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JSON Parsing Script
In javascript, you will need to parse JSON data that looks like the attachment file. This is what I call an entry: {"units":"[url removed, login to view]","amount":"25.0","timestamp":"1422678576.0"} The script must then scan the entries to find the ones that have Price value that match user request. For this script assume user request ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
SMTP Multi Socket Script
We need multi socket cluster Operation server script Full details »
2 months ago$750 - 1250
Convert opensource php to codeigniter framework
Need to convert 7 opensource php pages to codeigniter php framework. Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
implement api into Joomla
i need to implement 3 fairly simple API into my joomla site with easysocial. 1. First API is a single sign on API with fitnessbuilder. pdf is attached. 2. Implement authentication for [url removed, login to view] 3. implement fatsecret api [url removed, login to view] Job Description: Your responsibilities: - Review business requirements working with other team members - Perform a technical ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Commenting below articles -- 2
Creation of commenting system bellow articles Full details »
2 months ago$70 - 70
Discusion of social wifi project - open to bidding
I believe that i sould by no means waste your time. So let me pay you and get a discussion about my project for an hour please. Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Fix a quick Ajax Issueon a Wordpress Plugin
More informations should be provided to the awarded freelancer. It is a quick ajax issue on a free wordpress plugin and i need someone to fix it in the next 2 hours. Full details »
2 months ago$2 - 8
Write some Software
I need to have an application that allows a user to design different images/text onto part of a motocross bike (dirt bike). The output needs to save the features as SVG. I have been working with a Elancer but he cannot finish. I need someone to finish the work for me. The work done so far is at [url removed, login to view] You must choose Honda CRf450 2009-2012. Then you can get an idea of what ... Full details »
2 months ago$750 - 1500
Client Changes to an existing Wordpress Site
Need someone to modify properties to a living wordpress site that has a bunch of plugins and in working order. It was a PSD2HTML site - however i prefer to deal with someone directly. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Bitcoin Shop
I need somebody who can code me a Bitcoin Shop. This shop should be able on the admin backend to create categories and create products. It also should show how much of xyz pieces are available. It should be a Cartcashout, so they first pick all products which they want to buy - after that they pay with Bitcoins. A ticketsystem/supportsystem should be also there, every order should have a order id ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
PHP Script Need Urgent
i want a script in which person create an account upload their doc , ppt , pdf then can edit it means arrange its slides or add voiceover to it then preview it and save it Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
Web information account post
This web has content, to the information Full details »
2 months ago$100000 - 300000
Web Updated Information
This web content is about the updated information Full details »
2 months ago$100000 - 300000
Need finance assistant via skrill ! 100 USD
Looking for help , need virtual finance assistant . Budget 100$ extra Need people who can help now its very urgent for my to pay something , im able to pay extra USD for fast help .Only people with skills can bid ,its not for new users ! Im stuck today in freelancer ,but need to pay on my client fast so bid and we can discuss more ! Full details »
2 months agon/a
Javascript-PHP Sending Data
I have a project but there is a problem in my Javascript code. I think the problem is in the "sendData(jsonArr)" function but I couldn't find the problem or figure it out. If you can help me, I will be appreciated. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Bug fixer/program writher searcht
Hello, First of all, We dont search indian or pakinstanic programmers. Because the poor communication we dont work with them anymore. For the website. We have a big website in the Netherlands where people can place theire advertisements and sell theire stuff. But because its a big website we also get somethimes bugs and need new modules. We have our own dedicated server so when you will ... Full details »
2 months ago$8 - 15
html web page
we are needing single html5 page where we can enter some values to display results from an excel file (this excel file renews every week with same format) you can see a sample format layout attached and the excel file where rates read from Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
whatsapp mass sending application
i want to write android app for mass message sending to all my whatsapp subscribers and to allow them to subscribe on a diffrent type of categories and each one recive the messages relate to the cateory he want 1- i need a full control panel for this app which i can add a rss feed on it and the app resend its content tmo my user 2- i can control the time limite betwwn each message 3-i can write ... Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
Aplikacja webowa do zarzadzania danymi medycznymi
