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Electrical Engineering Principles Questions 2
Hi, I am having trouble on these questions. I am looking for someone to help me complete these question sheets (full explanation and answer required). The images are attached below, 4 questions in total. Full details »
1 year ago$20 - 250
Create an open office fillable form
Recreate the attached for in open office format and pdf fillable format plus web pdf fillable and print plus save Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 100
Quick Form Build in HTML
I have a page on my website with a form that doesn't work. I need it rebuild from the ground up. I also need to be able to receive an email when my customer fills out the form. I need to be able to edit the text one the form is complete. - I have to have this form complete within 2 hours. http://www.axisintegration.com/real-estate-website-marketing-system-agreement.html *I currently have a PHP ... Full details »
1 year ago$6 - 7
1 year ago$20 - 25
Create a Form in word or pdf. Possible email function
I need a word or pdf form created. Simple drop downs, etc. Maybe add a send to yahoo email if thats simple. See below. *Send to Email: drop down Property address: drop down Date work completed: calendar pop out selection – default to current day Times at property: text/note field Total Labor hours: drop down 1-24 – increments of .5 so .5,1,1.5,etc Tasks: text lines with check boxes to the ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Research Paper Site (Writing Services)
I am looking for a website that is for college students to submit their topics for research papers and we write the papers. We want there to be a form and paypal capabilities on it. Please do not bid on this project if you have not done a similar website like this before. We prefer freelancers who already have templates who can show us right away. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Embedded Webserver Human Machine Interface
The project consists of developping a web interface for an embedded system. The system is running Linux over an ARM9 architecture. It has AppWeb lightweight webserver. The interface consists of a single page with a JavaScript menu allowing menu and page parts to appear/disappear according to the section/option selected. The database is built with SQLite. It is already populated. The overall squeletton ... Full details »
1 year ago$750 - 1500
Simple OMR - Optical Mark Recognition Software
I need a Java expert to help me improve the software program that * will process every type of file (pdf, png, jpg) - partially done (pdf support to be added, I have sample code) * will process the QRcode (one per page - todo) * then will mark the bubble in a answer sheet that has always the same layout (colored in bubbles) (so no OCR at all, just plain OMR) * the answer sheet is fixed, composed ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Create advanced Wordpress forms with Preview and PDF Generation
I need to add 6 forms with complex submission added to a Wordpress website AND Customise the User Registration fields to Full Business contact information fields. (See Attached PDF for Process required) The work required needs a customised process to fill in single or multiple forms to review and single submission. at the end of the process a PDF file for each form is attached to an email send to ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
UK Gumtree classified ad posting staff required.
We are looking for staff to post live adverts on UK gumtree.com in the CARS for sale section only. BEFORE BIDDING.. Please visit UK gumtree.com and post a test advert and send a link with your bid, as other freelancers who have bidded have had problems posting LIVE ads hence wasting everybodies time Please note if posted ads are showing as "processing" after a minute there is a problem with your ... Full details »
1 year ago$20 - 250
Web designer / developer required
Please take a look at the attached screen shots showing what we need doing to our site. You must be able to design (or source the design) and add to the website, to ensure everything is working correctly. home-page.jpg Here you will remove the sliding banners, then the accordion sliders will move up the page, so will be in place of the banner. Then create a new nav bar to go under the main nav bar. ... Full details »
1 year ago$20 - 250
Help fixing some wordpress theme code
I had a freelancer build a custom wordpress theme for me a few months ago. Unfortunately, the site looks perfect in Chrome and Foxfire but has some positioning issues in IE. Also, the code should be cleaned up so that the site speed is a bit faster. I just need someone to look at the code a fix the issues. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
HTML Form to HTML Code generator
I need a custom form creating that when a user submits, it generates HTML coding that they will be able to copy and paste into another application elsewhere. This should be coded in php. This will basically consist of two stages, Stage 1, user fills in first section of form Stage 2, User Submits form and is presented with text box containing HTML code to Copy/Paste elsewhere. The attached html ... Full details »
1 year ago$20 - 250
Company website
RNR Racing is a company focused on trackdays and private car racings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track_day We need a fully editable (by HTML or template) HTML5 (for some animation) website that includes the following: Main Page, About us, Previous & Future Events, Pictures and Contact. There is also a need for a inscription form/page connected to a database that we can use the data later. The ... Full details »
1 year ago$750 - 1500
Using Gravity Forms to generate a certificate
Date Needed: ASAP Project: User meta generated certificate for continuing education I need someone to assist with creating an evaluation form that will generate a certificate at the end that will be emailed along with the option for the user to print out that pulled information from what they had chosen. It is for CE credits if that gives you a better idea of what I'm looking for. Here is an example ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Joget Forms Designed 50
I am in the process to build an enterprise library within Joget workflow. I need to have 50 forms built on the development server that I have in place. If you want to see how easy it is to build Joget forms, have a look at Youtube. There is an extensive library of videos showing the process. I do not need the Freelancer to build the workflows, simply the forms. I will provide the successful Freelancer ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 40
My contact for is having errors.
