Java Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Write some Software
Build a dynamic web site in JSP/Java/Ajax/MySql. Custom development. SQL knowledge is must. Full details »
4 months ago$12500 - 37500
need the code for ant colony optimization algorithm simulation in cloudsim
need the code for ant colony optimization algorithm simulation in cloudsim,MYECLIPSE6.5 and [url removed, login to view] , Full details »
4 months ago$15 - 15
Build a Website - Fundraising website
Fundraising website like a website that allows people to post jobs and get people to make it a reality. Full details »
4 months ago$10 - 30
Testing for any Open Source Project
I want someone expert in software testing to first find an open source project and then he will apply software testing on it. The project can be in any language. The projects can be on that you tested before but modify your test according to my requirement. The remaining details and requirements are in attached file. Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Write some Software - design and implement an object-oriented program to simulate a simple spread sheet
I have a difficult school assignment - deadline is 9th February 2015 - get it done by Monday. project task is to design and implement an object-oriented program to simulate a simple spread sheet. In today's practical, your task is to identify and implement classes for the basic data types needed to make the spread sheet operational. In other words, your spread sheet cannot directly ... Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
code readability
Is the code readability related to bugs? -hints What is code readability? What is bugs? ...... Analyzing the problem and propose a feasible solution to the problem. You might want to write a couple pages (with diagrams) to demonstrate your approach, Specifying the technical challenges of the solution. Provide a list of references (papers, URL) Full details »
4 months ago$10 - 30
do that with me peacefully, ok? we don't have time. - open to bidding
we decided last year. i just dont want "hate" inside. i want let go both of us. if you can, just say it. it is ok. we need to do that. you must work hard. we don't have time. Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
recharge website with android and ios application
i want to develop an application like freecharge all documentation are ready please let me know time limit Full details »
4 months ago$1500 - 12500
i wait for your word tonight. - open to bidding
don't waste your own time, you must work hard for your life. Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Fifa 15 Pack Simulator
So the program I want to be created for me is a pack simulator. Based off of Fifa 15 (soccer/football game) you open packs (like those decks you buy for Pokemon and open them) and you get players inside of them. So I want to simulate this with around 430 different players with odds of getting them. For example I open a pack and there are 12 players in there and the odds of getting the best player in ... Full details »
4 months ago$10 - 150
A software hosted in cloud with mobility and analytics functionalities Full details »
4 months ago$25 - 50
Develop first iPhone and Android apps for
This project is being republished with the following mandatory terms and conditions, please read carefully and ACCEPT all of them before you submit your bid. 1) [url removed, login to view] is looking for a mobile developer for our first Mobile Apps for iOS and Android (one (1) app each store -Apple Store and Google Play- both apps with similar look and functionality) 2) VERY IMPORTANT Terms ... Full details »
4 months ago$3000 - 5000
Pirvate Project for apacherai
As we discussed and all the details and dead lines Full details »
4 months ago$2 - 8