Do wykonania jest aplikacja webowa w oparciu o Django do zarzadzania danymi medycznymi. Kilka kluczowych założeń: aplikacja umożliwia dostęp zalogowanym użytkownikom do dokumentacji medycznej pacjentów; użytkownicy regularnie uzupełniają dokumentacje swoich pacjentów po kolejnych wizytach, mają możliwość obejrzenia poprzednich wizyt, etc. Wszystkie wizyty pokazują się w kalendarzu. ... Full details »
2 months ago$4500 - 9000
Looking for Javascript guru/master to fix small issue in wordpress theme
Wordpress js scripts (such as google ads, social sharing counters, js embed codes and etc.) works only after page refresh. But it works fine in mobile devices. it also works from referral links. It doesn't work on page [url removed, login to view] if i activate plugin Autoptimize or js asynchronous loading plugins and select option to look for scripts only in the head, all scripts are working ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Yii Experts for ongoing maintenance job - Repost
What's your Yii experience? What's your best 3 Yii websites that you worked on? What's your Yii website that you worked on from the scratch. What is you working hours? Are you independent? Can you be able to speak over skype? Full details »
2 months ago$2 - 8
Computer Shop
This website contain feature to easy people in buy item Full details »
2 months ago$300000 - 2500000
2 months ago$10 - 30
Make changes to WordPress website
I have a website [url removed, login to view] that needs some changes done to it, I need someone who speaks good English and can work fast and hard. Future long term work available if job is done good. Please bid for more instructions on changes needed. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Helpdesk process and approvals - Complete Solution
Help desk process each level approval process integration with AD Full details »
2 months ago$200 - 350
Resolve Page CRUD issue with JQuery AJAX and Telerik Controls writing to MSSQL. Add Extra Functions
Framework/Language: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] C# WEB 1. Identify CRUD Issue with Web Service and repair the code so it writes to SQL 2. Integrate Unique GUID Code on Insert using C# class provided 3. Add Try - Catch error handling and display Exceptions in Modal RadNotification 4. Add same style codes for DELETE to RadGrid 5. Bind EDIT to Grid RowSelect for EDIT ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Link a multi-file input box to AJAX form
The input file is included in a form submitted with AJAX/Jquery. I need to sync the upload file plugin with the form. The AJAX/php post is already working for all the other input on the form. We just need to link the multiple-file-input with the rest of the form Thanks! Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Html Mobile Coding
I need developer to code my mobile html so its works as my existing website. All the html and css are ready for the mobile. The only thing you will need to do is to use the same code for the website for the job. The developer must be knowledgeable and experienced in Zend framework and PHP because the existing site is developed in zend 1. etc.. If u can do this, please bid and send link to your sample ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Wordpress Javascript loads only after page refresh
Urgently need to fix js issue as Google ads + other js required plugins works only once page is refreshed. Only js/worpdress masters accepted. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Adding multiple files upload input to an Jquery Ajax form
I am using this plugin for the file input: [url removed, login to view] The input file is included in a form submitted with AJAX/Jquery. I need to sync the upload file plugin with the form. Thanks! Full details »
2 months ago$8 - 15
Wordpress Gamification Project
Process information We are currently working on a gamification based wordpress website. We already have a team, however we want to give the opportunity to any other developers who will be able to work "better", "faster" and "more sustainable". Therefore, the applicants will have a test period with us to see the skills and approach to the job. Project Information - ... Full details »
2 months ago$2 - 8
Wordpress plugin needed - Ajax calls - Captcha system
Hi This is a project for a plugin that will provide two shortcodes, each of the shortcodes does different things , please see the attached document. But in essence it is around 5 simple ajax calls and a few DB queries + if/else logic. I dont think the project should take an experience coder more than 5-7hrs tops. Please bid accordingly. DO NOT bid, if you did not read the PDF file attached, ... Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Web Store With Account
This web store is unique, because that website is has account for post item Full details »
2 months ago$300000 - 2500000
Web Store with account detail and user account Full details »
2 months ago$100000 - 300000
Assign two methods of payment
I have two extensions already installed and configured in store, I need a Magento Developer to add a payment method for each one. Shop should work with two payment methods, one for FullPayment and one for Installments Payment. The payment methods exist, but must be assigned to each extension in part. So in onepagecheckout we have a dropdown with two options: FullPayment and Installments Payment, where ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 100
Data scraping by using automated script- output in excel .
