Java Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
smart card EMV reader writer -- 3
Project name: Smart Card EMV / EMV ISO-7816 & Smart Card Java Card Software Engineer & Programming & Ecectronic Engineers & Microcontroller & Cryptography Look what I need : 1. PIN Project I need a Software with wich I can just read the PIN from a Smart Card ( a Bank Card ) wich can be a SDA or DDA card. Like everybody know, on the Chip & ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$3000 - 5000
smart card EMV reader writer -- 2
Project name: Smart Card EMV / EMV ISO-7816 & Smart Card Java Card Software Engineer & Programming & Ecectronic Engineers & Microcontroller & Cryptography Look what I need : 1. PIN Project I need a Software with wich I can just read the PIN from a Smart Card ( a Bank Card ) wich can be a SDA or DDA card. Like everybody know, on the Chip & ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$4500 - 4500
Jobcard System (Internal Use)
I am looking for someone to help write a php based application that creates job cards for our company. It would involve querying information from a database and echoing it out into a system that will eventually "store" all the relevant information in "Job Card" that can be printed and stored. Full details »
4 weeks ago$210 - 1750
smart card EMV reader writer
kak dela hatel be znat elsi te zdelal etat project ili eta aktyalna? na pishe mne please na freelancer0990 at yahoo com Project name: Smart Card EMV / EMV ISO-7816 & Smart Card Java Card Software Engineer & Programming & Ecectronic Engineers & Microcontroller & Cryptography Look what I need : 1. PIN Project I need a Software with wich I ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$4500 - 4500
downloader in adobe flash
I need a downloader that downloads files within the website like [url removed, login to view] Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Android game source code
Hi Need android game source code for logo quiz or puzzles Game need to be professional and well designed Thanks Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
Write some Software for FTP for an Android App
Hi, Please check the requirements that is in the zipped document. Thanks Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 30
Write a simple Android application (POC)
We need a very simple app (POC). Those who know Android application development well, will be able to develop this in 2-3 hours. ### WHAT WE NEED ### We need an Android app that has 3 Activities... 1) Login Activity 2) Main Activity 3) Setting Activity *Note:* The app will use a WebService. We will provide you this WebService details. You DO NOT have to develop the WebService. It is already ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Website focusing on Cost-per-click model (Backend development in Java)
We are looking for Backend Web Developer for a project in Munich. Your tasks: Backend development for our website focusing on PPC (Pay-per-click) / CPC (Cost-per-click) model. Qualifications: • Java, Servlets, Spring, SOAP, RESTful API Struts & Hibernate. • Libraries, Frameworks & Tools used for Java development including Maven 2, Eclipse & Junit. • Version control systems ... Full details »
4 weeks agon/a
Student profile Management system
i am working on a project, it is about to run a Google map application(Spacial purpose APIs) on Android emulator by using Java programming. I already make rest of project describe in pdf file. Want to introduce google map app in my project and also want to excess remote data. Full details »
4 weeks ago$8 - 30
TCP connection with notification (android app)
this android app with TCP connection that can send/receive UART(ascii code) from controller(adruino). the app will give notification when their receive message from controller(adruino). Full details »
4 weeks ago$99 - 825
Online examination system
A web based system. Students login and can sit for allowed examinations online. The system has 3 roles: students that sit for exams; teachers that create exams and admin who manges the system. Students can login, view results and reports on past performance. Examinations can be allowed per student. Student can select allowed examination. Then he can do a mock exam, or sit for the real examination. ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$3000 - 3000
Chrome Plugin Required
We need Chrome Plugin to send alert for users about new jobs in his area Also the plugin will get user Facebook data, so it can post on user's behalf ON Facebook and tag (Mention) his friends to this post Full details »
4 weeks ago$20 - 250
Conversion of client to java client
Hi, this project is about converting the client from the following example [url removed, login to view] to an Android Studio java client Goal is a java client with 100% of the functionality of the published [url removed, login to view] client, to be used for Android development. The Server would be the same [url removed, login to view] server that is published Full details »
4 weeks ago$50 - 250
Write Java file converter using logic from Android APK/SMALI
I want a Java program including source code that can extract text and bitmaps from multiple VCE files in batch mode and then create a subdirectory based on the name of the source file to save the extracted files. The program must be able to run from command line. The contents of VCE files are obfuscated (using XOR?), but there are free Android applications (e.g A+ VCE Player) that can read them which ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Modifications to 3D Printing Pipeline - open to bidding
