require a Custom Video hosting/sharing website developed similar to [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] and so on The website features should be similar to leading file hosting website like where users earn cash for uploading files. You have to visit the above mentioned website to understand ... Full details »
2 months ago$400 - 1200
Binary MLM Software With Source Code (.php/.net)
ear Freelancers, We are a New IT Company in Philippines! We are looking for a solution where we can easily customize MLM Software with Binary and Unilevel Features and sell it further. We want you to create an environment where we can set the following things without any programming knowledge: Option 1: Payout Ratio to choose - 1:1 or 2:1 Option 2: Payout Ratio from 1-300 pairs is 1:1 ... Full details »
2 months ago$800 - 800
Looking for moneybookers skrill help ! 75USD 30 minutes URGENT PROJECT
Looking for moneybookers skrill help ! 75USD 30 minutes URGENT PROJECT Need 90USd in skrill to pay something urgent for me , im stuck here and i cant witraw my funds today so i can pay here 165USD in advance for 90USD in my skrill acount . Please only people with verifyed skrill acount with money inside to bid ! Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Creating a Timeline GUI
Hi, I am looking for a front end developer, who can provide a timeline GUI like in [url removed, login to view]: - The system needs to read a JSON values, and deploy to a timeline - User can zoom in to narrow down the time range (per day) See: label A in file attachment - User can zoom out to expand the time range (for example per 25 years) See: label A in file attachment - When ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Write an Android application LIC Premium Calculator
I want an application for LIC Premium Calculator. Like : LICRaVin in Google Play store. But with better look and feel and good ui and ux. Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 12500
Paysafecard Integration with Boxbilling
Boxbilling integration peace of code Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 10
Automatic License plate recognition
A system that will capture and detect license plates from a video system. The license plate number must be automatically added to the mysql database along with a cropped image of the license plate from the original video. Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
Pathology Lab Management
Hi, I need a Online Pathology Lab Management software. If you are exp in this domain then place your bid and show me your portfolio, Only serious Bidder. Thanks in advance. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Create a Wordpress form to update a custom post fields
I have a Wordpress 4.1 website that allows logged in users to publish and edit custom posts via the frontend. I need them to be able to add 5 photos to each post they publish. Workflow. Point number 4 is the feature I need. 1. They Login through the frontend (Complete) 2. They have access to a frontend "Admin" section (Complete) 3. They can add and edit custom posts (Complete) 4. ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Pro- mobile Application developer -- 2
Am looking for Pro mobile application person or organization who can develop, design and test the application. NOTE: 1) I consider only who reply back to me with 2 line response. 2) Contact mobile number. 3) Previously worked mobile applications URL ( only related to my requirements) 4) Hourly rate... Requirements: Nearest locations, Notification ... Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 3000
Chat HTML5 Application: design (PSD) and create HTML5
One page HTML5 application for online chatting that look like this: [url removed, login to view]:ANd9GcTrzYTy59cwJLrdtaq0s-v3eAU-dl8uj_hg4qCOCBWapoSUd6Th Deliverables: 1. Design theme and one page online chat application (PSD) 2. Create a HTML5 application based on the design and implement user interactions. Buttons and actions that need to be implemented (user interactions only, no need ... Full details »
2 months ago$12 - 55
finish some left php work in website will provide wanted files not ask for ftp
email send not send on new orders we have make settings in site email send for new order to admin yes no email send for new order to user yes no user and admin are to & cc in email according to sql query saved option email should be go language save for admin panel we have multiple languages already we have done db work for save language for site admin opened with saved language you need to ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
HTML5 Application: design (PSD) and create HTML5
One page HTML5 application for file-browsing that look like this: [url removed, login to view] Deliverables: 1. Design theme and one page (PSD) 2. Create a HTML5 application based on the design and implement user interactions. Buttons and actions that need to be implemented (user interactions only, no need to connect to the server. Use mockup functions to test server interactions.). 1. Click ... Full details »
2 months ago$12 - 50
Auto complete read carefully, check carefully
Hi I want exactly the same. Please check frontend and backend (admin) very carefully [url removed, login to view] I want suggestion (keywords added in admin) and category suggestion but not the product suggestion I purchased it. Download here [url removed, login to view] My website [url removed, login to view] my website is a classified website I want exactly the same. Thank ... Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
