HTML5 Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
need somoen to teach me html and php mysql
need somoene to teach me these langages i have some knowlege i need to enhance so i can make small adjustments in my projects. 1 h every day for one week Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Create a Mobile Application
Create application that tracks budgets based on a number of unique elements. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Reward Points Website
The website will have mainly 3 users i.e. Consumers, Clients & Admin. This portal will be providing various deals or coupons of clients to the consumers. They can shop also from the portal. Survey Forms will be there to be get it filled by consumers. Apart from this, consumers can earn reward points from various sources via reward program. For better understanding, you can log on to [url ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$37500 - 75000
I need a web-optin form for an SMS service
Hello: If you visit [url removed, login to view] - They have a form where you can type in your phone number and you are automatically sent a text message. What I am looking for is for someone to build a form where the user can type in their phone number and they are automatically subscribed to our SMS list where I can then send them a text message at a later date. You must identify the service ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Web app - IOS e android
Develop mobile system. More information inbox Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Web Development of Microsite
The coding of a pre-designed responsive microsite. The site is for a training program. The site features two pages: a one-page style landing page which users scroll through, and a web-form that users apply for the training through. A mock-up has been designed showing the desktop version of the site and how mobile responsiveness would work. There is no need for a CMS, but we would need for ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$750 - 1500
Build and design an online store for my startup company in Dubai - open to bidding
I want you to build my online store for my startup which is an online delivery company to mothers with children aged between 0-3 years old. Based upon their subscription of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, and based upon the baby's weight, we will deliver their weekly requirements of diapers (Pampers/Pampers Premium/Huggies) and Wipes (Pampers, Pampers Sensitive, Huggies, Sebamed, Hipp Organic) ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Need to Complete existing functionality of Android App
I have the existing website and the android application which need to be managed and there is the problem in the communication in between two of them. Please fix this on priority. Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 40
Slingshot School project.
This is a simple slingshot implementation project for extra credit for school. All details are in the file attached. Read the specs sheet. Full details »
3 weeks ago$25 - 100
Create a Mobile Website
I want a mobile website using elements from my existing website. Please take a look FIRST at [url removed, login to view] This is my site. Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
minor php coding
You MUST have experience working on VLDpersonals website. You MUST be OK with working on an adult site. I have some tweaks needed to fix a few things and need a puzzle game program installed. Nothing major. Also, I am seeking someone who I can hire, from time to time, to make improvements. I will give you details later. Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Web Front End Developer and Quality Assurance Tester
Developer will be responsible for coding web GUI using backbone and Jquery, and for testing existing applications. The candidate must have excellent written and oral skills. This is a self-managed remote position. Candidate must have a GitHub account. Company will provide access to remote desktop. Primary Skills -HTML5 -Backbone -Java Script -Jquery -Twitter bootstrap [url removed, login ... Full details »
3 weeks agon/a
Wordpress website and server optimization
Hello I have some problems with 3 website with the same theme, on of them is [url removed, login to view] hosted on bluehost with plan vps optimized for wordpress. There is a lot of php process that slow down the websites and when there is much traffic put down the websites. I need to all 3 wesbites performing good in gtmetrix and google pagespeed and resolve all the issue with the server about high ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
build a online store and app with shopify functionality
I need to create a web portal and a web application for mobile device very similar to tripadvisor. The portal will manage factory and products instead of hotel and restaurant. Full details »
3 weeks ago$500 - 1500
Design HTML Page CSS Responsive Page to be delivered on a tablet
Design HTML Page CSS Responsive Page to be delivered on a tablet Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Create a Mobile Website
hi, we need a mobile version of our website: [url removed, login to view] thanks Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Convert Opencart 1.5.6 template to version 2.0
Convert Opencart 1.5.6 design template to responsible version 2.0. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Lazy loading of custom Wordpress theme - section by section -- 2