My visual form builder is wordpress is giving me an error when I submit the data. Here is the page I am having errors with.. When I submit form is says bad phone number. http://www.axisintegration.com/real-estate-website-marketing-system-agreement-test.html Also I dont get an email it the information. ** I NEED THIS COMPLETED RIGHT AWAY -- I NEED IT FIXED IN LESS THAN 1-2 HOURS Full details »
1 year ago$2 - 3
Create MS Access Database
Our company needs current Excel spreadsheets converted into an Access database with Forms and Reports created. The Database must be able to automatically download regularly exported spreadsheets from our website host to update Access data. Full details »
1 year ago$250 - 750
1 year ago$30 - 250
create a simple form on wordpress
I have a small job of creating a feedback form on a wordpress site. it will be made as a widget so that i can include it on any page 1) Name: 2) Age: 3) Gender: 4) Mobile number: 5) Email address 6) Answer a question: An email will be sent an email address and this email address collected on this form must go into the newsletter database already setup. you just have to put in the code that makes ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Database Solution
I have a stand-alone computer at the front desk of my business and I would like a way for my customers to subscribe to my list and be automatically entered into a database while offline. This will be the sole purpose of this computer and I don't want customer to be able to navigate away from the 'capture page/form'. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 30
Calender App
Requests: * An App on Facebook with Fangate and sharing capabilities of each slot so more people can take advantage of the offers that are hiding behind the counter. Have the app on the site sharing opportunities among the visitors of the page for that di NOT have Facebook Page. (we make a banner that linked up the app on the home page) * A calendar that stretches from Monday 18/3 to 13 December ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
PDF form field programming
Hey guys, We have a PDF form made by Adobe Acrobat. It's working great. But one thing we are missing is the possibility to set the minimum number of words for a text field. In other words: we want to make sure that the people that fill out the information in the form are required to use at least 200 words in a certain form field on this PDF. We think that this can be solved in Javascript - but ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Wordpress Plugin: Photo upload to FTP form - repost for evgendob
For a Wordpress website I need the following plugin: I need a form where non-registered users can upload photos to my ftp-server (at the moment there are form plugins which can upload files, but as photos can be big, I need them to upload to my ftp-server). A maximum of 30 photos at once. They need to fill in some information about the size of the picture they want (i.e. 13x18) with the use of a dropdown ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 150
Wordpress Plugin: Photo upload to FTP form
For a Wordpress website I need the following plugin: I need a form where non-registered users can upload photos to my ftp-server (at the moment there are form plugins which can upload files, but as photos can be big, I need them to upload to my ftp-server). A maximum of 30 photos at once. They need to fill in some information about the size of the picture they want (i.e. 13x18) with the use of a dropdown ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 150
custom form proccessing - save submissions to csv file
We have an online form at this address: http://www,citizensmemorial.com/careers/online-app-test.html When a visitor submits this form, we need a script that will save the results to a csv file. The issue we have with "out of the box" form processing scripts, is that when the first user selects multiples from one of the list fields, it can "throw off" the next form submission if the next visitor doesn't ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
LIVE BiGR Wordpress page (attached to www.bigraudio.com)
BiGR AUDIO is looking for a programmer that can code a 1 page, social networking, Wordpress platform that includes feeds for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr along with the ability to post and view reviews. There are 4 additional sections where we need the ability to update photos (Instagram, Send Photos, Product of the Month and NEWS and Events. We are willing to work out options for the items above. An ... Full details »
1 year ago$750 - 1500
Patient Online Forms Website Application