Did you create "3D Printing Pipeline" on Envato Marketplace? I would like to discuss a project in that case. Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 30
Create Custom Search Engine
I need to custom in site search engine for my website [url removed, login to view] is my site is not finished yet. Mostly completed. I can give you max 14$ Thank you Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 30
Content Writor For Programmer Languages For Long term(For Fresher Engineering Graducate)
If you have good command on programming languages and you can write article then this is job for you. It is not short term job. Other details will be shared on chat. Full details »
4 weeks ago$1500 - 12500
building software
To build a various types of design concepts includings projects... Full details »
4 weeks ago$12500 - 37500
Websocket messaging one to a group - open to bidding
From a web based admin screen, I need to send messages to a handful of computers viewing another web page. I think that web sockets are the way to go. I have a php web server. Admin screen - Pulls a list of available IDs from a SQL table. the admin can select one or more of the available IDs and enter a message into a text box. The admin can then send the message. When the message is sent, it is ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
send android applications
On log in user will able to mail the application to other. Full details »
4 weeks ago$600 - 1500
Write a note taking app for Android!
I have attached an overview. Basically, I need a note taking app. Please refer to the attached overview. 1. Splash screen (Would be nice to implement text-to-speech here. Make the app say "Notebook" or something when launching the app. 2. App loads into the main activity, which is a list view of saved entries. To add an entry, tap on the menu button and press "Add". 3. ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$12 - 30
4 weeks ago$600 - 1500
DB & Web Services for Mobile Phone Application
We need a Database and Web Services for Mobile Phone Application according to the attached document. Company Dashboard is not available in this document but its 2-3 screen dashboard for companies as well which we can discuss. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Help Start an Android Application
I'm building an Android app that incentivizes people to get up and stretch. The idea is for the app to require moving your phone in large circles in order to avoid an annoying alarm of some kind. I'd like to use the accelerator motion sensor to detect movement. The correct movement should involve moving your arms (your phone) in both large and small circles for a specified period of time. ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Online Chatting Application for social networking site
Hi Team, We are looking online chatting functionality for our social networking site (In progress). It would have following must functionality: 1. User can check all online users (Refined list against particular group) 2. User can start chatting by clicking online user link. 3. User can share files through Chatting window 4. User can block some user for further chatting 5. User can set ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$12500 - 37500
Help on a homeworld Problem
I am studying a bit too late due to work and need this question answered. Once answered I will continue my studies. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Processing squares
Draw 10px squares in the whole page in processing with double gradient. it should be from red to blue horizontally and from red to green vertically. I need it in 1.5 hour and I need to see the code. Thanks! Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Web Application with Database
I am looking for an inventory management system for client, a warehousing facility. The client stores frozen and fresh goods for multiple their clients "Customers". A "LOT" (shipment) arrives at their warehouse with numerous products and they break these shipments down and send them out to their clients customers. The attached diagram shows the workflow that this web application ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
Android UI design for an existing app - open to bidding
I have an android app with some functionality built using Java. The UI of the app is not great. I have a couple of apps in mind and hoping my app can look similarly. I need the UI part re-designed. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Boolean Logic, Circuits, Assignment
Assignment about Boolean Logic, Circuits. Class work assignment. Chapter 1 to 3 have been provided for completion of assigned work, along with all files needed. Feel free to ask any questions. Email me directly to provide more details: b g f c k s h t ( a t ) ( d o t ) g m a i l ( d o t ) c o m You'll have until Saturday to complete assignment. Thanks Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 60
java programing
write some basic java program and explain briefly Full details »
4 weeks ago$8 - 40
Java project
I have a finch robot and need to create a java program using eclipse ([url removed, login to view]) which performs the task enlisted in the attached photo (work). Please Google finch robot to find out what it is. I need the task done within a day. Also the other photo shows what else needs to be done, but may decide to complete them myself depending on the costs. Thanks Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 15
Super simple Spring application to submit data to one table
