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4 years agon/a
Rewrite a Java Module in Haskell
I have a Java project (NLP) that I want to gradually convert into Haskell. To get started, I would like to have the lexical module rewritten. This task itself comes in three parts:

a) parse lexicon files and create maps of strings and words in memory
b) tokenize a text and feed tokens into a morphological analyzer (written in C, you have to create the interface here)
c) digest the output ... Full details »
4 years ago€250 - 750
value added for forex ea
i need someone to modified my forex ea code. once ea already make +ve profits and reach at least 50% of proposed profits , all trade will close if the profits drop at 20% (lost profits) of the higher profits. but will close only if it is +ve profits. and the user can modified % of lost profits & % of proposed profits.
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4 years ago€30 - 250
marketing research of social aggregator software in Europe
The research includes European market analysis of the social network aggregator software that exists on the market.
Social network aggregator that allows to control and operate many social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, hi5, Classmates and so on…) from one single point. It can be a web page or a program downloaded.
Functionality of products may include but not limited:
- All ... Full details »
5 years ago€30 - 250
Robot for STOCK market
I'm looking for someone capable to develop STOCK market Robot trading system. If You are not expert in stocks and robots, don't bid.
You make a demo software, I will test It. If is okay, I'll pay. Otherwise You'll have to make It better.
I'm serious and honest. Full details »
5 years ago€750 - 1500
App Development Outsourcing Partner Required
App Development company with an over flow of work, requires an outsourcing partner with the following traits:

- Reliable service
- Fast turn around time on projects
- Fixed quotes. Hourly quotes, not accepted.
- Proven experience with iphone, android, Blackberry & iPad
- Access to Skype
- Provides well documented code and follows programming best practices

We have work ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
Pick-Me is a Windows based desktop application which will randomly select individuals or groups of people/pupils/students. This software is primarily aimed at the education sector for example a class teacher may need to split the class pupils/students into groups or teams for a task. With this software the teacher merely enters the student names, task etc and the software randonly picks the groups ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
Ugent - Amerimex Intl. Website Within 24 Hrs
URGENT!!! WEBITE CODING NEEDED WITHIN 24 HOURS = PSD DESIGN converted to CSS, C++,JAVASCRIPT, XHTML, HTML5, DRUPAL website with liquid layout. Basic functionality of single page scrolling needs to be like on ex: www.rga.com All that is needed is 4 buttons at top to direct to each scrollable part of the document attached to this post. There is one form that is for vistors to order a catalog. ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
Qmr Indicator For Mt4
3 indicators combined with special rules to make 1 custom EA. (to be clear, when this QMR indicator is on the chart, I do not need to have other 3 (listed below) to run the Indicator. So, all code must be incl into the new indicator. 3 indicators are: * Customized Qualitative Quantitative indicator, code will be provided * Customized Rsi histogram, code will be provided * MA cross - standard 5 ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
C++ Expert Required 2
We need a c++ expert needed to optimize and add some features to our existing code!Additional Info (Added 7/9/2010 at 13:11 EST)...System Message: This is a reposting of project C++ expert required (1277719562). Full details »
5 years agon/a
C/c++/or Vb6 Fud Crypter
I would like a fully-undetected cryptor to be made. It primarily needs to be : + 100% Fully undetectable (both run time, as well as scan time) to all anti virus applications. + Working on all operating systems (64 bit as well as 32 bit). + Very user friendly Features needed: + Login System - Smart Login allows the user to have all of his login credentials stored by Galaxy. - Automatic login ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
5 years ago€30 - 250
Good Desktop Coder Needed
Hi If you are a good JAVA/C++ coder you mi