Important Note: If you respond with a standard message and do not read this brief and talk about it, you will be ignored as a candidate. I would like you to thoroughly consider the application. We will not be flexible on price or time once you start but we do have more work if you perform well. Project Description: We are using a single page Wordpress custom theme in few of our websites. One ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Facebook Canvas Simple Example with Latest SDK and API v.2.2
Hello, I want simple PHP example that work for both facebook Canvas and login from outside the fb canvas with some fb features like share like update status invite friends etc... the example should be in php and JavaScript this can take max 1 hour from a professional developer Thanks Full details »
3 weeks ago$20 - 100
Custom SQL, JQuery Volusion ASP Page
We are seeking a developer to create a custom ASP page for us that organizes products by category. It is for a sale page, so you'd need to write an SQL/Javascript that pulls products to the page and organizes them based on the category they are in. Because of Volusion's limitations, this needs to be done custom. We will provide examples of other non-volusion sites to serve as a guide for ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Water and electricity graphs with Google Charts
have a system of making xml to csv I have php script that makes google Charts graphs. want help change the system. derefor I need one that can Linux and programming well. need one that fast and clever. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 10
I need to get high score on adobe flash game
I need to get higher score on adobe flash based online game. you must do it with theme viewer. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
I need to TRANSFORM my WebForm into Mobile WebForm
I have a web form ( like contact form ) and i need it to transform on a mobile version This is 0 day project I want to assist you while you work via TeamViewer You need to be able to start working now Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 20
Front end Development Kendo UI or Twitter bootstrap
We need a front end developer to develop this in Kendo UI or Twitter bootstrap. Please check the documents BEFORE submitting a proposal Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
Online Ordering system in HTML5
Basic site requires ordering added to it, including printing to a remote printer via a gateway using API. (GPRS Printers) Please only propose if you have the right skills and have worked on similar projects. Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
2 - Create a Mobile Website
DC restoration to mobile site. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Build a Website
I am looking for a web developer and designer. I need a web development company that will create an eye appealing website with coordinating colors that are based on color psychology. I don't want wordpress or PHP used for any part of the site development. I only prefer to use the latest web development technology available. I need something that will be responsive, compatible with all web browsers, ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Convert a Template to a Website
Looking to re-design our dynamic header ([url removed, login to view]) menu across the top with images similar to my competitors menu's [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] Our Software program is Here are the relevant links. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Full details »
3 weeks ago$8 - 15
Looking for long term relationship work. -Will chose That who will do this project
i have lot of projects and looking for long term relationship and i will do all projects with person which can do this job coz this is hardest and 6 developer failed to do . I need a website in that you can add a youtube link or mp4 video link and you can watch your video simultantly with your friends how that works 1. When user go to website he will see a button create ROOM. 2. if user ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 70
Take an existing Ionic/Cordova project and check it should be accepted onto the App Store
I would like an experienced cross-platform/App Store developer to have a look at my simple mobile phone application and check it will be accepted by Apple on their App Store. I understand that there is no guarantee but I would like to avoid resubmissions if possible. You will need to be confident to read, understand and be able to make changes to the application if required and have experience ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 15
2 new company websites and the adaptation of 2 existing websites
We are looking for the creation of 2 new company websites and the adaptation of 2 existing Websites. a freelancer should help with the following skills: json, jquery, HTML 5 and sense of style. We prefer German for the comunication. We assume the following expenses from: 2 new sites 50 hours 2 adaptations 25 hours Completed within 14 days of order 2 new websites Completed within 30 ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$750 - 1500
Create a Mobile Website - Taxi
Hi All. I need a mobile optimized site for taxi website. Thanks. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Flash Animated Game Conversion
I have a number of 2D Flash Animated 'games' and have both original .Fla and .swf files. I need these re-done in html5 using some new characters/artwork and audio. I have attached one .swf file for information. All 2D assets e.g. characters, buttons, screens etc and all audio files would be provided. Full details »
3 weeks ago$20 - 250
I need to convert my HTML form into Mobile.