Conversion of English Source Codes to Arabic Multilungal coding and creation of stamps -- 2
High level description: PHP AJAX JQUERY HTML5 IN ARABIC LANGUAGE, COPY THE ENGLISH SOURCE CODES WE [url removed, login to view] MAKE SURE THE DEVELOPMENT IS CATERED FOR ARABIC LANGUAGE MULTILINGAL SOURCE CODING. Creation of a stamp called Building Plan Approved and Building Plan Rejected. A simple tool which will allow the uploading of drawings, the selection of a scale, apply measuring tools ... Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
Need a quick javascript change to an isotope site
Need a small change to an isotope filter. Description: The isotope filter shows a number of items, if you click the filter it shows the items in that category. If that category has only one item in it I want to show the content of that item page. Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Tests Module of
In your offer, send how many hours it will take. We pay 3$/h We have an already in development website. One module will be tests. It will be like: [url removed, login to view] More info will be given during contact We want the job done asap! (even now) If you get succesful, you will continue with the other modules. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Website with Blog,CMS and Ecommerce cart
I know that my project needs extensive and in-depth knowledge and working experience of: 1. HTML 5 2. CSS 3 (Advanced CSS Gradients and webkit Effects, modals as well) 3. Javascript(The Jquery Slider and all the navigation and functioning of the Cart ) 4. PHP/MySQL (CMS and Shopping Cart Fecilities and working experience and knowledge of basic security issues) 5. ... Full details »
2 months ago$12500 - 37500
BigCommerce: Hide prices for all visitors except if they belong to a type of customer -- 2
Hello, Our website is using the "classic" theme. We have two types of users, the retail and wholesale. We want to display the prices only if wholesale users are logged in. Any questions feel free to ask! Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Native iOS App with 10 screens
We have a mobile website already developed and entire backend is written. However, we would want a native app to be built out. The site has 10 screens on whole and might have added animations. Please provide the timeline as well in your quote. More apps in pipeline. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
FACEBOOK/GMAIL login and rating and comment system
I am actually working on a project... what i need is : 1)Facebook and G mail Sign up then log in and store data in database with authentication....and after login redirects to same page through which user was logged in....... 2)Comment after log in only using ajax (retrieve details from Facebook) 3)mark favorite using ajax after log in 4)5 star rating system after log in only this all should ... Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 12500
Simple customization job in my wordpress plugin
Hi there, I am wordpress plugin devoloper and I need bellow in my plugin as I am busy working on its updates- 1. Add search filter 2. Add category filter Bidder must require plugin devolopement knoledge. This is very simple task (hardly 2 hours) for good developer. I will explain task in detail to winner. It requires good hands in ajax and mysql. I will prefer Asian freelancer and will ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 20
Livechat instant messaging directory -- 2
I need a developer to help do the following – I already have the design files and also I have the HTML responsive files already done. I need the system done in php/mysql and if possible the chat should be in ajax so that it is working. The main page functions are as follows: o user registrations o user login o user submissions of user profiles – approval by admin before profile is displayed ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 100
Web scraping using script
I want to scrape [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] two sites output in excel. small task less data's need to done within 5 to 8 hours Search term is A to Z alphabets in order to see the result each site. Only apply if happy with the budget and time frame don't waste my time as well as yours Immediate starters only********** Full details »
2 months ago$50 - 50
PHP Expert With 10 Years+ Experince
Person With Only 10 Years+ Experience Only To Bid!! The work is complicated! and i want someone expert to do this time is very less deadline is 2-3 days! which will be paid in the hours! the person to complete the work as soon as much possible should tell me no lies! nothing only individual wanted no companies ! Full details »
2 months ago$15 - 25
WordPress Additional Functionality for plug-in
For an existing WordPress plug-in I need additional functionality. The requirements are listed in the additional document "[url removed, login to view]". Also included an example of a testament in [url removed, login to view] All front-end pages are already developed and active. Realization within 7 days. Only freelancers with much experience in WP are welcome. Milestones: 25% ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 250