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3 years ago$30 - 50
Green Marketing project - short answers to 30 questions
A small project on Green Marketing, answering about 30 questions briefly (about 2 paragraphs each). There are 5 lessons which all have 5-6 questions to answer. There is information supplied with each lesson to give an overview of the lesson, on which answers have to be given. Some of the questions require outside internet research. The important thing is that the answers need to be short and concise. ... Full details »
3 years ago$250 - 750
Tutor Required for Social Media (Facebook) Page Building
I am an older person with limited skills when it comes to social media and administration. I want someone who can tutor me in how to build pages and execute them well on Facebook for my business, I want to know how to administer pages correctly and keep them updated properly. I would ideally like to have written step-by-step instructions on how to put pages together so that I can advertise various ... Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 250
8085 basic architecture and functioning
This is all about 8085 microprocessor...its true that i have posted a project which is the most fundamental technology...but more true is the reason behind this..without learning 8085...other microprocessors cannot be learnt.. so this is all about what you need basically... Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 50
Need to create blog articles for tutorials- 1001 tutorials
I have this website Now I am setting it up for wordpress and I want someone to post 1001 tutorials, tips and tricks in there. I dont want you to get creative and write your own articles. I just want someone to copy and paste from different sources. These are the things that I Want about 801 tutorials on these Photography DSLR camera Sony NEX N Design Adobe Photoshop ... Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 250
Counselling Assignment
Require assistance completing the below Counselling Assignment, For anyone experienced in the field should be simple project Conduct a mock Career Development counselling sessions with someone pursuing dual aspirations in life. Both sessions must be observed by an independent party (this person is not to interact in the sessions in any way). At the end of each session, debrief with the observer. It ... Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 250
Electric Engineering Questions
I have 8 assignment questions that i need the full working out for. The questions involve RC and RL circuits, RLC circuits, Capacitor, Inductance and Laplace transform. I need this done within 8-10 hours. If job is successfully completed future jobs will be directed your way. The questions are attached if you know you can do them please bid. Full details »
3 years ago$50 - 150
Chemistry Questions - URGENT
Hello, I need a chemistry expert to answer undergraduate chemistry questions online for the next 4 hours. I will provide more details to the qualified individuals. Thank you. James Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 250
Technical Writing: French to English Translation Exam
Hello, I need one freelancer to prepare a 200-question exam on French to English Translation, with answers, according to a specific format I will provide. Excellent US English grammar is required and no plagiarism will be tolerated. <b>Please see the attached document for complete guidelines. If you can't deliver the project exactly as outlined, please don't bid.</b> Maximum payment for ... Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 250
French Speaker or teacher needed
hey freelancers,,,,i need someone who can teach french online. i need that someone to speak fluent English too or Arabic.i need that someone to teach French and help the student speak and write Perfect French in one month.the student has all it takes to learn fast as that student studied French earlier.i need that someone ASAP.the teacher must be hard working, patient, creative. if Algerian, and the ... Full details »
3 years ago$30 - 250
Curriculum for English for K-8 for US
We are working on development of an online learning portal to assess the student's efficiency in English and then teach them various topics of K-6 curriculum of common core standards in the US. Based on an initial assessment we can gauge the students strength and weakness in a particular topic of his Grade level. Then we provide customized training based on his strengths and weaknesses which include ... Full details »
3 years ago$1500 - 3000
Write Questions
-Create 200 application level q