Our company would like to offer our clients (mostly dentists) an online forms service for their patients. We would like to duplicate the process of an existing website, one of our would-be competitors. It is basically the process of a patient completing online health history forms and several other types of forms. The biggest feature of the site is that it needs to be HIPAA compliant. Hosting tends ... Full details »
1 year ago$250 - 750
Dynamics CRM 2011 to Quickbooks integration expert - repost
We are after Microsoft CRM 2011 developer/integration expert who can help with the development of a program that will connect CRM 2011 online with Quickbooks. We are very strong in CRM 2011 product development and can provide SDK and samples of how to create invoice in Quickbooks using Quickbooks api. But someone who has some programming experience with Quickbooks is preferred. (a) When a new invoice ... Full details »
1 year ago$250 - 750
Formmail Setup
I need someone to set up a simple formmail for this page: http://www.alpinechem.com/en/contact_captcha.html The current live contact page at: http://www.alpinechem.com/en/contact.html has Captcha added, and a thank you page at: http://www.alpinechem.com/en/contact_captcha_thankyou.html has been created. So just need to get the form working, and just send to an email address, and make sure the implemented ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 100
convert pdf to webform and pdf output
I have a pdf file i need converted into a web form and saved info to database and out put to the pdf form with data filled in. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 100
interactive pdf form
We've created a mockup pdf form. I'm looking for someone to make the form interactive (adobe pro). main task would be to hide or show parts of the form based on certain answers. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Fix ebay template minor fixes
I have a few minor issues with my new eBay template. I need these fixed asap so i can start upgrading all of our listings. Here is a list of the issues: 1. I have uploaded some test products with the new template. Some work perfectly some have large white spaces under the ebay Ad (internet explorer) or scroll bars in Ad area (google chrome, firefox). I need someone to compare both Ads to see what ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Magento Integrated Form Module for Website Consultations
We provide online consultations on our website www.beautytimetherapies.co.uk. The form is hosted by a 3rd party so we want to be able to integrate this into the website which uses Magento as the admin area. At the moment when a browser submits the form we have to look at it and reply according to the answers given, we send the browser a specific PDF. We need this process to be automated. We have created ... Full details »
1 year ago$250 - 750
Website Form Needed
I need a webform done for the following page. http://www.bellyrewardsprogram.com/agents/signup.html I want it to look nice too, not just a couple boxes. It needs to have a security feature to prevent bots from filling it out. Cotcha or something similar. This needs to be done today within the next few hours. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Need vBulletin Expert For small work
Hi Guys We are making a website http://www.consumercourtforums.in in vBulletin but we want it must be in vBulleting. We have already installed software on it. we need some expert who can make it same like http://consumercourtforum.in/ and giude us how to approve comments or add categories etc in it. Also like you noticed on our site http://consumercourtforums.in/ the home page coming to activity.php ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 50
Hospital Management System
I am looking for a reputed team to develop a theater management system based on SQL. It has to be done relatively within a short period of time. it has to be online based. with different levels of access. with form filling and templates. Feel free to contact us for further details and also send us your credentials. Do not bid if you dont have any reputation on free lancer. Full details »
1 year ago$1500 - 3000
Booking Form
I have a simple contact form from template monster that I want to add checkbox arrays to and datepicker. I want to be able to customise my own css and html etc, just need the mechanics of the form working. The form uses ajax jquery validation and a mailhandler.php I have looked at free form builders but want to hold/host my own mailhandler.php for better control and updating. If any more files are ... Full details »
1 year ago$20 - 250
Joomla breezingforms content builder modifications
We build a 6 pages registration form in Joomla 2.5. We use: Breezingforms for the form creation and content builder to display the form entries. We Need an urgent help to add some modification to the form and in the display. 1. Add "delete" button that enable user to delete uploaded files. 2. add the name of file already upload in the upload field. We need this work urgently. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Wordpress website compatible internet explorer and custom post