I have a page ( FORM ) And i need to be converted into mobile version . You should be able to start working now It's a 0 day project. I wold like to LEAR assist you while you working via team-viewer Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 20
CSS Edit for Responsive Wordpress Site
I have a website in wordpress and I need to make it responsive for every kind of device. I am facing issues with responsiveness on some devices. Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Slight changes needed for bootstrap and HTML site
Require some small changes on bootstrap panel and website to allow logo and options to display in a more presentable way . Freelancer must be able to speak english so that i can show you clear instruction Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
youtube to MP3 converting site
I need to build website like : [url removed, login to view] Every search a user made it will auto download my file ( with the name of the search ) We don't need real converter only download the file on any user search with name of the search EX : if a user enter the website and he enter a youtube url of jay z it will download our file ( the file name will be jay z ). Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
Create a Wordpress Template - Repost - open to bidding
I have several sites that need converting into WordPress. Some of the sites also need being made responsive. The layouts are fairly simple and easy to work with. Must be made on the Foundation framework. I need someone I can work with long term as we are likely to have more work like this for the right person. Full details »
3 weeks ago$750 - 1500
Build a Website
I looking for someone who knows "Bootstrap framework" ([url removed, login to view]) I have now custom code and i wolud like to my site ([url removed, login to view])move on this framework. PHP code must remain the same (can be done any errors or bugs). Design/theme like it should be as simple / minimalist (or little changed appearance of the default theme of bootsrap framworka) Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
I Need a POS system connected with Accounting system (simple version). I would like to be able to work offline but when online I can see what my team is doing (by checking online the sales and accounting).
I have a hostel with a restaurant, bar, tour operator (Tours and Shuttle). I would like to connect with Accounting system... I wanna be able to work offline when the internet connection is down and once the connection is back the system updates online the info posted. I also wanna be able to be in another country and check what is happening at my business. I heard HTML5 would be the best option ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
3 weeks ago$30 - 250
ASP.NET Backend DB & GUI, Front End GUI for Users
Create a front-end user interface for users to be able to do the following: Create Entry Page - for users Page is protected by active directory group as defined in the backend (see backend info below) - Selects employee name from list - or automatically selects name based on active directory login. - Selects department *required - Selects Category *required - Selects Sub-category *required - ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$250 - 750
mobile application designer
we need candidates who can work on telerik app builder platform. Full details »
3 weeks ago$1500 - 12500
Checklist Application
My company uses a lot of checklist on a day to day basis and is overloaded with Excel sheets. I have developed a specification to develop a checklist application that fits our needs and I am looking to have the application developed. The application is not overly large but I have some specific capability that I am looking to include which includes email integration, recurring checklists which will ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Human Design
Hi there, I need someone with HTML5 graphics experience to help me build a user interface for an app I'm wanting to build. I don't have much experience "drawing" user interfaces.... so would be interested in someone who could help with this. I want a clickable online web version of something like this: [url removed, login to view] Much appreciated, Michael Full details »
3 weeks ago$1750 - 5250
Available Angel Investor for Tech & Mobile Startup upto 150 000
Available Angel Investor for Tech & Mobile Startup upto 150 000 So dynamic startups with good skills and ready to work in team reply asap Full details »
3 weeks ago$2000 - 10000
Write Strategy game(similar Eufloria, osmosis) base. Multiplatform is a plus
Hey! We have a new game idea on mind! If, you've played Eufloria youre very close to what we want. The game is similar to eufloria but with more strategy elements added. Eufloria has: Seeds-fighters Buildable trees for more fighters Defence tree building. We want to have this in, but also add more "buildings" and special fighter units We need a developer/coder that ... Full details »
3 weeks ago$2 - 8
Calendar with workdays and holidays in JS
Hello, I need simple calendar written in Javascript (no additional frameworks if possible), that shows Public Holidays in Slovakia. It should work like this [url removed, login to view] It should look like on the image I added. I will gladly answer any of your further question. Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Create Custom Search Engine
I need to custom in site search engine for my website [url removed, login to view] is my site is not finished yet. Mostly completed. I can give you max 14$ Thank you Full details »
3 weeks ago$10 - 30
Review Template like yelp
Hi I need a template which can be use for reviews like yelp. Thanks Vipin Full details »
3 weeks ago$30 - 250