I need the following application to be built in SPRING. I have 2 tables: 1. station (id, name) 2. action code (id, station_id, code [enum],sent_date, is_sent_flag) The interface should do the following: 1. connect to the database 2. display the last 20 rows from table #2 (with a join from table #1 to get the name) 3. Present a simple form on the same page (2 drop down boxes). One listing ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
I want to have a software that i can import my .kml from wigle and it will show how many APs and how many have WEP,WPA,none,... security protocols. Example here: [url removed, login to view] Full details »
4 weeks ago$8 - 30
Map module for DNN site
We need a module to add in our actual DNN web site, we need to display on the map Devise and Geo-fence in real time or making reports from specifics dates. Devise is transmitting to data base already. 1. Real time location a. Incoming data: Latitude, Longitude, Description. i. Data example: [url removed, login to view],[url removed, login to view],123456789012 b. Field types: numeric(20.6), ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Find and highlight Phone Numbers on any browser
I want to be able to find and highlight phone numbers on any browser like skype and make it clickable to call (ex. Tapi). It can be a script or an executable. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
JIRA Developer
I need a JIRA Developer onsite contract basis Full details »
4 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Hi, I am looking for someone to set up exam 4 with well documentation, with configuration Admin panel. It should be able to do following : IP Rotation Block Email domain to particular IP, like hotmail delivery is blocked on a particular IP, i can restrict it from backend that from one particular IP all emails to hotmail won't go. Assign speed limit per domain add, like max 10 emails ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Students Attendance System (RFID + SMS)
Students Attendance System (RFID + SMS) Student will need to check in using RFID card every time they entering the school. An text SMS will be sent to their parents if student is not checked-in. Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
SMPP Server Set Up
Hi, I am urgently looking for someone to develop and offer SMPP to manage Short code as well as to send Bulk SMS. It should have admin panel to manage different and add / remove new connectivity. It should also further offer SMPP and HTTP Connect and also it should be able to manage credit. You can suggest any additional features which you can offer. This is very very urgent requirement. ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
Experienced POS scanner/scale developer: Java - JavaPOS
I have the following POS scanner/scales models: -NCR 7875 RealScan -PSC Magellan 8502 I'm developing a POS SaaS application in JavaScript/Python, that already can gather information from common scanners. However I need to make it able to collect the information from this type of scanner/scales. I know nothing about how to do it. The operating system is preferably Ubuntu 12.04. What ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
Write an Android application
If you don't understand english and are willing to give me work weekly then please do not submit a bid/offer, as i am in need of a assistant throughout this time. Read this twice before you submit your bid, i need a friend, not someone who just wants to finish and leave me. I am looking to design a android app that has "artificial intelligence" i will need the following: 1. Ability ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
Cointegration calculation (Quantitative Finance) Java
Looking for an experience Java programmer who is also an expert in financial statistics/quantitative finance (R, Mathlab, Mathematica) to update some existing code. I have a Java applet that calculates cointegration, correlation, half-life based on Ornstein-Ulhenbeck formula and other statistics of two time series. It also simulates a backtest. User enters two stock symbols, data is downloaded ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 199
Ujirani is a mobile application that brings neighbors on one platform Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
skrill help i need
Hello i need some one with skrll account who can send me 70$ there i will pay for this job 120$ Full details »
4 weeks ago$30 - 250
1.MT4 - FIX API Bridge
The Bridge will convert MT4 communicates into FIX protocol. Main functionalities of the bridge: - Streaming the market prices - Processing orders - Sending orders confirmations - Simple order routing functionalities - Monitoring of the flow Full details »
4 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
posnet barcodes
Part A: POSNET Bar Codes Goal: Print Address with POSNET bar code. (POSNET means Postal Numeric Encoding Technique.) Here is an example of such an address: We will use the vertical line ( | ) to represent the long bar and semicolon ( : ) to represent the short bar Input File: [url removed, login to view] (Naming this input file a .csv extension is also okay, but then it opens up in ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$250 - 750
Java drawing jpanel
Part A: Drawing in JPanel Create a drawing that displays a picture. Draw your picture using methods from the classes Color, Font, and Graphics. See the Drawing Example in the methods Examples to help you. The best 5 or 6 drawings will be shown in class. Submit a zip file of the Eclipse project. Part B: Find Day of Week Write a program that repeatedly enters a date and ... Full details »
4 weeks ago$10 - 30