I would like to get help to fix my stylesheets to work on all the internet browsers especially internet explorer (all versions). Currently several pages are showing menu categories stacked on top of one another. The image selection of gravity form also doesn't work properly on Internet explorer as it doesn't select or cut out part of selection. I would like to get customized wordpress posts. Users ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
MSAccess 2010 Creation and Online Web Access
Need a MS Access 2010 Database created for client information to be stored. This database needs to be accessed locally on a web server as well as online through a website. The logon for the website access must have a logon & password for security reasons. After a user logs on to the site and gets access to the Database, they can input information through a form (fields to be supplied) or alternatively, ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Android Form - repost
I need small off-line Android application. It consist of the form with 3 main sections: 1. Coordinates from GPS (autofeed from GPS taken at the moment of click at the Submit button) If coordinates are not available error message should come. 2. Address from large lookup table 2k records loaded somehow into tablet/phone memory disk (just two fields: id, address) The address is just a string of text ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Add form generator to wordpress site
I need a similar form generator like the samples attached added to my wordpress site. http://www.keepcalmandcarryon.com/creator/ http://www.keepcalmstudio.com/ http://www.keep-calm-posters.co.uk/ Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
1-pg Internal business form - fillable, word, textbox (PDF?)
I need a one-page, internal business form, a fill-able word document (that I can edit in the future) to allow employees to communicate information needed for accounting to prepare an invoice to a customer. I will need to copy & paste the information in the form (so not sure a PDF will work). I am looking for an word doc most probably , with tables, that is simple, attractive, clear, easy ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
add page creation functionality to BreezingForms WP plugin
The task is to add a WordPress page creation functionality to Breezing Forms plugin. This means - in admin panel, in BreezingForms in "form page properties" to add settings that will allow BreezingForms to automatically create certain WP page(s) and/or post(s) based on the data filed by users via the user side interface of the forms. BreezingForms would show admin a list of variables to choose ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 80
Android Form
I need small off-line Android application. It consist of the form with 3 main sections: 1. Coordinates from GPS 2. Address from large lookup table 2k records (loaded somehow into tablet/phone memory disk) 3. A few description/quantity fields The submit button should save the form as TXT/XML file on memory disk. Full details »
1 year ago$250 - 750
integrate iContact with BreezingForms on WP site
The project is to integrate BreezingForms with iContact, on a WP site. URGENT! Need it done by Monday evening. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 80
projects for work from home and centers
we provide home base outsourcing for CENTERS as well as HOME based projects. Project Available: 1) Data entry 2) Image to Text conversion 3) Form filling for U.S. , U.K. and Indian process. 4) Proof reading projects we have client holding these projects. Full details »
1 year ago$37500 - 75000
Need to get an existing form on a a Joomla CMS Working
I have a form on a Joomla based website that stopped working (It worked at one time), the form is built with the BreezingForms component. It needs to email my client when the form is submitted. It also have the ability on the front-end for users to upload text documents (resumes) and the document is sent via email to the client and logged in BreezingForms. Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250
Need Simple * Page Website With
Looking for someone to create a website--pretty much like the one at this link but different conetent and images: http://www.austinprivatefunding.com/brokers.asp About 7-8 tabs Submission forms that go to a database that I can open and use the data in a simple format-preferably CSV or XLS file Probably 5-6 submission/contact forms Must know about web design so it looks crisp, clean and neat. Please ... Full details »
1 year ago$30 - 250