I want to scrape data's from here A to z categories time frame depends on you because I have a tight budget so I'm flexible for you - price $100 Name of the fields : 1. Category 2. Company Name 3. Company Registration Number 4 address 5 Tel 6. Fax 7. Email 8. Website 9. Tel 2 10. Email 2 11. About us (free text) Attached explanation file Full details »
2 months ago$100 - 100
Create a Web Catalog with Filter Feature
I need someone to create a site/page similar like this: [url removed, login to view] If you can create this as a Wordpress plugin, would be better, as the main site will be using Wordpress. The catalog need to these features: - Search - Advanced Search - Support up to 3-4 variables/categories - The compare feature is not needed - A UI where admin can add new products to the system easily, ... Full details »
2 months ago$825 - 2475
Looking for a Web Development Team - Django
Looking for a webdevelopment Team Technologies: Python/Django, PostgreSQL,MongoDB,Cassandra, , GIT , CentOS/Debian , JQuery, AJAX Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 10
T shirt customization -- 2
checkout below link [url removed, login to view] we install this plugin in our site .but there no art gallery color change option. we want to add option in this tool. Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 12500
T shirt customization
checkout below link [url removed, login to view] we install this plugin in our site .but there no art gallery color change option. we want to add option in this tool. Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 12500
Skrill / MOookers Help URGENT NEED WILL PaY IN ADVANCE ! ! !
Hello all i need is 90$ into my Skrill acount ,Bcuze i can`t withdrall my founds from her more 10 days .,Im ready to pay for this here 140$ if somebody can do that for me i will make transfer first from my side THNKS IN ADVANCE URGENT ! ! ! Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 30
Wordpress Premium theme setup and customization
Hi I have just purchased a theme from themeforest, need a experience wordpress developer to confirgure the theme as per the demo and configure required plugins. Stuff needs to be performed :- 1. No designing extra 2. Theme will be provided along with the documentation 3. Add Logo and Menus to theme 4. Adding Slider (which is included in the theme) Full details »
2 months ago$600 - 1500
Build a Website
Implement responsive HTML and Javascript with animation. +/- 4 pages with additional rollout on structure. PSDs will be provided. More information will be provided. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250
Build a Website
Online Testing Solution A web-based system for business and education institutions to administer tests with a professional feel and ease of use. (Quizzes,Surveys) - See more at: [url removed, login to view] Full details »
2 months ago$1500 - 3000
Build highly Cofigure Script Using MVC , Codeigniter
Hi as we discuss on skype u will have to create make airbnb website similar .. please check atachment and agree if u agree with this please accept the project ... Project deadline is 40 days ... Thanks. Full details »
2 months ago$15 - 25
Build website Using MVC , Codeigniter
Hi as we discuss on skype u will have to create make airbnb website similar .. please check atachment and agree if u agree with this please accept the project ... Project deadline is 40 days ... Thanks. Full details »
2 months ago$250 - 750
small wordpress plugin needed
I need a very small wordpress plugin to be created This is a simple crud - [url removed, login to view] I want wordpress user to import my plugin's zip and this all gets integrated in his admin panel. I will tell you the fields needed, and the table names. Note* - There are 2 php files which will join with this db, their connection should be automade or through a form in wp Thats ... Full details »
2 months ago$10 - 50
Build a Website
Build a website that do an online version of electric system analysis. We have the local client ready written in C# in Windows, and all the data structure built. We want the user to use it directly through a webpage. As a developer, you can choose your familiar technology to complete this task, whether using AJAX or ASP.NET. We are located in Toronto, ON, and we prefer we can meet to discuss the ... Full details »
2 months ago$25 - 50
Build a Server Side/Hosted Script
Hi, We are looking for someone who has had past experience building server side and hosted scripts with members area (software as a service) to build one for us based on Bootstrap UI. The software/script will have a admin panel for members management and each member would be able to access the script, save data etc in their own profile. The software/script would gather content from multiple ... Full details »
2 months ago$750 - 1500
Assist with a table that would allow for in row update/editing for each row.
I would like for my table of data to allow for in-row edit/update and save functionality. See image for example of what I would like. Site is in php with sql backend. Full details »
2 months ago$30 - 250